Friday, January 17, 2014


End Times Forecaster just pointed out some interesting connections between the President and Morocco in his January 15 post (Look What I found in the Desert on Google Earth) when this article appeared at Debka today. The King of Morocco is inserting himself into the peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians and pulling the Iranians right in beside him. . . . Interesting.

From Debka:

A development more directly affecting Israel’s interests is the King of Morocco’s offer to Iran of full membership in the Al Quds (Jerusalem) Committee of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IOC), with the approval of US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Friday and Saturday (Jan. 17-18), in Marrakesh, the king chaired the Al Quds Committee’s 20th session, its first in ten years, announcing an effort to contribute to John Kerry’s efforts to revive the Middle East peace process. The gathering is attended by the foreign ministers of the committee member states, UN Security Council member states, the UN, EU and the Arab League, as well as Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

debkafile reports that Kerry has been keeping King Mohammad VI in Rabat au fait of the state of play in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, hoping to win the organization’s cooperation on the tough Jerusalem issue. Any US-backed Israeli-Palestinian accords involving Jerusalem, if achieved, would be referred to the Al Quds Committee.

Therefore, by inviting Iran to join, Kerry and the Moroccan king have inserted Tehran into one of the most sensitive decision-making hubs affecting the Middle East peace process.

These pivotal developments flow directly from the events disclosed by debkafile Thursday, Jan. 16:

Putin to visit Tehran. King of Morocco invites Iran to “Jerusalem Committee” – with Kerry’s approval

Read the article fast -- Debka doesn't leave their articles up for long.

Speaking of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, H/T to long-time reader of this blog Romeo Echo for this link.

This is why peace with the Arab Palestinians will never be possible

And what do we make of this? In less than two weeks, THREE different military leaders have made comments or statements about President Obama that have not only been less than complimentary, they have been brutal. The first comments came from President Obama's own former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in excerpts from his book that has just come out. The second set of comments came from Israel's current Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon. Now this set of comments from Sir Hew Strachan, top UK defense advisor.

Obama is 'chronically incapable' of military strategy and 'clueless about what he wants to do in the world' according to top UK defense adviser

With Gates, President Obama simply made remarks saying that Gates had served him well and that his comments were proof that Obama wanted to hear all sides thus why Gates was on his Lincoln knock-off of "Team of Rivals." With the Ya'alon, President Obama DEMANDED a PUBLIC apology. So far no comment on Strachan's comments.



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