Thursday, March 20, 2014


Scientists are now saying that the 90% chance of an earthquake in California by March 17, is now reduced to a possibility of a major quake in the next 25 years.

Last week's quakes were "business as usual"

Secretary of State John Kerry has demanded an apology from Benjamin Netanyahu for remarks from the Israeli Defense Minister Danny Ya'alon for saying the U.S. is "weak."

Israeli defense minister apologizes for calling U.S. 'weak'

However, NO apology was demanded from the Iranians for their photoshop of President Obama wearing a Nazi uniform and shown with his hands over his head in surrender, NOR for their filming Muslims on their way to a mosque for prayer walking over an American flag on the ground and each man spitting on a large photograph of Obama, also on the ground.

Those Iranians . . . they're such kidders!

As US touts thaw in Iran relations, Iranians spit on Obama image, prepare for ‘Death to America’ day

Even Jimmy Fallon, who has dressed in drag twice now while having the First Lady, Michelle Obama, on his show, mocked Obama by pretending to be Vladimir Putin and taking a phone call from a look-a-like Obama impersonator.

“Look, don’t you see what you’re doing though? You’re forcing people to accept something that the majority of them don’t even want,” the actor playing Obama tells Putin, referring to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine.

“Yes,” responds Fallon, playing Putin. “In Russia we have word for this: Obamacare.”

“So look, Vlad, just to recap our call, no progress was made here, right?” the Obama character says at the end of the skit.

“None at all,” Fallon’s Putin responds.

“Okay. Take care,” the faux Obama says before hanging up.

Jimmy Fallon dings Obamacare as unpopular, mocks Obama’s feckless handling of Ukraine

Thomas Lifson takes a look at how the Russians have MERCILESSLY been mocking President Obama for days now, including showing Obama photoshopped as a KGB Colonel who is really one of them with the ultimate goal of destroying America, and Obama's assignment -- destroy it from within!

Isn't it interesting that the Russians assigned the number 13013 to Obama? 13 is the number of rebellion and associated with Sodom, and here it is in the same number twice.

President Laughingstock

And why was Vice President Biden in Poland?

VP Biden is desperately trying to reassure our allies that President Obama is concerned about developments on their borders with Ukraine.

The 'Obama is weak' message is coming from our allies

Cartoonists here at home also mock.

Obama loves the poor

The three branches of government

Let's flashback to October 16. A House stenographer took to the floor of the House Chamber while a vote was taking place to re-open the U.S. government and declared, "God will not be mocked." Since that date, Obama and Kerry have been mocked and ridiculed AROUND THE WORLD.


And finally, saw this. It's a long shot.

White House seeks to replace Netanyahu?

Keep in mind, as it is done unto Israel, so is it done unto us. If Obama is seeking, even covertly, behind the scenes, to see if Netanyahu can be removed from power, well . . . events may change here at home in such a way that he may find himself trying to survive politically.