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As John Kerry returns from pushing the peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians, several new problems for President Obama have emerged here at home, like emergency problems.

The first is with the economy -- President Obama is pushing for an extension of jobless benefits. The purpose here at this blog today is not to debate whether this is needed (or worthy) or not, but rather how it is an indication of economic stress that this President is having to deal with. When God is judging a nation, finances are often stressed. David Wilkerson preached in the 1990s, based upon Deuteronomy 28, that when God is judging a nation, the unemployment rate goes up. As Kerry returns from Israel and pushing Obama's "framework," Obama finds himself facing the issue of sustained unemployment -- people are just not finding jobs.

Brit Hume of FOX News sums it up quite nicely.

We’re now four and a half years into an economic recovery that Democrats keep telling us is getting better all the time, yet, the job market remains so weak, the jobless rate so high that the president considers it an emergency,” Hume reasoned. “Indeed, that is the official name of these extended benefits, emergency unemployment compensation. Normally, unemployment payments run out after 26 weeks, but that was extended five years ago to 99 weeks and has been repeatedly extended since.

Upon taking office, the president and the party set two big goals. One was to revive the economy, the other to reform health care,” he said. “The Obamacare mess tells us where we are on one, the call for further unemployment payments tells us where we are on the other.

Brit Hume nails Obama’s call to extend jobless benefits as an admission of failure

Obama is also facing annoying problems, like the Tea Party, although some Americans would say it's the IRS that's the problem.  Nevertheless, we are learning that an investigation will take place. Oh, but wait! Look who will be doing the investigating. Obama's Attorney General appoints Obama donor to investigate Obama's IRS' targeting of Tea Party activists. There will be no conflict of interest there, right? Right! Anyway . . . interesting because did you see one of the things that Kerry was "rebuked" or "scolded" for, or at least told to mind his own business, while in Israel? It was at the bottom of the Debka article I linked to yesterday, Gloom in Kerry's party over widening Israeli-Palestinian gaps.

The prime minister for his part asked Kerry to stop interfering in Israeli domestic politics by organizing a faction opposed to government strategy in the negotiations with the Palestinians. Netanyahu said: "I am holding negotiations with you and the Palestinians, not with Israelis.”

The US Secretary promised that contacts with Israeli politicians would be handled solely by the US embassy and Ambassador Dan Shapiro. Other channels would be discontinued.


We see the principle here of "as we do unto Israel," meaning . . . as the U.S. comes up against Mr. Netanyahu and his government by supporting a "faction" that is opposed to Netanyahu, Obama finds himself in the same place -- a "faction" that he (and his lapdog media) cannot stand, the Tea Party, keeps coming up against him and his government.

Also, The Blaze is reporting that Israeli Officials Concerned John Kerry Quietly Supports Boycott of Israeli Products

And though the "Khobragade incident" is not making headlines here as this administration has so moved on from that, India is making it plain that they have not. Check out the following article at ZeroHedge and notice all the comments that Durden has put in bold.

India Minister Warns Of "The Return Of The Ugly American"

I've written of it before and I will do so again, David Wilkerson has said that when a nation is under judgment, foreign policies will be a mess, unproductive and a source of ridicule and scorn.

Are we there yet?

Speaking of ridicule and scorn and embarrassing problems, isn't Robert Gates' book causing quite a stir? Lots of stories out there about the reaction of Obama aides to it. I find it more interesting that it came within 48 hours of Kerry's return from Israel. Drudge headlined: GATES THROWS BOOK AT O

How about a flashback since this isn't the first time a "book" has been thrown at "O."

OCT 11, 2010: Meet the man who threw the book at Obama

Notice the similarity here? Obama was oblivious to the book thrown at him while he was on stage, and he was oblivious that there would be allegations about him and his administration in Gates' book.

More will come out before the release date of January 14, as more people read it and as a few more excerpts are printed in advance. One of the topics really spinning the talking heads is that Gates is revealing that President Obama sent troops into Afghanistan in the surge but didn't believe it would really work.

Charles Krauthammer had something to say about this particular Gates' revelation:

Krauthammer on Gates' revelations about Obama: 'How can a commander-in-chief do that?'

It is so awful that a Commander-in-Chief would send soldiers into harm's way without believing in their mission, BUT let this be the take-away: if President Obama would put our soldier's in harm's way for political reasons, we can only assume he would most certainly do the same to the Israelis -- put them in harm's way for his own political fortunes.

Gates also addresses how President Obama "blindsided" top military leaders "on one day's notice" about the repeal of DADT.

Robert Gates, former defense secretary, offers harsh critique of Obama’s leadership in ‘Duty’

Gates tells us that "in one day" Obama put the repeal of DADT on the table and it was to be done; very little notice was given that this would take place. This should remind us of Revelation 18:10, which tells us that "in one hour," or "in one day" Babylon will fall."

Daily Mail Online noted that with winter storm ION, it was so cold that "Hell freezes over."

The big thaw begins: FROZEN BODIES found in snow as temperatures begin to rise after brutal 'polar vortex' leaves 21 dead and 11,000 flights grounded

Suspicious Observers once more gives us more info on that polar vortex that caused ION.

And speaking of Hell, numerous readers have sent me links about the statue of Baphomet that a satanic organiation is trying to have installed here in Oklahoma at our state capitol. Our local News9 has been mentioned the effort, but I haven't heard it reported yet as to when the decision on the request will be made



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