Monday, November 11, 2013

11/10 - NEWS LINKS


ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Record number of dolphins dying along east coast; measles virus suspected

BENGHAZI: Chris Wallace to Obama Chief of Staff: Where Are the Benghazi Arrests?

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: The United States Has More People In Jail Than High School Teachers And Engineers

FUKUSHIMA: “Fukushima is potentially the biggest ticking time bomb in human history” — “An enormous problem that’s getting bigger” — Scariest part is what could still happen

HAIYAN: Supertyphoon Haiyan Leaves Over 1,200 Dead: The "Massive Destruction" In Photos And Videos

HAIYAN: Philippine typhoon kills at least 10,000: survivors ‘walking around like zombies’

HAIYAN: Typhoon Haiyan feared to have killed TEN THOUSAND Filipinos as Vietnam and China now prepare for the worst

LGBT: Critics of Illinois same-sex marriage bill concerned about the lack of religious protection for many business owners; law indicates many will be forced to act against their beliefs

LGBT: Virginia's new governor says his first executive order will be in support of gays and lesbians

MARYLAND: Deranged Maryland State Attorney charges man with 2nd degree murder for not calling 911 while being charged by home invader

METHANE: Weird 'methane seep' found off San Diego coast

METHANE: Russian Arctic Showing Methane Leaks One Mile Wide, Hundreds Of Them

NEW IN TWO MINS: Philippine refugees after Haiyan, new MERS cases in Saudi Arabia, Iranian assassination

OBAMA: Putin’s Power and the Late Great United States

OBAMA: Barack Obama Openly Threatens Dictatorship

OBAMA: Can we trade?

OBAMA: Egypt accuses Obama of crimes against humanity in international court

OBAMA: Obama using food-stamp cash to fund Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’

OBAMACARE: As literally millions of disheartened Americans spent the weekend trying to cope with the economic damage done to their families from Obamacare, they have to pay tax dollars for Obama to fly to sunny Florida to go golfing

OBAMACARE: Cancer patient's plan canceled, refuses to go bankrupt under the much more expensive plans offered by Obamacare, will "let nature take its course"

OBAMACARE: CNN blames Christians for Obamacare problems (GG note: I wonder how President Obama feels about MSM going after his declared religious affiliation?)

OBAMACARE: Colorado woman who championed Obamacare can't keep her insurance plan

OBAMACARE: NBC's David Gregory: Media Never Would Have Let Bush ‘Recover’ from Saying ‘I’m Sorry'

OBAMACARE: Pollster Zogby to Newsmax: Obama's Apology 'Lame, Little, Late'

OBAMACARE: Open wide

OBAMACARE: 'This is What Betrayal Looks Like'

OBAMACARE: Chuck Todd ‘surprised’ he had to pry apology out of Obama (GG note: Really?)

OBAMACARE: Video shows that Obama knew in 2010 that millions would lose their insurance plans because of Obamacare

OBAMACARE: ObamaCare finds its Level

OBAMACARE: Woman signs up for Obamacare, gets her identity stolen

OBAMACARE: The sinking of the RMS Obamacare

OKLAHOMA EQs: GG note -- We had 22 earthquakes over the weekend. None caused any damage but were felt by many. This is the most we've had in one weekend since the earthquakes began in 2009.

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Cosmic rays, Comet ISON, solar anomaly