Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Watching Israel and the talks on the peace process:

'America will intervene with own peace plan by January if talks fail'

U.S. signals it won't be backing Israel




ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Star fish began "ripping themselves to pieces," "it's like a horror movie"

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Sardine population plummets along U.S. West Coast — AP: Collapse of species feared — “Canadian Pacific fishermen catch no sardines in 2013″

FUKUSHIMA: Nobody knows where Fukushima’s melted cores are now, expert says — Tepco admitted fuel “is actually eating through the concrete

FUKUSHIMA: US Energy Secretary “shocked” and “stunned” after being at Fukushima plant — “Unprecedented” and “daunting” task ahead for Japan

FUKUSHIMA: Fuel removal attempt at Fukushima Unit 4 delayed, possibly for weeks

ISRAEL: US administration intentionally pointing finger at Israel in bid to sabotage our security policy

LGBT: Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam thinks traditional Christians have no right to act according to their traditional-marriage views

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Anti-American protests in Iran, new MERSA problems, NK EMP weapons

OBAMACARE: Obama denies ‘you can keep it’ videotaped promises

OBAMACARE: Obama's Health Law Finally Gets Real for America

OBAMACARE: “I had great cancer doctors and health insurance.” Then came obamaCare

OBAMACARE: White House Blames Stage IV Cancer Victim for Insurance Loss -- White House tweet implies she shouldn't have bought junk insurance in the first place

SAUDI ARABIA: John Kerry praises US-Saudi ties as 'enduring'

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Ground shaking, Comet ISON (3 weeks to show time), flash flood risks for parts of U.S. today, seismic swarm going on in central Oklahoma (GG note: the swarm has been going on for days now with some days having multiple eqs)

Why Is An Epidemic Of Thievery Sweeping America?