Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the U.S. (i.e. President Obama) has now allowed two "unfreezings" of substantial sums of assets to the Iranians since they have been cooperating so beautifully on restraining their nuclear program. President Obama has seen to it that over $1 billion has been released to Israel's enemies.

The dates of the two "unfreezings" are interesting. The first date was April 10, the second, April 15.

As President Obama gives this financial aid and comfort to Israel's sworn enemy, his own enemy has continued to loom larger and larger -- Putin. On April 14, four days after the first tranche of assets was unfrozen, President Obama had a "tense" phone call with Vladimir Putin. Apparently Obama warned Putin that he really does have red lines that can't be crossed. Koenig's top headline today indicates just how tense the relationship between Obama and Putin really is.

The second tranche of assets was unfrozen April 15. On April 20, David Brooks, journalist with the New York Times, publicly stated that it appears that President Obama has a "manhood" problem when it comes to dealing with "leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad."


As President Obama comes up against Israel, it would appear that the tensions between Obama and Putin are becoming more and more personal.

Ummmm, very personal.

And the "manhood" comment is made all the more interesting as it did not come from Putin or someone associated with him, but from a newspaper that has been quite frank in its adoration of President Obama, adoration to the extent that it refuses to even look at Benghazi and the murders of four Americans, or Fast and Furious and the murder of border agent Brian Terry, or the IRS targeting of conservative groups, or the collection of 100s of phone records of journalists.

Nope, not gonna look.

As President Obama emboldens Israel's sworn enemy, President Obama's own enemy, Vladimir Putin is becoming quite emboldened. And a journalist said so.

What do you bet he got a phone call?

I've said it before and I will say it again, when a nation is under judgment, its foreign policy is mocked. Make no mistake, equating President Obama's efforts with Putin as a lack of manhood is a very personal mocking, whether the journalist meant it that way or not. Diane Reidy declared on the floor of the House during the government shutdown last October that "God will not be mocked." Keep in mind that in addition to the unfreezing and release of assets to the Iranians on the 15th, on the 14th Obama "preached" at the Easter prayer breakfast then "unexpectedly" called on the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson to close the "service" with prayer. Robinson promptly took the Lord's name in vain.

First openly gay Episcopal Bishop delivers closing Easter prayer

Within the week, President Obama's manhood is openly and publicly called into question, interestingly enough, on Easter Sunday. And by a supposedly reliably friendly ally.

Keeping with money for a minute . . .

There are two reasons why I watch the dollar and what is happening with it.

First, the Antichrist.

There are those who have studied end-times prophecies and who believe that the events in Revelation have yet to be fulfilled, and believe that the Antichrist will come to the forefront during a time of economic collapse. We see hints of this in Revelation where it speaks of food prices being sold at incredibly high prices and the specter of famine is present. The U.S. dollar has long been the world's reserve currency. Should the dollar collapse or no longer be accepted as the reserve currency (a move that Russia, China and Iran have been openly speaking about for over a year now), it's removal could certainly throw entire economies into instability and, in some regions, possibly chaos.

Second, the New Madrid.

Several prophetic words out there have noted the collapse of the dollar just prior to a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. These prophetic words include one by Pastor John Kilpatrick, who noted a "storm" against the dollar," and one from Pastor Shane Warren, who noted the dollar became "worthless."

I've written about these here.

Since the two asset releases to Iran, these two videos have appeared.

The first is by Gregory Mannarino. He did an interview with "Reluctant Preppers" on April 18. I have listened to the entire interview. I link to his interview, not for his advice on getting into certain assets, because frankly the Bible tells us that "gold and silver" will not help us in that day (Isaiah 2). However, if someone wants to invest in precious metals, that is up to them -- this post isn't about debating whether Christians should buy assets or not. This post is about watching -- watching for signs of Jesus' soon return. And Mannarino is seeing some real trouble with the dollar, and it may behoove us to be aware of any "storm" against the dollar.

U.S. dollar is going to die

The second video is by Casey Research. They are asking if the U.S. military is preparing for the collapse of the dollar. Please note, I have only watched the trailer and not the 30-minute video. If I have time today I will try and watch it.

Is the U.S. Military preparing for the collapse of the dollar?

When Daniel at Prayers for the People wrote The Vision: The Trigger back in 2009, about a man standing on the edge of an abyss and then the name 'Israel' appeared in front of him, and when that name 'moved' then a mountain of rotting trash came down upon the man and swept him over into the abyss, Daniel's vision was clearly symbolic. But how interesting that today, on Earth Day, President Obama is going to the site of the worst mudslide (in terms of lives lost) in U.S. history, a mudslide that occurred after he tweeted an image of himself standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. And the mudslide occurred on the day the peace talks brokered by the U.S. between the Israelis and the Palestinians broke down. As the talks broke down, and the U.S. has placed the blame at Israel's feet, the U.S. has begun releasing over a billion dollars in assets to the Iranians. One can't help but wonder if the asset unfreezing and release was retaliation against Israel for not "bleeding" a little more for the sake of peace (or is it for the sake of Obama's supposed place in history?). If so, Obama's appearance at the mudslide today might indicate that the time is at hand where we will see something happen where Israel will clearly 'move' away from the U.S. in such a visible way that whatever happens next will be . . . well, you fill in the blank. Should we wonder what President Obama means by, as Koenig's top headline notes above, the time is down to "days, not weeks"?