Saturday, October 26, 2013



Went for a walk with a friend this week who asked me that of all the words used to describe Obamacare (i.e. monstrous, debacle, train wreck, loathsome, hated), which would I use? I said with Chris Matthews describing the ACA as Obama's baby (as in "the GOP want him to kill his baby") and Kathleen Sebelius being the female willing to bring it forth, how about "Rosebarry's Baby"?


John Kerry claims that some world leaders have "mocked" him because of the government shutdown debacle.

Kerry Says World Leaders Mocked Him Over Shutdown

Interesting when we remember that a stenographer in the House took to a microphone during the vote to reopen the government shutdown and proclaimed, "God will not be mocked."

House Stenographer Says Holy Spirit Moved Her to Shout, 'God Will Not Be Mocked'

Obama and Kerry have applied strong pressure to Israel to divide her covenant land, and we are seeing both men looking more and more incompetent, inept, and ridiculous on the world stage.


The last sentence of this next article is quite interesting.

[Karl] Denninger notes, America will be “strangled and expire economically as a direct consequence” of the marriage of the State and Health Care industry.

Prelude to Disaster: The Coming Instantaneous Collapse of Obamacare Services

Interesting because Larry Burkett said the same thing in the mid-90s when he wrote in The Coming Economic Earthquake that once universal healthcare was enacted, the U.S. would have about a year before it collapsed under the oppressive expense.

Larry Burkett and healthcare



A BIBLE CHAPTER -- 1 Chronicles 28

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Disease that killed a million piglets in China now in U.S.

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Gov’t scientists unsure why giant fish washing up dead on West Coast

ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Head researcher “is sounding the alarm” over striking changes in killer whales off Canada and Alaska since 2011 — “Unusually high mortality rate” and “odd behavior” — “Experts fear something’s wrong with the environment”

BP DISASTER AFTERMATH: “We’re seeing things we’ve never seen before…Everything out there is dead.” : Gulf Of Mexico Ecosystem In Crisis 3 Years After BP Oil Spill

NEWS IN TWO MINS: Fukushima earthquake, H7N9 pandemic possibilities, unusual animal deaths off the west coast of Canada, Israel warning about Iran

OBAMA: Obama stops Smithsonian from displaying Armenian Genocide-era artwork for fear of irking Turks

OBAMA: His Wheel of Blame

OBAMACARE: Senior HHS Official locks House GOP out of Obamacare Hearing

OBAMACARE: The moment Obamacare was launched

OBAMACARE: The individual mandate "then" vs. "now"

OBAMACARE: The Fall of Barack

OBAMACARE: Administration Enforces Radiosilence On Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

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OBAMACARE: CBS News: The New 'Shop and Browse' Feature on ObamaCare Website Comes with the Wrong Price Tags

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OBAMACARE: Health insurance cancellation notices soar above Obamacare enrollment rates

OBAMACARE: How some plan to defy the Obamacare penalties

OBAMACARE: Sebelius says she doesn't intend to enroll in the Obamacare exchange

OBAMACARE: Website launch spawns 700+ cybersquatters

OKLAHOMA EQs: More Than 200 Earthquakes Have Shaken Oklahoma Since 2009

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION IN THE MILITARY: U. S. Army threatens soldiers with military punishment if donations are made to evangelical Christian or Tea Party organizations

SPYING: Merkel says US spying on allies has shattered trust in Obama as European leaders unite in anger at summit

SPYING: The White House listens to Israel’s calls, former Mossad head says. ‘When they think they need to bug phones, they do it.’

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Japan's 7.1 eq, X flares, CMEs