Friday, September 6, 2013


One of the most frequent complaints heard about President Obama, besides he is really a Muslim, is that he isn’t really American. His supporters are quick to rush forward and first insult the critic and then proffer indignation as supporting evidence.

President Obama said something really strange in Sweden this week when asked by a reporter if his credibility was on the line because of the red line he drew on Syria.

He said it wasn’t.

Because, first of all, he didn’t draw a red line -- the world, and Congress actually drew that red line.

And it wasn’t his credibility on the line -- it is the international community’s and America’s and Congress’s credibility on the line -- not his.

That got lots of pundits chattering about his transparent attempt to pass the buck to Congress for some resolution passed a long time ago, about how serious he is about Syria and whether or not he said it was his red line or not.

But no one commented on what he REALLY said.

Obama said it wasn’t his credibility on the line, it was America’s. But wait! Isn’t he part of us, part and parcel? You know, the old three musketeers’ motto, “One for all and all for one”?

Isn’t what President Barack Hussein Obama really is saying here is, “Don’t you guys include me with those guys over there. I’m separate from America. We are not one and the same. I’m me and they are them. We are no way entangled here. So if you are going to question my credibility -- don’t. I will always have my credibility, and it is a totally separate entity from that of America’s. Don’t confuse or conflate the two. We are separate.”

Did he really just say, “Don’t include me in with the Americans”?


Many know about the prophecy in Isaiah 17 about Damascus becoming a "ruinous heap." Saw this article yesterday and thought of the prophecy. NOT saying this is fulfillment -- just sayin' it's something to watch. Could see how it would fulfill the prophecy.


Democrat Representative Alan Grayson is charging the Obama administration with "altering" intelligence gathered on Syria by Israel to make it say something other than what it does, namely that the chemical attack came from Assad. The intelligence from Israel indicates it may not have. This begs the question that IF TRUE, the Obama admin DID change the intelligence report to reflect  the narrative they want, then would they alter any intelligence gathered about Iran's nuclear program to reflect the narrative they want there as well? One can only ask at this point.  Like perhaps the Iranians AREN'T as far along as Israeli intelligence indicates?

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Do you realize that it was on 9/11 of last year that Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the U.N. and on a cartoon-like drawing of an old-school bomb drew a red line and that this year, on 9/11, our Congress may vote on Obama's "red line" on Syria (that he says he didn't really draw)?

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Ummmm, Secretary Kerry isn't suggesting the U.S. military is available for hire to other nations, is he?

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Isn't it amazing how often Obama or one of his cohorts is publicly called a liar?

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George Ure at Urban Survival has offered this interesting flow chart about Syria.