Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Found this YouTube a few days ago. I think there is good information in here overall, although I do not agree that a large air pocket was left underground in the aftermath of the BP oil disaster. More than likely sea water or other underground fluids filled in the space where 200 million barrels of oil had once been. Having said that, I still think the info covers four areas that I have kept on the radar, especially as this administration has come up against Israel.

One area that this YT covers is the nuclear reactors that could be impacted by a strong earthquake in the NMSZ. As Obama allows Iran to pursue what they say is nuclear reactor power, we have several nuclear reactors that are very vulnerable to complete meltdowns, perhaps even worse than what we have seen with Fukushima, should a terrible earthquake strike along the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River runs thru a rift valley, and as we pressure Israel to give up its own strategic rift valley, the Jordan Valley (vital for Israel's security), we may see consequences here with the New Madrid.

Next mega-quake: all about the Gulf and BP and Lake Fubar

Speaking of Israel, Steve Coerper's homework assignment for the 17th by Donna Wasson was well done.

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Reading Jude today.