Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15 -- NEWS LINKS

NO POST TODAY but may post a short post tmro morning. If so, it will be an update to Weds' post, Comet ISON and Iran, and will be up by 10 a.m.


BENGHAZI: Survivors meet with some Congressmen - tell them the fighting never stopped though the Obama administration says there was a 7-hour lull and that was the reason they did not send in forces -- they thought the fighting was over

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw U.S. dollar; introduces legislation that would ban the use or possession of the U.S. currency

EGYPT: Russians claim they have document showing Obama exciting domestic insurrections in Egypt in retaliation for the removal of Morsi. Report claims "if Egyptians don't have a reason to kill each other, we must find them one. . . "

FUKUSHIMA: Nuclear Engineer: Borated rubber between fuel is damaged in Unit 4 pool; Increased risk of criticality — The Economist: Rods can explode if they collide — Tepco VP: Recriticality ‘highly improbable’

FUKUSHIMA: Photographer says "no signs of animal life" in Fukushima exclusion zone other than a few birds

H6N1: Previously thought non-transmissible bird flu strain infects humans for the first time

LGBT: Gay marriage gets governor's signature in Hawaii

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Bird flu crosses species barrier, surgery by flashlight on survivors in Haiyan aftermath, Comet ISON brightening

OBAMA: Barack Obama, Low Information President

OBAMA: "The Crook" at IOTW and "Nixon and Obama at LL101" (GG note: I am linking to these graphics because of the comparison made of Obama to Richard Nixon. The comparison to Nixon was something I noted in my series on DOUBLE PLAGUES UPON BARACK OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY.)

OBAMA: Barack Obama NAILED on his repeated lies to Americans

OBAMACARE: Catholic bishops agree at their conference in Maryland that they will refuse to comply with the HHS mandate that they must help employees kill their unborn

OBAMACARE: Bloodsport -- health insurance industry now locked in a death struggle with Democratic party

OBAMACARE: Obamacare plans will cost MORE 'in many cases' even with government subsidies, officials admit for the first time

OBAMACARE: Insurance cancellations just the beginning

OBAMACARE: Want to sell your home? Be aware that your home's selling price may qualify it for a new tax that helps fund Obamacare

OBAMACARE: Obama folds -- "You can keep your plan for now"

OBAMACARE: Obama'a "fix" is only a delay of the inevitable

OBAMACARE: Why liberals are panicking, Charles Krauthammer

OBAMACARE: "Fix" creates new headaches say insurers

PHILIPPINES DISASTER: IDF sends 147-member medical team to the Philippines

PHILIPPINES DISASTER: Want to help? Consider donating to IsraAid