Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18 -- NEWS LINKS


ABORTION: U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Reinstate Oklahoma Law Requiring Ultrasound Before Abortions

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Researchers: Skin ulcers on Alaska wildlife after Fukushima were never observed before — Also reported in seals from Japan

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Virus responsible for killing almost 800 dolphins in dangerous epidemic now found in 4 whales

BENGHAZI: Survivors given NDAs while at memorial service for Woods and Doherty

BENGHAZI: "I can't believe the President lied" (cartoon)


FUKUSHIMA: Plume headed to West Coast isn’t just going to pass by like smoke, plant continues to spew into ocean; Pacific to be full of contamination, it’s a gigantic experiment

FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima a major global threat to all living flora and fauna… Mainstream media not best source of information — Gundersen: Only thing saving us is the internet

LOUISIANA SINKHOLE: Sinkhole now the size of 20 football fields; methane continues to bubble up

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Superbugs, Illinois tornadoes, newest Mars mission, quakewatch

OBAMA: Impeachment in Sight, Walid Shoebat

OBAMA: "I am not a Crock" (another cartoon comparing Obama to Nixon)

OBAMACARE: OPRAH tells millions who lost health insurance that they are all racists for being furious with Liar-In-Chief

OBAMACARE: Taxpayers who make less than $100K and will struggle to purchase their own healthcare plans will be forced to purchase the plans for members of Congress who actually make $175K a year

OBAMACARE: Obama to rally his most ardent followers on Monday evening for support on his rapidly sinking Obamacare law

OBAMACARE: Obama pleads ignorance

OBAMACARE: The President's panic attack

OBAMACARE: Brit Hume: Media has turned against Obama

OBAMACARE: The Other Problem With Fred Upton’s Legislation

OBAMACARE: Obama didn't seek advice from insurers before pronouncing his "fix" at press conference

OBAMACARE: Obama didn't consult insurers before making change

OBAMACARE: Obama's "fix" angers insurers

OBAMACARE: Obama discovers new disease, LL101 (cartoon)

OBAMACARE: Thus Spake Obama

OBAMACARE: Lies and Consequences

OBAMACARE: Obamacare has a marriage penalty

OBAMACARE: Ted Cruz tells us what's coming next

OBAMACARE: Two major newspapers pull support of Obamacare

OBAMACARE: Why the failure of Obamacare is troubling

OBAMACARE: Another Obamacare talking point is dead and gone

OKLAHOMA EQs: Oklahomans Live With Shaking as Researchers Study Earthquake Swarm

PHILIPPINES DISASTER: First baby born at IDF field hospital named "Israel"

SUPERBUGS: Doctors warn superbugs could erase century of medical advances

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Illinois tornado outbreak, Comet ISON brightens considerably, new system coming into U.S. from northwest, system forming in Atlantic, and mega sunspot appearing

SUN: Magnetic field will flip "upside down" within weeks says NASA