Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hey, everybody! Hope all has been well for you all. I'm back from the holidays and my adventures and trying to settle back down into a routine. Still behind on my emails, though; however, the number one email in my box received from multiple readers was about the mysterious deaths of the bald eagles up north.

Bald Eagle Deaths in Utah Alarm and Mystify Scientists

Wildlife Experts Perplexed Over Dozen Dead Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are symbolic of America, so it is disturbing to see this. The very first thing these articles are noting is that the eagles are having seizures before they are dying.  This reminds me of is A. A. Allen's 1954 vision where he saw the Statue of Liberty convulse then die in the Gulf of Mexico. (Linked to in sidebar.)  He then saw a skull-and-crossbones spread out across America beginning at the top of the West Coast. Considering all the bad news we are getting about Fukushima, perhaps this is what he saw?

It is not fear-mongering to point out the possible connection. I think of it like this: last summer I had laid down to take an afternoon nap. When I woke up I was walking to the kitchen when I glanced out the patio door and thought, "Wow, where did those clouds come from?" Then I realized almost instantly that those weren't clouds, it was a lot of thick smoke billowing up from behind our tree line. I quickly turned on the TV and sure enough, the local station was covering an out-of-control wildfire less then 5 miles south of my place. So let me ask you this -- was it prudent to have said to myself, "I wonder if a fire is near by?" or was it fear-mongering?

Right -- 99.9% of you will agree it was probably wise to check it out and make sure I wasn't in danger. As for the .1%, well, can't help you.

Back to Fukushima. We are hearing that it is the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan exhibiting symptoms of radiation sickness. Reagan was governor of California before he became president, and California will soon be taking the brunt of the Fukushima plume (although it probably already is being impacted, not just reported). We have starfish colonies dying off in massive numbers along the West Coast as well as large numbers of dead birds floating ashore in Alaska. Now these bald eagles. The article linked to above questions if it is something in the food chain that is making the eagles sick as they do feed on grebes, which are also dying. Scientists wonder if it could be some effect from Fukushima or perhaps a type of avian flu. Hopefully, they will have some sort of answer for us soon.

Gundersen: U.S. Navy sailors suffered horrific radiation exposures off Fukushima coast — Massive government cover-up going on for many years (VIDEOS)

Lead Researcher: Fukushima pollution may be causing sea star epidemic on West Coast — Sea urchins, sea cucumbers also affected — “Something’s making them susceptible”… “It’s unlike anything we’ve seen”… “Populations go locally extinct overnight, literally”

As President Obama comes up against Israel by accepting Iran's nuclear program, we are seeing, at the same time, American sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan as well as our West Coast being impacted by fallout from Fukushima's crippled nuclear reactor. It is only prudent to be aware and to be watchful.




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