Thursday, January 23, 2014


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Two-Faced Push for Peace

A large snowy owl surprised a number of pedestrians in downtown Washington, D.C.

I've written about snowy owls in the past.

In the meantime, Democrats claim that pro-life views are "revolting."

Brit Hume speaks about abortion. "The moral case for allowing such beings to be killed grows ever weaker and its advocates resort to ever more absurd euphemisms to describe what they support."

Charles Krauthammer speaks about abortion."Roe is an abomination," and "it ought to be repealed."



A BIBLE PROMISE: Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: --I Peter 5:6

BENGHAZI: Claim:  Obama aide threatened FOX reporter's career in effort to stop her reports on Benghazi

DROUGHT: California experiencing its worst drought in more than a CENTURY… with no signs of it ending thanks to high pressure 'ridge' offshore that is baffling scientists

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: 1.4 Million Jobless Officially Get The Emergency Claims Axe, ZeroHedge

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Dead Mall Syndrome, ZeroHedge

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Fact Check: No, ‘Actual’ Unemployment Isn’t 37.2 Percent

FUKUSHIMA: Nuclear Expert: This is just 1st radioactive wave hitting U.S. and Canada; Fukushima pouring into ocean, unstoppable for years and years — Marine Expert: No sign it will stop anytime soon; Plant unstable, potentially worse than Chernobyl

GENESIS 6: These ancient elongated skulls are not human (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

IRAN: Another sign Obama is going to blame Jews for his Iran policy failures

LGBT: Virginia will no longer seek to ban same-sex marriage

LIBERAL LOGIC 101: Socialism

OBAMA'S MILITARY: U.S. Military to allow turbans

OBAMA'S NSA: Review board declares NSA data sweep illegal

OBAMACARE: Another retailer, Target, crumples before Obamacare

PANIC: "Within an hour, the shelves were emptied."

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Supernova in nearby galaxy, more starwater news

TERRORIST THREAT: Three Palestinians arrested in Israel in plot targeting U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv

WINTER STORM JANUS: NH thieves raiding woodpiles for firewood as latest polar vortex slams northeast