Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If I have heard it from one of you, I've heard it from all -- many of you think there is something "weird" about the woman behind President Obama who nearly "fainted" while he was speaking. Here is a YouTube I was sent by a long time reader (H/T Romeo Echo) about the incident. What do you think?

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A BIBLE CHAPTER -- I Chronicles 27

FUKUSHIMA: Sailor reports that for 3,000 miles there was nothing alive to be seen

HORROR: Syrian rebels using pregnant women for target practice; x-ray shows unborn baby screamed in pain

IRAN: Top White House aide who has worked for Joe Biden and on recent negotiations with Iran is fired for using fake twitter account to insult top government officials, including close President confidante Valerie Jarrett

IRAN: Finally! somebody gets fired from the Obama administration, but not for involvement in one of its many scandals, but for insulting Valerie Jarrett

IRS SCANDAL: American Center for Law and Justice claims Obama's fingerprints are all over IRS Tea Party scandal

ISRAEL: 5th earthquake in five days

KROKODIL: Drug from Russia is spreading across U.S.

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Saudis to arm Syrian rebels, wildfires in Australia

OBAMA: Obama's Prop Closet

OBAMA: His policies are alienating Saudi Arabia and France

OBAMACARE: Fundamental transformation (gg note: pretty accurate)

OBAMACARE: Carney walks out of press briefing, refuses to answer questions on Obamacare

OBAMACARE: Price for failed website -- $394 million and counting

OBAMACARE: ATTENTION MAIN STREAM MEDIA. Regarding Obamacare. I told you so.

OBAMACARE: BOMBSHELL. Federal judge suddenly green-lights lawsuit that could stop Obamacare in its tracks

OBAMACARE: Just when you thought the pitch to sign up for Obamacare couldn't stoop any lower

OBAMACARE: Newest Obamacare pitch tells the guys to sign up for insurance so they don't have to use their beer money to pay for health care costs

OBAMACARE: Congratulations Mr. President, You’ve Just Sunk 16% of The US Economy! What Are You Going To Do Now?

OBAMACARE: Hundreds of thousands receive cancellation notices from their insurance companies -- if you like your plan, so NO! you can't keep it

OBAMACARE: When NPR starts asking tough questions

OBAMACARE: Why the Obamacare crash is so embarrassing for liberals

SNAP: 47 million food stamp users are in for rude awakening November 1; benefits are going to be scaled back

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Comet Linear explodes, solar eruptions

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