Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It appears that there are three events to take note of for the time period of November 20 -28.

First, since talks in Geneva failed to produce a deal with Tehran, Secretary of State Kerry says talks with Iran will resume November 20. Since this blog takes note of events that happen on the SAME day (or within 48 hours) we pressure Israel on the peace process or Iran, this event might be worth making a mental note of -- about the same time, around November 20 or 21, another "nuclear" event will be taking place. ENE News is reporting that workers at the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor will attempt "to start the delicate and risky task of using a crane to remove the fuel assemblies from the pool." The article also notes that the cask that the cranes will be lifting can weigh 90 tons.

Japan Expert: “All I can do is pray nothing goes wrong” at Fukushima Unit 4; Concern over “dangerous chain of events”

Second, Suspicious Observers took note in his 11/12 YouTube that Comet Ison will become naked eye visible on November 20.

I am not sure what role, if any, Comet ISON will play as far as physical effects here on earth, but one thing is clear -- comets are signs in the heavens. If someone understands the timing of a comet as events play out here on earth, particularly events concerning Israel, or if someone perceives the course a comet is traveling as it touches various constellations, then I think it is prudent to take note.

End Times Forecaster has been keeping up with ISON in several recent posts.

And third, Comet ISON's closet approach to the sun will be November 28, which happens to be the first day of Hanukkah, making Comet ISON a Hanukkah comet.

Comet Ison the Hanukkah Comet

Something that I think is interesting is that the word "century" has been mentioned twice: some researchers think ISON may be the "comet of the century," and Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the terms presented to Iran at the Geneva meeting on Nov. 8, were "the deal of the century." Now, we are seeing a confluence of the "comet of the century" and the "deal of the century" coming together on the same day, Nov. 20. Noteworthy?

Senator Mark Kirk summed up the "Deal of the Century" being offered to Iran.

The 'Very, Very Bad' Iran Deal, in One Slide

H/T to Steve Coerper for linking to a post from Donna Wasson on his Homework Page. I am noting the following, but highly recommend taking less than five minutes to read the whole thing. Good advice from someone who appears to be saying it like it is.

I feel sure that the effects of the comet ISON are being deliberately downplayed in the news. In fact, you rarely hear about this massive celestial object at all! I believe this earth will be pelted with thousands upon thousands of meteoroids that will cause widespread damage and fires. I keep hearing many saying the same words: “fireballs will fall from the sky.”

I’m convinced and have said so repeatedly, that an earthquake is going to strike the United States, resulting in thousands of deaths and causing massive infrastructure and property damage the likes of which we’ve never experienced. I’m not sure where it will hit, but if I was a betting woman my money would be on California, perversion capital of America.

Battle Stations

Wasson thinks that California might be where the massive earthquake will take place, I believe it will be in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, but either way, one either place would be very bad.

As President Obama and his Secretary of State come up against Israel in both the peace talks with the Palestinians and allowing the nuclear program to steadily advance in Iran, I have to agree with Wasson -- President Obama is poking his wicked, corrupt finger in the Apple of God's Eye. And as we say where I'm from in the south -- "that ain't good."

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