Thursday, October 31, 2013


It is simply incredible to see how many people are being quite bold in asserting that Obama lied about his signature legislation.

Bill Maher: President Obama Lied

Chris Christie: President Obama didn't tell the truth

Jonah Goldberg: Obama's big lie

Clarence Page: Obama Deliberately Lied About Obamacare

Ben Shapiro: President lied

Joe Scarborough: Of course Obama lied

Piers Morgan: President told "barefaced lie"

Watching this: Syrian army base rocked again overnight by explosions, Israel implicated

And this: Suspicious Observers mentions the Halloween tornado warning across 14 states as does Accuweather and The Weather Channel.




FUKUSHIMA: 'We've opened a door to hell and may never be able to close it'

JEHOVAH: Names of God (H/T cjlilly)

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Dangerous cattle steroid being re-introduced into U.S. stocks, NSA spying on Vatican, measles outbreak in Canada, Fukushima's fuel rods

OBAMA: Obama's biggest lie

OBAMACARE: Summary of articles about Sebelius' testimony before Congress

OBAMACARE: Body language expert: Obama in personal crisis mode over website glitches

OBAMACARE: CNN: White House BULLYING insurance companies to keep quiet about Obamacare problems

OBAMACARE: Democrats concede that Obama oversold promise for health care law

OBAMACARE: Obamacare's Fatal Flaw

OBAMACARE: Obama's Gangster Government intimidating insurance companies into silence

OBAMACARE: Paralyzed firefighter to lose health benefits

OBAMACARE: White House tries to explain Obama's claim that all Americans can keep health plans

SARS: Close relative of SARS virus found in Chinese bats

SPY SCANDAL: NSA Officials: White House SIGNED OFF on Spying on Friendly Leaders