Monday, March 31, 2014


My! What a busy weekend for many in the western half of the U.S.

By now, most everybody knows that a strong earthquake rattled southern California and nerves on Friday night. Apparently the quake struck at 9:11, and 20 seconds after the "Judgment scene" in Noah began. Koenig put up a screenshot of one Twitter user's observation.

I generally don't go to bed until I've watched the top stories from our local news station at 10 p.m., and then go to bed after the weather segment. As I was waiting for the News 9 anchor to switch over to our meteorologist, a noticeable earthquake shook the house. There was a rumble as though a heavy vehicle was coming up the driveway and then the front door started creaking and then several objects rattled.

We've had a swarm of nearly two dozen earthquakes here in Oklahoma since Friday night. Most of the swarm has been located near Crescent, Oklahoma. The other quakes occurred near Choctaw and Hennessey.

And we are hearing of the strongest quake to strike Yellowstone in 29 years struck on the western edge of the caldera, followed by an earthquake swarm there.

And Mt. Hood in Oregon has also experienced over 100 small earthquakes. Mt. Hood apparently last erupted in the late 1700s.

Mt. Hood earthquake swarm

Look at what was going on with the peace process at the same time as these four earthquake swarms.

First, if the framework was revealed on the 28th, I haven't seen it though I have checked multiple news sources.

What we do know is that Israel did not release the next scheduled batch of Palestinian prisoners.


In part, because the Palestinians refuse to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state.

We do know that right on time and as expected President Obama and Secretary John Kerry blame the Israelis, not Abbas, for the breakdown in talks, AND say that Israel's refusal to release the prisoners is a violation of the "terms of talks."

US: No Palestinian prisoner release is violation of terms of talks

In the past, when Israel has released prisoners to appease Obama's demands, we've seen a "prisoner issue" come up back here in the states. This time is no different.

Report: Obama Admin Released Tens of Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Criminals

Since Israel has not released the last batch of "promised" prisoners, Obama and Kerry are now saying, "Nice little state you got there, Israel. Too bad we can't help you in the U.N. keep it."

US officials: We can't stop Palestinian UN statehood bid if talks fail

And apparently, to punish Israel for her "recalcitrance," Obama and Kerry might demand even more prisoners of Israel.

Washington demands flexibility of Israel, raising the possibility of another prisoner release of long-serving prisoners as a gesture to the Palestinians.

Part of the Obama-Kerry framework appears to include the giving away of Israel's West Bank, the Jordan Valley. The Jordan Valley is a strategic security point for Israel. Obama and Kerry have offered a high-tech security fence, perhaps similar to what is on the border between the U.S. and Canada, as protection. We aren't 100 percent certain that that is in the framework, but it is rumored to be.

Let's flashback for a second. We all remember Ariel Sharon and the Gaza pullout. Sharon was the prime minister of Israel who oversaw the Gaza pullout in August of 2005. A group of rabbis pronounced a curse upon him for his role, and a short time later Sharon suffered a massive stroke from which he never recovered, and he passed away in early January, just as Kerry was leaving Israel after being there to persuade the Israelis to give up the West Bank.

Back to today. Debka is reporting that Ehud Olmert, prime minister of Israel after Ariel Sharon, was convicted today, Monday, March 31, by Tel Aviv District Court Judge David Rosen of "the most severe bribe charges ever leveled against an Israeli public figure, making him liable for a stiff prison sentence."

Olmert was forced to step down from the office of Prime Minister in 2009. Debka explains why.

Ehud Olmert convicted of taking bribes five years after being forced out as premier

Let's flashback to an interview Olmert gave in May 2013:

More than four years after he offered the Palestinians a state with a sovereign share of Jerusalem and 100% of the West Bank, with some one-for-one land swaps, former prime minister Ehud Olmert accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas of lacking the guts to take the deal.

Abbas failed to accept my peace offer because he’s ‘no hero,’ says Olmert

That's right! Olmert offered 100 percent of the West Bank and a piece of Jerusalem, and the Palestinians said no.

Obama and Kerry are offering the same.

Now, Olmert is found guilty of bribery charges and will NOT be remembered as the prime minister who brought peace but rather, he will be remembered as "that guy who went to prison for being corrupt."

Debka notes this:

Many ordinary Israelis will be asking how a politician of Ehud Olmert’s ilk was allowed to reach such high station with responsibility for distributing the national wealth as minister of trade and commerce and the authority to decide if and when the country went to war as prime minister.

Indeed, the same is asked of President Obama. How did a community organizer with no particular political accomplishments manage to attain the highest office in the United States?

And the guy curiously tweets, on occasion, selfies in prison settings.

What's up with that?

I noted December 6, in my post, PARTY INTERRUPTED, that Obama tweeted a picture of himself in prison as a tribute to Nelson Mandela's death. Curiously, this occurred at the same time Kerry was meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu about giving up the West Bank to the Palestinians.


And speaking of "ilk," Michael Goodwin at the New York Post has written quite a bit this morning about Obama and that which he has sown he is beginning to reap.

Chickens come home to roost for Obama

His title evokes memories of Jeremiah Wright. Shortly after 9/11, Wright spoke of the U.S. standing with Israel against the Palestinians and then referenced Malcolm X by saying, "America's chickens are coming home to roost." His remarks struck many as implying that the U.S. was responsible for bringing the 9/11 attacks upon herself.

Jeremiah Wright Controversy: The Fall of Jerusalem

In my March 20th post, I noted Obama is being RELENTLESSLY MOCKED about Obamacare and by the Russians. Well, the "relentless mocking" is not easing.

Here is the Obamacare part:

‘Saturday Night Live’ Relentlessly Mocks the Way Obama Is Selling His Health Care Law

Here is the Russian part, though this is more taunting than mocking.

On March 28, our watch day, Voice of Russia wrote that it's Russia that holds the fate of the U.S. dollar in its paw.

Russia’s secret weapon: crashing US economy by collapsing petrodollar

Prominent U.S. trader warns Russia can collapse U.S. economy anytime it wants

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts noted this in a recent interview about what might be Vladimir Putin's mindset as Putin observes how President Obama is handling the Ukraine crisis:

“What does this do to Putin? Putin has been very low key. He’s been very diplomatic. He sits there and watches this and he says:

“What are these Americans up to? Here they bring a direct strategic threat to Russia, right here in my backyard. They are trying to put Ukraine in Nato so they can put missile bases on the Russian border with Ukraine. They tried to grab Russia’s only warm-water naval base, the port we’ve had since Catherine the Great in the 18th century. Why are they doing this? Why these amazing provocations against Russia?”

... So that’s what the idiots in Washington have brought about. They’ve convinced a nuclear power that can wipe the United States off the face of the Earth, and certainly Europe, that they cannot be trusted.

They’ve made it impossible for the Russian government to work with them. They are demonizing Russia, trying to isolate it, trying to punish it for doing nothing -- except not collapsing before American aggression. And so what can he (Putin) do? Prepare for war. This is extremely dangerous.

Any government that is so reckless as Washington is, to create this impression in the government of a strategic nuclear power, any government that would do this is insane. This is a form of recklessness and irresponsibility on the part of the Obama regime and its European puppets that is insane. The whole world is at stake.”

The whole interview is worth a read.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Greatest Crisis in Mankind's History

And adding a bit of interesting information and going places on the Bible Wheel that my post RELENTLESSLY MOCKING did not go, Carlos at Chozeh and Nabiy took a look at the number 13013.

Obama the Double Rebel?

I certainly appreciate the additional information.

So . . . where are we at in this process? Apparently Secretary Kerry might return to Israel in the next few days in an attempt to salvage the peace talks. Perhaps that is why the four earthquake swarms over the weekend were not more serious -- the peace talks hit significant snags and did not advance to the next level. Indeed, they appear on verge of collapse, although that is highly unlikely to happen. I don't think Obama or Kerry will relent in their pressure on Israel to give up something, anything, to keep them going.

Kerry considering return to the region to salvage peace talks; Abbas to meet with Palestinian leadership Monday to discuss further steps if Israel doesn't release fourth group of prisoners

I don't link often to Dutchsinse, but he did put out a YouTube that shows the locations of these earthquake swarms in relation to the North American craton, a geological feature that I don't know much about but believe it may play a role in our earthquakes.