Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Kerry to be in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Days after leaving, Kerry to return to Jerusalem

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro rejects the idea that peace talks with the Palestinians is "linked" to Iran.

“There is no connection between these two issues,” Dan Shapiro told Army Radio. “These two issues are connected to Israel’s security, our security, and the security of the entire Middle East, for a quieter and more stable region. But we do not see in this any connection in which we are required to give in one and receive in the other.”

Dan Shapiro says peace process has no bearing on efforts to deny Iran the bomb

Oh, really?

Memo to Shapiro from desk of Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State:

"For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can't stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand." --before the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee in April of 2009.

See her last sentence Mr. Shapiro? "They go hand in hand."

The Palestinians think the two go hand-in-hand, too.

A senior Palestinian official said the United States was asking Palestinians to make security concessions in peace talks with Israel in order to silence the Jewish state's criticism of world power diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program.

The U.S. is pressuring Israel to give up her strategic rift valley, but, so far, the Israelis are holding firm.

IDF's Jordan Valley chief sees no possibility of army's withdrawal from area

In the meantime, the U.S. has been experiencing some earthquakes around Yellowstone and what is known as the North American Craton.

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm -- Craton movement obvious OK, TX, WY, WA

States of Texas and Oklahoma rattled by 3.7 and 4.5 magnitude earthquakes

And now this from KSL.com out of Utah:

Geologists at Brigham Young University have discovered what may be the world’s largest “supervolcano” that erupted in Utah’s own backyard. While there are a variety of volcanoes that blast away in different ways, super volcanic eruptions are the biggest that collapse into large calderas. Yellowstone Park is the remains of one of those calderas, and it’s still very much alive and active. But, geologists think they may have found an equally as big, if not bigger super volcano, one that shook up western Utah and eastern Nevada 30 million years ago. The eruption is hardly visible to the naked eye now, but underneath and in surrounding formations, the evidence was waiting to be uncovered. “As far as we know, the Wah Wah Springs eruption is the largest known explosive volcanic eruption,” said BYU professor of geology Eric Christiansen. The eruption and collapse of the super volcano released almost 6,000 square kilometers of magma.

BYU geologists discover ‘supervolcano’ in Utah: past eruption superseded Yellowstone

In addition, as President Obama continues to acquiesce to Iran's nuclear program, we are hearing more and more about what could be the impacts of Fukushima's crippled nuclear reactor on the U.S. West Coast. I've been linking often to many of these concerns in the NEWS LINKS section.

Speaking of the West Coast, "an unusual jet stream kink" is what is bringing the extremely cold temps to the U.S.

Temperatures in Northern Montana were as much as 50 degrees below normal, and in portions of Oregon, the cold blast brought the COLDEST TEMPERATURES SINCE 1972. One station even set an ALL-TIME COLD RECORD: Lakeview, Oregon hit -27° on December 8, breaking the old all-time cold record of -24° set on Jan. 15, 1888. Temperature records there began in 1884.

Unusually extreme jet stream kink

And speaking of nuclear reactors, what happened in Arkansas last night?

Explosion and blaze inside protected area at U.S. nuclear plant in Arkansas — Transformer blows in Unit Two, causes fire that was not contained for 1.5 hours — “Loud, ground shaking explosion” reported — Reactor remains shut down, extent of damage unknown.




ANIMAL DIE-OFF: SF Chronicle: Fukushima radiation possible culprit in huge starfish die off from Mexico to Alaska — Potential catastrophe, it’s extremely virulent “going on up and down coast… It’s going to change what’s out there pretty fundamentally”


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SPACE: Comet Biela is the source of a nearly forgotten meteor shower that "stormed" in 1872. The Andromedids were surprisingly numerous two years ago. The shower displayed surprising activity last night — and it might not have peaked yet.

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Gravity, radiation, spaceweather