Friday, February 21, 2014


Scrawnytobrawny has created another YouTube investigating the connections between the Super Bowl and the upcoming movie Days of Noah.

Scrawnytobrawny references a statue of Apollo that was seized from Ebay a few days after the Super Bowl. A fisherman from Gaza claimed to have found the statue in shallow water about 300 feet offshore last August. Here is the article from The Guardian that gives more information:

'Priceless' bronze statue of Greek god Apollo found in Gaza Strip

December of 2010, a statue of Aphrodite was uncovered off the coast of Ashkelon after a strong storm. I wrote about it in this post:


In scrawnytobrawny's YouTube, he notes the little girl at the beginning talking about giants. These giants are "lumbering in the schoolyards" and "limping thru the alleys." I think it is interesting to note that in the 2008 movie Hancock with Will Smith, Justin Bateman explains to Will Smith, an alcoholic superhero, that he needs "rebranding" to be more acceptable to humans. Hancock can't remember his past. He remembers waking up after a "head wound" and things were just different. Bateman's wife, Charlize Theron, unbeknownst to Bateman is superhuman like Hancock, and in fact, was (is) Hancock's wife. She helps him to remember his past, including that he received terrible injuries IN AN ALLEY.

Scrawnytobrawny also notes the "two by two" theme of mass gay marriage that was held at the Grammy's. In the movie Hancock, Theron, in helping Hancock remember the past, tells him they were "created in TWOs."

Just thought I would throw that connection in there.

When I first heard in April 2012 that Russell Crowe would be Noah in a film about the flood, I wrote a post about Noah's Flood and the Genesis 6 connection.