Tuesday, November 19, 2013


No post on RYSE today as I have decided to make it a longer post. I have, however, finished DOUBLE PLAGUES, PT 7, and it is posted after this brief update, and NEWS LINKS are posted below DBL PLAGUES.

Comet ISON is now naked-eye visible. It has gained a considerably long tail as it approaches the sun. The question is now, will it stay together or disintegrate?

Suspicious Observers made a point to say in today's YouTube that he believes his comment about the mega sunspot that is appearing that is, in his words from yesterday, "unlike anything we've seen before" was taken out of context. He says anyone who made that out to be a big deal did not listen to his YouTube. I noted his comment solely because of the timing of this mega sunspot -- as we are coming up against Israel, therefore, as something to watch. He emphasized it in his YouTube today that he does not believe it's dangerous. Duly noted.

On to Iran.

Iran apparently has a drone that is capable of hitting any target inside Israel.

Flashback: one of our U.S. drones crashed in Iran in 2011. President Obama did not make any kind of effort to get it back. He did, however, ask for it back. Apparently Israel will get it back.

Times of Israel is stating that the talks that have been and will be held with Iran in Geneva are only a charade as their sources are indicating that the U.S., led by close Obama advisor Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, has been in secret talks with Iran for over a year. The Times notes the White House is denying this.

‘Geneva talks a facade, US-Iran worked secretly on deal for past year’

Breitbart, however, is reporting the same thing.

Valerie Jarrett Led Secret Negotiations with Iran for Past Year

On to France.

France's PM Hollande met with Netanyahu this past weekend to apparently reaffirm to Netanyahu that he intends to stay the course in the Geneva talks with Iran and insist that Iran give up something with regards to its nuclear program. With such visible support of Israel it seemed odd, then, to see a report within 48 hours of a "lone gunman" on the loose in Paris. I would have thought that positive support of Israel would result in a positive story such as "terror threat thwarted," or something along those lines. Then I saw this story: France PM says Jerusalem should be split and be the "shared" capital of both Israel and Palestine.

Once again, those who come up against Jerusalem have something happen "back home."

On to Obamacare.

The stated purpose of this blog is to examine "current events involving Israel, the President, natural disasters and cultural phenomenon in light of the Bible and prophecy, and how these different events seem to happen in tandem as "coincidences," particularly on the SAME day or within 48 hours.

On 11/14 I wrote OBAMA OPENLY MOCKED MORE AND MORE, especially where his healthcare law is concerned.

For five years now many born-again Christians who understand their Bibles have been grieved to hear President Obama mock God's word time and time again. He has done this by asking God to "bless" Planned Parenthood, an organization that seeks to kill as many unborn babies as possible, and then Obama stated during his "evolving" on same-sex marriage that Jesus died on the cross so people could be free to choose the ones they love. Actually, Jesus died on the cross so people could be saved from the wrath of God and from their sins, not so the LGBT crowd could hook up and call it good. Many Americans may cheer such proclamations from Obama but they aren't based on the Bible, no matter how many apostate pastors stand in apostate pulpits in apostate churches and agree with this President. And, where Israel is concerned, this blog, among several others, have documented many of the times that Obama has come up against Jerusalem and Israel in defiance, not compliance, with what is in God's Word. To challenge God on what is in His Word, and like the serpent in Eden ask, "Did God really say . . . " is to mock God.

Merriam-Webster offers as the first definition of "mock" -- to treat with contempt or ridicule.

Need I say more?

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is repeatedly described as Obama's "signature law." President Obama has mocked God's law on multiple occasions (I have only cited three examples), therefore, his "signature law," his single accomplishment that he is most proud of, is being repeatedly mocked. It is a clear "eye-for-eye" scenario, literally "law-for-law." I don't know that President Obama will ever see the connection, and if he did, would he repent? I don't know. But Diane Reidy spoke the truth when she spoke into the mic on the House floor during the government shutdown and proclaimed, "God will not be mocked." We are probably past the point of repentance on a national scale, but I don't think so on a personal level. God will not be mocked, and it seems that right now Barack Obama is serving as an object lesson to that point. It would behoove us, therefore, to prevent our lives from becoming similar examples.