Tuesday, March 25, 2014


says Gregory Mannarino in his YouTube from yesterday, and adds, "We are witnessing the death of the dollar."

I don't know how many earthquakes are needed to qualify as a "swarm," but we've had a bunch since Friday. I've not felt all of them but I will be working when the house will tremble for a few seconds, almost like a train has passed nearby only without the sound.

Oklahoma rattled by 15 earthquakes since Friday

It is heartbreaking to hear of the horrible mudslide that occurred in Washington state over the weekend. Thoughts and prayers lifting for the families.

6 more bodies found in mudslide, death toll rises to 14, over 100 still missing

An outbreak of the hemorrhagic ebola virus has apparently spread to Liberia and possibly to Canada.

A PBS reporter says the whole world needs to "pay attention to what is going on at Fukushima," reminds him of the Disney animated movie "Fantasia."

“Magnitude of mess is actually staggering” — “We really don’t know how they’re going to clean it up.”