Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/19 -- NEWS LINKS


ANIMAL DIE-OFF: CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours

COMMON CORE: Obama's Education Secretary claims "white suburban moms" don't like Common Core because it shows their kids aren't as brilliant as they thought

COPS: Cops kill 8 times more Americans than terrorists

IRAN: Iran unveils attack drone capable of hitting any targets in Israel

IRAN, FLASHBACK TO 2011: U.S. drone crashes in Iran; Obama asks for it back, request ignored

LOUISIANA SINKHOLE: Information On Growing Sinkhole Problem Swallowing Southern Missouri Along The New Madrid Could Be Cause Of Fema Concern

LOUISIANA SINKHOLE: Sinkhole is bringing mini-quakes and fears of explosion

MELISSA: The storm system in the Atlantic is now a subtropical storm named Melissa.

MILITARY: Is Obama purging the military of dissent?

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Israel planning attack on Iran, Comet ISON brightening, Fukushima fuel rod removal

OBAMACARE: Barack Obama's Obamacare lies much worse than you think

OBAMACARE: Obama's '5 percent' con job

OBAMACARE: What Obamacare and 91.5 million Americans have in common

OBAMACARE: Students at colleges suffering sticker shock on cost of Obamacare as they learn that financial aid counts as income

OKLAHOMA EQs: Earthquakes are becoming more prevalent in Oklahoma

SCIENTOLOGY: The House that Scientology built -- mega complex opens in Florida under tight security and heavy star power as John Travolta and Tom Cruise present for unveiling

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Sprites, deep-space radiation, Melissa has formed in the Atlantic, while mega sunspot 1899 has components not seen before it is NOT dangerous