Thursday, December 5, 2013


As President Obama uses Iran to come up against Israel, this interesting poll has come out.

Obama's approval rating sinks to 30s, past "psychological threshold"

As linked to yesterday, the Daily Caller is noting:

Obama approval rating reaches "lowest RCP average ever"

As Secretary John Kerry travels to Israel today to "breathe new life into the peace talks," winter storm Cleon is bearing down on the central United States.  In the scheduled meetings, Kerry is supposed to address the Israeli demand that "an Israeli presence remain in the Jordan valley."  Interesting as Arkansas and her "rift valley," the New Madrid Seismic Zone, are in the "bull's eye" for winter storm Cleon according to both Accuweather and the Weather Channel.  In fact, Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel has been doing his reporting on Cleon today from Dallas, Texas, spoke about the preparations taking place in Paragould, Arkansas, just mere miles from the Missouri "boot heel," an area strongly affected by the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes.

At least 24 states are likely to be impacted by winter storm Cleon.

By the way, Cleon was an Athenian statesman who died in 422 B.C., and was considered a demagogue by some of his contemporaries. Interestingly, "although rough and unpolished, he was charismatic, being gifted with natural eloquence and a powerful voice, and he knew how to work upon the emotions of the Athenian populace. He strengthened his support amongst the poorer citizens of Athens by increasing the pay of the jurymen, which provided many of the poorer Athenians with a means of livelihood." He held an "inveterate hatred of nobility," and he misled the people by "promises of future benefits." In addition, Cleon's "influence lay in his forceful and bullying style of oratory, anti-intellectual and anti-aristocratic in tone, and his populism. This might have brought him many enemies. He seems to have aimed at short-term goals, but Athens' poor stood to benefit by his policies, at the expense of heavy taxes levied onto her allies." (Cleon, Wikipedia)

Perhaps President Obama's nickname should be "Cleon." It does seem rather apropos, especially if you substitute "Obamaphones" and "food stamps" for "increasing the pay of the jurymen" and considering Charles Krauthammer's comment that "It's sort of touching the way Obama believes in the power of his rhetoric." And as for being a "demagogue," well, that is a description applied by more than one to Obama.

Broken record here, but . . . on this blog and at Prayers for the People, Bill Koenig's site and John McTernan's, we all often note that as we do unto Israel, it is done to us (in fact, Bill Koenig titled his book "Eye-to-Eye" to indicate that very principle), so it is wording like the headline of the next article that can worry me.

State Dept. dismisses PM's objection to Iran deal, calls Netanyahu "desperate" and "weak"

The barely-concealed public contempt of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu by John Kerry's State Department may boomerang, and it just might be that John Kerry will find himself in a position, a very public position, of being the one who is "desperate" and "weak." That precedent seems to have been set as we've seen that as President Obama has come against Israel via Iran, we are witnessing more and more the American public turning against him via his Obamacare law, especially as evidenced in the polls noted above and in strong political cartoons like the ones linked to next. The VERY WORDS that Obama used to "sell" Obamacare to the American public are used against him, repeatedly, in various settings.

If you like your seat, you can keep your seat

In fact, his words in selling Obamacare, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan," is becoming synonymous with the idea of "telling a lie" as evidenced in this cartoon. The brevity of this cartoon is particularly brutal in my opinion.

It's a Wonderful Lie

In that vein, yet another senator has openly accused Obama of lying.

John Cornyn: Obama has taken lying to a whole new level

As accusations of lying surround this President more and more, especially where his domestic legacy, Obamacare, is concerned, it behooves us to be aware that lying could be surrounding where his foreign legacy, the Iranian deal, is concerned. And Jeffrey Goldberg gives us "six reasons to worry about the Iranian deal."

As most of the readers of my blog well know, the Holy God of Israel is NOT the father of lies.

And also the Strength of Israel will not lie nor repent, for he is not a man, that he should repent. -- 1 Samuel 15:29

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. -- John 8:44




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