Saturday, November 9, 2013



ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Mystery illness turning starfish to slime along U.S. west coast

COMET ISON: The Hildegarde Prophecy and Comet ISON—Good Bye America the Babylon

EARTHQUAKE PRECURSOR? Could a THOUSAND dolphins gathered in a ‘super pod’ off Canada's west coast be a precursor to a mega quake?

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: 623,000 Full Time Jobs Lost Last Month

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: How China Can Cause The Death Of The Dollar And The Entire U.S. Financial System

FUKUSHIMA: Another big quake could decimate the crippled reactor and have devastating consequences for the U.S. west coast

LGBT: Illinois – 15th State to Legalize Same-Sex Homosexual “Marriage

LGBT: Maryland schools required students to cross dress in exercise to appreciate gays and lesbians, parents were not notified

MILITARY: Allen West: Congress must probe military firings

MILITARY: VA sends $4,000 bill to triple-amputee Purple Heart recipient after he speaks out against Obama

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Super typhoon destruction in Philippines, EU satellite falling, drone strikes in Yemen

OBAMACARE: ObamaCare About to Hit Employer-Provided Insurance

OBAMACARE: Rhetoric vs. reality, Charles Krauthammer

OBAMACARE: Krauthammer on Obama's apology

OBAMACARE: Obama says, "I am sorry" to Americans losing their healthcare plans he promised they could keep, ZeroHedge

OBAMACARE: Obama says "Sorry," Mail Online

OBAMACARE: Obama says "Sorry," Warning Signs

OBAMACARE: Obama's apology -- an exercise in how not to apologize

OBAMACARE: Obama's sorry you lost your insurance

OBAMACARE: Website now spewing garbled messages

OBAMACARE: Poll finds uninsured Americans are rejecting Obamacare, not purchasing any plans thru exchanges

OBAMACARE: Another Obamacare surprise: Major hospitals all across the country not included under new insurance plans

SPACE OBJECTS: NASA finds asteroid with six comet-like tails

SPACE OBJECTS: European satellite falling to earth, impact expected Sunday or Monday

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: EU satellite falling, super typhoon headed toward Vietnam after hitting Philippines, Comet ISON