Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/13 - NEWS LINKS


BENGHAZI: Admiral believes Obama a conspirator in the attack on Benghazi

FUKUSHIMA: We now learn that Japanese officials knew damaged fuel rods were installed at Fukushima years ago but did nothing about it; now removing the damaged rods are going to be a major problem

FUKUSHIMA: Unit 4 is “buckled and tilted and could collapse” (GG note:  Remember, this fuel pool is FIVE stories above ground)

GDW: Philippines disaster

IRAN: Obama and the crisis of evil

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Violence and unrest in Philippines after Haiyan, bent fuel rods at Fukushima, Israelis suspend additional building in settlements

OBAMACARE: Dem Senator admits that the IPAB, which is the "crux" of Obamacare, needs to be revisited; Dems becoming concerned about potential backlash from constituents when it is understand the board IS about determining who should receive healthcare resources

OBAMACARE: In the "well, that would have been nice to know dept," we learn that WebMD was PAID MILLIONS to make all those positive mentions of Obamacare at its site

OBAMACARE: Obamacare's Gruesome Fiscal Logic

OBAMACARE: Obama is said to have called Harry Reid -- keep Dems in line on Obamacare

OBAMACARE: Flaw in law would allow al Qaeda members to enroll

PALESTINIANS: This one will make your blood boil -- how American taxpayers finance Palestinian terrorists

PHILIPPINES DISASTER: It was the 20-foot high wall of water when Haiyan hit that Filippinos were not expecting

RUSSIAN METEOR: More info about the meteor that burst over Russia this past Feb

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Comet ISON outburst (GG note: language alert today)