Monday, January 27, 2014


In last year's Super Bowl, we had a Mercedes Benz commercial giving us an anticipation of the arrival of the Devil.

"Something powerful is coming -- Sympathy for the Devil."

In addition, in another ad for Mercedes Benz at last year's Super Bowl was one with Willem Defoe. Defoe was shown as the Devil incarnate who tempts a man to buy a Mercedes Benz by exchanging his soul. Defoe was the main character in the movie, "The Antichrist," though it must be made clear that the movie was not about the biblical Antichrist but about sexual sadism.

Antichrist at Super Bowl 47

In last year's Super Bowl, during the Half-Time show Beyonce used optical illusions to show herself as having multiple arms.

She became a representation of the Avalokitesvara Buddha, or the Buddha of the 1000 Arms, also known as the Buddha of Compassion.

Though this particular buddha IS OFTEN SEEN IN CHINA he has also been mentioned in early Hindu sanskrit fragments. In later sanskrit an ending has been added to his name that indicates that the Hindus identified him with Shiva. (The entry at wikipedia on Avalokitesvara adds even more information.) Shiva is also known as the Destroyer god in Hinduism because it is believed that he must destroy worlds in order to rebuild them. Shiva is often portrayed as doing the "dance of destruction." A figure of him doing this dance is outside the CERN facility.

I, PET GOAT 2, has a sequence in which Kali, the female version of Shiva, dances the dance of destruction and the dance ends with a sudden intense bright white light, which could be the tremendously bright light that indicates the detonation of a nuclear device. In I, PET GOAT 2, Kali begins her dance as what appears to be Quetzalcoatl and then transforms into several other gods of mythology before the flash of bright light.

Newsweek has curiously portrayed President Obama as Shiva.

Now we see that a Bud Light commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl is already running. The commercial opens up with a man zipping up his jacket, and it is clear that we are being directed to look at this man's face and his hair.

It is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bud Light Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why? Why emphasize Arnold's face and hair?

Is it perhaps because this is the way he appeared in 1984 in Conan the DESTROYER?

And why is he warming up to play Ping pong? Ping pong isn't really something you associate with the Super Bowl.

However, while Ping pong is another name for Table Tennis, it is also, interestingly, a term to refer to the relationship between the U.S. and CHINA.

Ping-pong diplomacy

Interesting then that we should read this story about China on January 23. . .

Report January 23:  China conducts long-range nuclear missile drill: military . . . SAME DAY that U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns met "with senior Chinese officials amid mounting tension between Beijing and Washington over China’s increasingly public displays of military might in the region."

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and then three days later, on January 26, we should have this happen with Pope Francis. . .

Pope’s Dove of Peace Attacked by Seagull Again

when THE VERY SAME THING happened last year with Pope Benedict on THE VERY SAME DAY of the year, January 26.

Pope's dove of peace almost ends in pieces: Seagull attacks bird seconds after Pontiff releases it from Vatican balcony

In I, PET GOAT 2, we see the false messiah (the Antichrist) hold a dove of peace, which then goes up in flames.



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