Thursday, January 2, 2014


Once more we have several "coincidences" in events.

John Kerry will be in Israel today, his 10th visit since becoming Secretary of State in February, to push the peace process along.

Kerry's 'framework' expected to be 'outline' of future agreement

As he is there on his official business, Bill Koenig is noting that winter storm Hercules is bearing down on 70 million people in the northeast.

Hercules, without a doubt, is one of the more well-known Greek demigods. I watched a History Channel show on him once, and they referred to him as the "Schizophrenic god" because, according to mythology, he killed his wife and children in a fit of rage, but then couldn't remember doing the deed. This murderous act is why he had to perform his twelve legendary labors -- these labors were acts of atonement.

In more ancient times, those who suffered from epilepsy were said to be suffering from Hercules morbus, or 'the disease of Hercules.' Epilepsy was known as the 'falling sickness' because those afflicted with epilepsy will lose their balance and fall to the ground when suffering a seizure.  (Hercules, constellation of words)

This takes us to 2 Kings 2:1 and offers an explanation for the actions of King Ahaziah.

And Ahaziah fell down through a lattice in his upper chamber that was in Samaria, and was sick: and he sent messengers, and said unto them, Go, enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron whether I shall recover of this disease.

King Ahaziah takes a bad fall and apparently hurts himself pretty good because he sends messengers to the Philistine god Baalzebub. Why Baalzebub? The historian Gesenius tells us that while this particular entity was worshipped by the Philistines and even the Israelites under the name Baalzebub, the Phoenicians actually called him Hercules. And since Hercules was known as the "falling god," and Ahaziah had just taken a really bad fall, he consulted the god who was purportedly in charge of "falling."

Curiously enough, during the early days of the Great Depression, two Jewish writers wanted to give Americans a 'super hero' to inspire them and take their minds off of their troubles, so they, according to Wikipedia, took the ancient Greek demigod Hercules and recast (some might say "rebranded") him with an updated look and new 'labors' to perform and named him Superman.

Baalzebub is mentioned in the New Testament but by the corrupted name of Beelzebub, a name given by the Pharisees to render contempt for the old Philistine god. In an attempt to slam Jesus after He had cast a demon out of a man, the Pharisees accused Jesus of accomplishing the work by help of Beelzebub. Jesus' reply was quite telling as to who the true identity of Baalzebub is.

Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David?

But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

--Matthew 12: 22-26

Notice what Jesus DIDN'T say? Jesus didn't say, "You idiots, Baalzebub isn't real; he's just a myth."

Jesus DIDN'T say, "You dolts, Hercules was just a legend; he wasn't even real."

No, Jesus said, ". . . if Satan cast out Satan." In one sentence Jesus names the true identity of Beelzebub/Baalzebub/Hercules/Superman -- Satan.

Interesting then that as John Kerry is in Israel to once more pressure Israel to give up land to the Palestinians, winter storm Hercules, i.e. winter storm Baalzebub, is bearing down on the U.S.

Just ahead of Kerry's visit, the Israelis released another batch of Palestinian prisoners (26 this time) serving long prison terms for murdering Israeli citizens. They did this on Monday, December 30th, according to Debka.

Israel Frees Palestinian Prisoners Before Kerry Visit

President Obama's "peace plan" for the Israelis and Palestinians is for the Israelis to show they really are interested in peace by releasing Palestinian murderers. These terrorists and murderers were to be released in three batches, the first batch being back in July.

As often pointed out on this blog, and others, that what we do to Israel is done to us. So it does seem somewhat hypocritical that the U.S. insists the Israelis release these violent offenders but then is "furious" that Afghanistan will be releasing some pretty bad militants who have killed U.S. and British troops.

To the fury of the UK, the US and victims' families, president Hamid Karzai has freed 88 dangerous militants from a jail at Bagram, the former US air base run by the Afghan government.

The US wants them to be prosecuted and says 30 per cent carried out direct attacks that killed or wounded 60 coalition troops, and 40 per cent killed 57 Afghans, including police and security forces.

Last night the Foreign Office expressed serious concerns about the mass release, which the US says poses a major security threat, and the likelihood that the fighters could re-join the insurgency.

The US is trying to block the release of the prisoners, which critics say is a concession to the Taliban in the run-up to the country's first presidential elections in April.

Afghan president to free scores of Taliban fighters

Isn't this the same concern that the Israelis have? That the repatriated Palestinians will "re-join" former comrades and perpetrate new attacks on Israelis?

As one Israeli demonstrating against the release of the Palestinian prisoners noted, "Releasing terrorists in the name of peace is like pouring fuel on a fire in order to put the fire out. It's going to explode in your face."

Well said.

And how ironic, and hypocritical, that the U.S. is trying to block the release of the Taliban prisoners but is encouraging the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Remember, after the first batch of prisoners were released in July, there were several prison breaks shortly thereafter in the Middle East in which about 2,000 "hard-core" terrorists and murderers escaped.

As is done unto Israel . . .

We keep coming back to that.

In the meantime, President Obama is refusing to even consider releasing Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted by the U.S. for spying in the 80s, despite the Israeli request for him to be released. Pollard, unlike the Palestinian prisoners that President Obama and John Kerry have strong-armed the Israelis into releasing, is neither a terrorist nor a murderer. It looks as though it is only sheer spite that prevents President Obama from offering his own "good will" gesture to the Israelis for their caving to his demands in the peace talks. (And it looks shamefully bad considering how quickly he offered the Iranians a lifting of some economic sanctions, all in the name of  'good will'.)

Pollard, convicting of spying, did nothing like what Obama's NSA is doing to the American people with their spying programs, all in the name of "it's for their own good." Continuing revelations of the extent of Obama's NSA spying efforts have been in the news repeatedly over the past few days, even as Pollard's name has been in the news. In fact, we are now learning that Obama's NSA can turn on the microphones in I-phones without the owner's consent or knowledge. Hmmm, certainly something Pollard was never able to do.

US tells Israel: There's no chance Pollard will be freed for release of Israeli-Arab prisoners

Once more, President Obama seems to be sticking to what appears to be his cardinal rule of making sure the Israelis get nothing for their efforts.

So, the "framework" that Kerry brings to Israel today, according to Debka, is the push to remove 80,000 Israelis from the West Bank so that land can be given to the Palestinians.

Exclusive: US “framework” calls for 80,000 Israeli West Bank evacuations to the big settlement blocs

The last time the U.S. pressured Israel to evacuate a large number of Israeli citizens from an area was the Gaza pullout in August 2005. That pullout was orchestrated by Ariel Sharon under pressure from then-president George W. Bush. A tropical depression formed east of the Caribbean Islands on the last day of the pullout that formed into Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans.

It is worth nothing then that the two key leaders involved with the Gaza pullout AS WELL AS HURRICANE KATRINA has been in the news since the announcement that the Obama-Kerry framework will require 80,000 more Israelis to be removed from their homes.

First, Ariel Sharon. Again, he orchestrated the Gaza pullout in August 2005. January 2006, he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage that left him alive but in a vegetative state. He's been in the news in the past two days because on December 31st, his condition worsened, with multiple organs now failing.

Ariel Sharon near death after grave deterioration in his condition

Second, George W. Bush. His mother, Barbara, was hospitalized on December 31st, with respiratory problems, the same day we heard of Sharon's worsening condition.  Also, the 31st happens to be the day the Palestinian prisoners were released.  It was George W. Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, who began the modern peace process talks with the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991, that laid the groundwork that eventually led to the Gaza pullout.

Barbara Bush hospitalized

Third, Hurricane Katrina. Date of the article, December 31st.

Brad Pitt's Hurricane Katrina charity under fire after homes are 'ROTTING from the inside in New Orleans'

I conclude today's post with this:

The American definition of love seems to have evolved into this idea that if you love someone you won't tell them what they are doing is wrong. Telling someone that what they are doing is wrong or even sinful has become the equivalent of hate. That really makes no sense and there are plenty of examples everyday (think parents and children) showing how that is not correct, but, nevertheless, with certain segments of society, speaking Biblical truth has become hate speech.

I say that to say this: God loves everybody, yes. That is why He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross. Any time we break God's law, we sin, and because of Adam and Eve, every baby born is born with a sin nature -- a nature that is bent towards sinning. When Jesus died on the cross then rose from the dead, He provided a way out of two things for those people willing to accept His sacrifice -- He provided a way out of God's wrath that will come upon the wicked (those who persist in breaking His law and do not wish to abandon their sinful nature), and He provided a way of out of Satan's clutches. So the proof that God loves us is in the offering of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ upon the cross to pay the penalty of death for our sins. But we must accept that offer of love by accepting Jesus Christ, and like the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more." Alas, that is the sticking point for most. Most like the idea of "love" but reject the "go and sin no more" part; after all, what fun is there in that, right?

Jehovah loves Benjamin Netanyahu, BUT that love He has for Netanyahu will NOT stop him from warning Netanyahu. In fact, BECAUSE He loves Netanyahu, He WILL warn him. That warning is as much proof of His love as was His sending of Jesus. A warning is an effort to stop someone from entering into a place or act that will cause harm. When we love someone we will protect them, and warning them of danger, either physical or spiritual, is an effort of protecting love. When we DON'T love someone, we WILL NOT WARN them of impending danger because we honestly could not care less what becomes of that person. And sometimes, we won't warn because we perceive the harm that could come because of someone's actions and hope someone WILL be harmed.

It was reported on January 1st, that Mr. Netanyahu had a polyp removed from his intestine. The polyp was discovered Wednesday during a routine exam and subsequently removed. Polyps happen everyday, and many of them are merely a nuisance and not any kind of life-threatening medical emergency. The "nuisance" kind appears to be the kind that Netanyahu had removed.

Polyps are lumps of tissue that grow in the intestines and if left unchecked can continue to grow until they become a bigger problem. How interesting that (a) this was discovered the day after it was reported that the medical problems with Ariel Sharon worsened and Barbara Bush was hospitalized and (b) on the FIRST DAY that Israel began allowing more abortions in Israel for the year 2014.

Israel plans to pay for all its young ladies' abortions in 2014

Like Netanyahu's polyp, most abortions are for the same reason -- nuisance. While many who push abortion like to pull on the heart strings with cries of "it's because of rape, incest and the health of the mother," 99.9 percent of women know the real reason -- the pregnancy is a nuisance. The pregnancy comes at the wrong time, or there's not enough money, or it turns out that the hot young stud wasn't so cool after all and now the woman sure doesn't want to have any kids by him. If the "tissue" like that "polyp" isn't dealt with quickly enough, it will turn into a "much bigger problem."  Hence, the cure-all answer of abortion.

God hates abortion. Enoch tells us that it was the fallen angel Tamiel who taught how to strike the womb so that the embryo perished. The U.S. with the blessing of this President (remember Obama blasphemously saying "God bless you" to Planned Parenthood?) has pushed hard into this area by utilizing insurance plans in the Obamacare exchange to force pro-life advocates and those who love God and cherish the little ones He gives us to pay for the drugs that cause abortions and for actual abortions for members of Congress. Is it any wonder that Obamacare is so fraught with debacles? If "smoothness" is a sign of blessing, then it is clear that Obamacare is anything but that.  Now, as Israel pushes further to rid Israeli women of "nuisances" sent by God, for He opens and closes the womb, Israel can expect their expansion will not go unanswered.  John McTernan, at his site, often notes judgments that happen when the abortion agenda is pushed here in the U.S.; Israel can expect no less.

And memo to Israel: you can abort 100 percent of your babies and have 100 percent of your military be homosexuals, but, despite those two things being his favorite agenda items, that would still not be enough for President Obama to release Jonathan Pollard.



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