Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ben Shapiro, editor of Breitbart, has written an op-ed piece challenging John Kerry's use of the word "apartheid" in connection with Israel.

The Anti-Semitism of the Obama Administration

I must confess that since early yesterday I have struggled to write a similar post -- one that examines Kerry's use of the word. One cannot look at Kerry's use of the word as isolated -- it must also be connected to President Obama because President Obama did not immediately issue any clarification or distance or condemnation of Kerry once the remark was made public; therefore, it must be concluded that it did not disturb him enough to address it -- thus, he owns it. President Obama cannot be excused from timeliness since he was on his Asian "pivot" because he was quick to take a moment at a press conference to publicly condemn Donald Sterling's private remarks that were made public. He could have done the same with Kerry's remarks.

As I was struggling yesterday and early this morning to write a post about my thoughts, an observation made by Dave Hunt in his book, A Cup of Trembling: Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy (1995) came to my mind. I think it is so fitting as this administration comes up against Israel and Jerusalem that I will simply turn over the remainder of this post to Dave Hunt and what he had to say about anti-Semitism. The excerpt is from Chapter 9: The Mystery of Anti-Semitism, page 168.

The Only Rational Explanation

Moreover, in addition to God's chastisement, there is another explanation for anti-Semitism: to wipe out the Jews so that the Messiah, who the prophets said would be a Jew, couldn't come into the world to rescue mankind and defeat Satan. God allows anti-Semitism because, up to a point, it fits His purposes for His people. Satan is the instigator of anti-Semitism because he hopes it will result in the extermination of the Jews.

God promised Abraham and Jacob that through their "seed" a blessing would come to "all the nations of the earth." Here was a confirmation of that wonderful promise which God gave to Adam and Eve that one day the Messiah, born of a virgin (the seed of the woman), would come to this earth to bring mankind back to God:

I will put enmity between thee [Satan] and the woman, and between thy seed [those who follow Satan] and her seed [the Messiah]; it [the woman's seed, i.e. the Messiah] shall bruise thy head [i.e. a deadly wound destroying Satan], and thou shalt bruise his heel (Genesis 3:15).

At last we uncover the most compelling explanation for anti-Semitism: Satan himself is the author of this incredible genocidal fervor. He must destroy the Jews through whom the Messiah is to come or his cause is doomed. Moreover, even if the Messiah did come, by destroying the Jews at any time thereafter Satan could still prevent God from fulfilling the many biblical prophecies which declare that the Messiah will one day rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel on the throne of His father David in Jerusalem. Obviously, if Hitler had succeeded in his "final solution to the Jewish problem" or if Satan even today could wipe out the Jews, he would have proved that God lied in making such promises as the following:

I have sworn unto David my servant, Thy seed [the Messiah] will I establish forever, and build up thy throne to all generations . . . I will not lie unto David. His seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me (Psalm 89: 3, 4, 35, 36).

Anti-Semitism is clearly too universal and enduring throughout history to have its source in any human agency. The effort to destroy the descendants of Isaac and Jacob has been consistently pursued for thousands of years. That time period is so far beyond the lifespan of any human being that no mortal can be behind it. In confronting this evil, one must realize that its inspiration and strength originates in that very being who has made himself the enemy of good and God.

Those who oppose Israel and her people are on Satan's side against God, whether they realize it or not. This statement is not made out of prejudicial favor toward the Jews. We have shown that the Bible makes it clear that God did not choose them because of favoritism.

Jerusalem stands as a signpost to all mankind. Those who love her and pray for her peace are on God's side. Those who try to take Jerusalem out of Israel's hands are on Satan's side. And God's curse rests upon those who attempt to prevent the Jews from possessing all of the land that was promised to them. So says the Bible in language that cannot be misunderstood. Therefore, those who disagree with this view of Israel have an argument with God and His Word, not with the Jews themselves.

Such is the importance of Jerusalem, as we shall see, that it occupies the very center of a conflict between God and Satan for control of the entire universe. Anti-Semitism is not politics, nor is it religion. While it affects both, it is far more than either. It is a powerful satanic weapon in the battle between good and evil. While anti-Semitism is aimed directly at the Jews, it is designed to pervert the moral character of those who become its advocates -- and ultimately to influence the eternal destiny of mankind.

If this explanation of the mystery of anti-Semitism seems melodramatic, we challenge the reader to provide some other rationale. Remember, anti-Semitism is only part of the package that includes the scattering of the Jews throughout the entire world, their preservation as an identifiable people in spite of repeated attempts at their extermination, their return to the promised land after 2500 years of dispersion, and the importance of Jerusalem for world peace out of all proportion to the miniscule size of that land of which it is the disputed capital. There is no central explanation for these phenomena except the unpopular one which the Bible presents. --Dave Hunt