Monday, April 28, 2014


Heartbreaking . . . the devastation of the tornadoes thru Arkansas from the powerful storm system that set up on Friday. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this tornado outbreak.

As the storm system began to set up on Friday, interesting to see the comments made by both President Obama publicly and his Secretary of State John Kerry privately.

First, the public remarks.

When this LITTLE country . . .

(North Korea - 46,528 square miles)

threatened this HUGE country . . .

(United States - 3,794,101 square miles)

with nuclear devastation, President Obama claimed that he takes such threats seriously and "'will not hesitate to use our military might.'

Obama warns he will not hesitate to use military force against North Korea as he visits US troops

But when this BIG country . . .

(Iran - 636,372 square miles)

threatens this TINY country (that is approximately 1/5 the size of North Korea). . .

(Israel - 8,522 square miles)

with complete removal from the map, President Obama chides Israel to stop "chest-thumping," and to "take a breather."

Ayatollah: 'Wipe Israel off face of Earth'

Obama to Jewish Leaders: Stop 'Chest-Beating' over Iran

Report: Obama asks Netanyahu for 'breather'

A little bit of disconnect one would think.

In the meantime, Iran is stating that they will be using a "mock American aircraft carrier" for target practice in their upcoming war drills.

Obama: crickets.

Now for the private remarks.

On Friday, as President Obama was "chest-thumping" and hyperventilating over North Korean rhetoric, his Secretary of State went to a dark place and, with (apparently) faux hand wringing, pronounced that Israel could become an apartheid state because of the collapse of the peace talks.

What John Kerry Reportedly Said Behind Closed Doors Has Some Calling It ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Appalling’

Apartheid? Seriously? That term seems extreme and certainly inappropriate. One would almost need to have been a daily consumer of the 6 p.m. news during the late 80s and early 90s to fully understand the context of that term and what it meant to South Africa to realize in 2014, that term is hardly appropriate for Israel. One can only wonder what Kerry's true purpose was for injecting such an inflammatory insinuation as a context into a formal address on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. And please note -- that so far, no similar reports of Kerry saying something equally inflammatory about the Palestinians has been reported.

Since I am interested in how stories are physically placed near stories about Israel in newspapers or on websites, I think it is interesting that The Blaze is actually reporting that newspapers in Israel carried articles about Kerry's remarks NEXT TO articles about The Holocaust, as Israel is remembering at this time the six million killed by Hitler's Nazis in WW2 in their annual remembrance of the horror.

The Blaze points out that Kerry's use of the term "apartheid" is NO gaffe -- it was deliberate, and that Kerry warned, once again, that since the U.S.-led peace talks have collapsed, Palestinian violence against Israel could become a real possibility.

As if that were not enough, Kerry even hinted that perhaps change in Israeli, or Palestinian, leadership would be helpful to achieve U.S. goals.

Oh, dear! As we do unto Israel . . .

Perhaps, then, we should look closer at this story?

Obama hires top criminal defense attorney, Neil Eggleston, a lawyer who has made his living "defending those involved in serious political scandal."

Kerry made his remarks to "senior European, Russian and Japanese officials with the Trilateral Commission."

Wait . . . Kerry is making his remarks to RUSSIAN officials? I thought we weren't engaging with Russia much out of protest over Crimea and Ukraine. Once again, it looks like such "chest-thumping" against Russia is really just mere cheap political theatrics, doesn't it!

Kerry appears to have concluded with his thoughts on the peace talks with ". . . You would say this thing is going to hell in a hand basket, and who knows, it might at some point, but I don’t think it is right now, yet.”

The Daily Beast also has reported on Kerry's comments. You can Google -- Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State,’ Josh Rogin -- if you want to read their article.

President Obama had to take a moment during a press conference in the Philippines to address the tornado destruction in Arkansas, destruction that may not be done yet as the storm system is taking aim at Mississippi and Alabama today.