Monday, November 18, 2013


On Weds I wrote COMET ISON AND IRAN -- WATCHING NOV 20-28 because of some key events that seem to be coming together the week of Thanksgiving. In the past few days, a few more interesting events seem to be queueing up in that time frame.

First, yesterday's storms. Illinois was absolutely hammered with 60+ tornadoes. So far, five are dead. The town of WASHINGTON, Illinois, is described as looking like a "war zone."

H/T Steve Coerper for catching the name of WASHINGTON, as, believe it or not, I did not: Six killed as tornadoes rip through U.S. Midwest

Interesting, as one of the events I wanted to take note of that will occur during Nov. 20-28 is that Obama's state of Illinois, will sign into law same-sex marriage.

Illinois Set to Become 16th State to Allow Gay Marriage

Proclaiming it a "a move of the father of lies who wishes to confuse and deceive the children of God," Catholic bishop Thomas Paprocki intends to perform an exorcism "at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the state capitol." The bishop explained, "We must pray for deliverance from this evil which has penetrated our state and our church." He intends to perform the exorcism on the day the bill is signed -- NOV. 20.

Illinois Bishop Plans Same-Sex Marriage Exorcism

The stated purpose of this blog is to examine "current events involving Israel, the President, natural disasters and cultural phenomenon in light of the Bible and prophecy, and how these different events seem to happen in tandem as "coincidences," particularly on the SAME day or within 48 hours. This blog (as well as John McTernan at his site) have documented frequently that when the homosexual agenda is advanced, particularly with same-sex marriage, something odd or unusual or even disastrous has occurred on the same day or within 48 hours. For instance, this past May, here in Oklahoma, as a gay pride parade was finishing up in Oklahoma City, two tornadoes touched down just east of Oklahoma city causing tremendous damage in Bethel Acres. Here, we see that in the above Newsmax article "Illinois Set to Become 16th State to Allow Gay Marriage" that the article is dated 11/16. Within 24 hours, a dangerous storm system set up over Illinois, and over 60 tornadoes set down.

Tornado devastation in the Midwest': Death toll reaches six and one Illinois town is left totally destroyed after massive string of 60 twisters wreak havoc

Because of a tornado warning, Soldier Field had to be evacuated during the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens game. Quite an undertaking when you realize several thousand people had to be moved out of the stands and to safety. Maryland, home of the Ravens, also recently signed into law same-sex marriage.

One Bears fans said, "They kept repeating on the loudspeaker for us to clear the area as if we had anywhere to go."

Soldier Field Evacuated Due To Severe Storms And Tornados

It is interesting to note that Baltimore was playing in Super Bowl 47 this past February when there was a notable power outage.  End Times Forecaster reminds us of this in his recent post about the Antichrist and Hoover Dam.

Dr. Jeff Masters noted this about the storm system:

A rare and very dangerous late-season severe weather outbreak is underway over the Midwest U.S., where NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center is predicting a “High Risk” of severe weather–their highest level of alert–over most of Indiana and Illinois, plus portions of Southern Lower Michigan and Western Ohio. This is just the second “High Risk” forecast for 2013, and the area at risk of severe weather is unusually large.

Dangerous ‘High Risk’ Midwest U.S. Tornado Outbreak Underway

As the storm system progressed eastward, we learn that a 100-yard U.S. flag; "was ripped during the singing of the National Anthem at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo during windy conditions before the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday against the New York Jets." Somewhat reminiscent of the flag falling while the anthem was playing for Serena Williams in the 2012 London Olympics.

And before the game was over, yet ANOTHER fan fell from an upper level, this time from the 3rd deck. He landed on another fan below, injuring that man but the falling fan was probably not killed because of landing on the fan below who, most likely, was minding his own business. There have been multiple reports this past year of fans falling, usually to their deaths, during sports games. This includes an outside restaurant deck that collapsed in June, during an NBA matchup between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio spurs, casting over 100 fans into the bay below.

Interestingly, this follows directly on the heels of the other state involved in President Obama's life, Hawaii. On November 13, Hawaii's governor signed legislation there to allow same-sex marriage despite hundreds protesting the move.  It might be worth noting that Hawaii's governor Abercrombie once felt compelled to publicly state that he could personally vouch that Obama was born in Hawaii, as he knew Obama's mother and was aware she gave birth.

Hawaii becomes 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage

As you can see from the title of this CNN article, two states that have particular relevance to President Obama have crossed a "mark" in the homosexual agenda, and this as President Obama comes up against Israel via a meeting in Geneva to try and lift sanctions from Tehran.

With Hawaii and Illinois, U.S. crosses a same-sex marriage mark

As we are all reading some of the top stories on the different news sites this morning about this damaging tornado outbreak, Suspicious Observers draws our attention to the fact that a storm system is forming in the Atlantic that has a 90% chance of development within 48 hours, which would be NOV 20. He also mentions that Comet ISON has brightened considerably, although it's not known why, and a "mega" sunspot has formed that "is unlike anything any of us has ever seen."

Suspicious Observers: Illinois tornado outbreak, Atlantic storm system, ANOTHER storm system coming into the U.S., Scotia Sea earthquake, Comet ISON brightening as solar flare after solar flare are firing off as the comet approaches, and a MEGA sunspot

Comet ISON's sudden outburst stuns scientists: will it break up?

All of these events seem to be converging as once again the U.S. will be meeting with counterparts from Tehran in Geneva on Weds. On Friday, we heard reports that France's Hollande went to Israel and met with Netanyahu. It appears that the meeting went well, with Hollande appearing to confirm to Netanyahu that he will stand with Israel and not sign off on any deal that allows the lifting of sanctions on Iran until Iran gives up something of its nuclear program. I don't need to say it, but will -- this hasn't set well with Obama and Kerry. There's already been some pushback. There were multiple articles about the upcoming meeting written over the weekend.

From the Independent Sentinel:

Last month, John Kerry threatened Israel if they are not successful in talks with the Palestinians and he now looks forward to removing sanctions on Iran for some insignificant promises the Iranians will not keep.

This is Obama’s America.

Second Round of Talks with Iran on How Best to Betray Israel

Debka is noting the following:

French President Francois Holland and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius arrive in Jerusalem Sunday, Nov. 17. Their talks with Israel’s leaders are likely to determine how France, Israel and Saudi Arabia respond to the Obama administration’s current Middle East moves, with critical effect on the next round of nuclear talks taking place in Geneva Wednesday, Nov. 20 between six world powers and Iran.

France will be given the option of aligning with the Middle East powers - Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt - which challenge President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s race for détente with Tehran.

If he accepts this option, the next decision facing President Hollande will be whether, how and when this grouping is willing to consider resorting to military action to preempt a nuclear-armed Iran. This option has been abandoned by Washington, a decision succinctly articulated Tuesday, Nov. 12, by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

“The American people do not want a march to war,” he told reporters. Therefore: “…spoiling diplomatic talks with Iran would be a march to war.”

Ergo, opponents of a US-Iranian deal – Carney omitted mention of Iran’s military nuclear program to leave US negotiators a free hand for easy terms – are pushing for war.

Hollande and Netanyahu will have to decide between them whether to create a joint French-Arab-Israeli military option to fill the gap left by Washington’s abdication from the war choice and, if so, whether, how and when to exercise it.

Hollande and Netanyahu to consider forming a joint French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran

French president vows tough Iran stance in Israel

JPost is noting that as the P5+1 are meeting with Tehran in Geneva, Netanyahu will be in Moscow meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Differences between the US and Israel both over Iran and the Palestinian issue came to the fore during Kerry's last visit here some two weeks ago. Netanyahu said Kerry is coming here to push forward the negotiations with the Palestinians, but that the talks will also focus on the Iranian negotiations.

Amid a public strain between Jerusalem and Washington, Netanyahu stressed that Kerry "is an old friend of mine, and he is also a friend of Israel." Netanyahu is scheduled to meet Hollande in Jerusalem on Sunday, and Putin in Moscow on Wednesday, the same day negotiators from the P5+1 and Iran will again be meeting in Geneva for talks.

Kerry to return to Israel as Netanyahu publicly admits to differences with US on Iran

Eric Cantor states that he is "alarmed" to hear that Iran is about one month away from having a nuclear bomb.

"The report that Iran may be a month away from possessing enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb is extremely alarming,” he said in a release. “Whether a month or a year, Iran's determined march toward possessing nuclear weapons is a direct and grave threat to the United States and our allies.”

Cantor warned a strike on Iran should be considered.

Cantor: Iran report 'extremely alarming'

And the last note I want to make in this post about an upcoming event is more of a signal to watch I think and that is RYSE: SON OF ROME will be released NOV 22. Clearly, SON OF ROME is a reference to the Antichrist, and as the tug-of-war over Israel's security and her future is being negotiated in Geneva, and President Obama and John Kerry look for ANY way possible to lift sanctions off Iran, even if precious little is given from the Ayatollah, we have a reference to the Antichrist in close proximity -- within 48 hours.

November 22, 2013 is registered to have an absolute significance in the world of modern gaming. Ryse: Son of Rome is scheduled to release side by side with Xbox One. It is one of the fifteen gaming titles exclusive for the new Xbox console. Designed and developed by Crytek, while published by Microsoft Studios, the story of the game revolves around a renowned roman warlord, Marius Titus. Codename Kingdoms and Ryse were the aforementioned titles, followed by the finalized one, stated above.

Since this Xbox game warrants a little bit more information, I will write a separate, short post on that for tomorrow.

So, in summary for NOV 20-28:

NOV 20: The P5+1 will be meeting with Tehran in Geneva, in an effort, it appears, more to lift sanctions than to stop Iran's nuclear program.

NOV 20: While the P5+1 are meeting, Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting with Vladimir Putin in Russia.

NOV 20: Same-sex marriage will be legalized in Obama's "home" state of Illinois. This will be signed while clean-up will be going on from the deadly tornado outbreak that saw 60+ tornadoes drop in the state.

NOV 20: In a move that will definitely rankle a few, a Catholic bishop intends to perform an exorcism in a chapel located on the capitol grounds in response.

NOV 20: Comet ISON is supposed to become naked-eye visible; she suddenly brightened considerably over this past weekend.

NOV 20: It is possible that a storm system in the Atlantic will form as on 11/18 it has a 90% chance of developing in the next 48 hours.

NOV 20: And finally, there may be an attempt at the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor to remove the damaged fuel rods. Suspicious Observers on Saturday opened his daily YouTube with a simulation of what is involved. Take a look. Suspicious Observers -- Fukushima