Monday, November 4, 2013


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The Coming Final Shutdown!



ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Scientists are “so concerned” about rapidly spreading die off on West Coast — Doubled in just a few days — Jellyfish numbers booming

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Florida Manatees Dying at Record Rates

FUKUSHIMA: There are fuel rods probably ‘fused’ in Fukushima Unit 4; Pool on bent legs, and lateral supports were not put in when first built — AP: International concern about “catastrophic open-air meltdown”

HANFORD: Hanford nuke plant’s earthquake risk underestimated, group says

IRAN: Mystery explosion at Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor

IRAN: Iran's Revolutionary Guards committed to 'Death to America'

ISRAEL: Vatican Radio anticipates Israel relinquishing control of Cenacle Shrine on Mt. Zion (H/T cjlilly)

ISRAEL, PEACE PROCESS: The Release of Palestinian Prisoners Will Not Bring Peace

ISRAEL, PEACE PROCESS: The ‘day after’ now only 6 months away

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Radiation in Alaska, Israeli wall, Kerry visits Egypt

OBAMA: Obama and a Jewish Legend

OBAMA: Obama's Tsunami of Lies

OBAMA: Yep, Obama’s a Liar Alright

OBAMA: Book Alleges Obama Told Aides About Drone Strikes: I’m ‘Really Good At Killing People’

OBAMACARE: Truth in one cartoon

OBAMACARE: The Silence of the Left

OBAMACARE: Forget the website crashes: The real $1 trillion problem with Obamacare has yet to emerge

OBAMACARE: Obamacare's Liberal Entitlement-State Dream Is Crumbling

OBAMACARE: NSA spying revelations, ObamaCare untruths -- is our government out of control?

OBAMACARE: 4 min YouTube by ppsimmons -- White House admits Obama lied

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Comet ISON, weather, spaceweather

VOLCANOES: Is a new supervolcano forming in Chile?