Tuesday, October 1, 2013


What a tremendous prophetic sign!

Folks, it doesn’t get any plainer than this USA Today headline:

Obama’s day: Gov shutdown and Israel

Here’s the screenshot:

It seems very plain to me that the reason for our government shutdown is divine retribution for Obama making his “historic” phone call to Iran.

I say that because time and time and time again, all day on 9/29 and 9/30, and if I heard it once I heard it a 100 times: “Obama has time to talk to Iran on the phone but not the Republicans,” or “Obama has time to negotiate with Iran, but not with the Republicans.”

On the SAME DAY that President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the morning in the Oval Office and their talk centered around the outreach gestures that President Obama has been making to Iran, an intense standoff between Republicans and Democrats took place over, primarily, different aspects of Obamacare, with both sides accusing the other side of wanting a government shutdown, and WHEN THE CLOCK TICKED 12:00 O’CLOCK MIDNIGHT -- they got it.


Whether you agree with Republicans or not or the Democrats or not, it may not matter for look at the sign that follows:

When Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the United Nations today, he will be speaking from a country whose government has SHUTDOWN.

What a tremendous sign!

As long as President Obama insists on engaging Iran, we will suffer dire consequences here at home.

And Newsmax is reporting that Caroline Glick says, “Obama Foreign Policy Has 'Laid a Trap' for Israel.”

Sound familiar?

I posted A ‘POLITICAL TRAP’ on September 24 noting that those very words were said about a year ago by a Mr. Savaj speaking at a prophecy conference -- that Israel’s best friend would set a “political trap” for Israel, and Israel would be fiercely hoping that America stands with them, but that won’t be the case.

And remember the dog-and-pony show that supposed pro-life Democrats put on in March of 2010 of getting President Obama to sign an executive order that Obamacare won’t be used to fund abortions?

Rip up the order, it might as well have been written on toilet paper!

We find out at the 11th hour, that yes! abortion subsidies ARE in Obamacare.

Obama administration: Lawmakers, staff can get abortion coverage

And in a curious flashback, the Washington Examiner noted that it was during the government shutdown of his administration that Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinsky, a relationship which eventually led to his impeachment but not removal.

Flashback: 1 day into last shutdown, Clinton-Lewinsky had first 'encounter'

Barry Roffman has run a matrix on Obamacare and who is to blame for the shutdown which is interesting.