Tuesday, September 24, 2013


or so says Benjamin Netanyahu about the new Iran nuclear deal being talked about.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, stepping up his effort to blunt a diplomatic offensive by Iran, plans to warn the United Nations next week that a nuclear deal with the Iranian government could be a trap similar to one set by North Korea eight years ago, according to an Israeli official involved in drafting the speech.

Article is at New York Times: Netanyahu Is Said to View Iran Deal as a Possible Trap by MARK LANDLER. (Sorry, but I don't link to the NYT; you'll have to google it.)

Netanyahu's choice of wording reminded me of similar wording in my March 4th post about a "political trap" being set for the Israelis that would result in them being attacked. The post was about the New Madrid and the prophetic words associated with a large earthquake in the center of the U.S. and efforts to divide Jerusalem.

. . . a man by the name of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj spoke at a prophecy conference in December 2011 (Dec. 6, 2011, is the date he mentions in the YouTube). He believes the Lord showed him a massive earthquake will “pierce” the heart of the United States, but Selvaraj actually gives some details about events leading up to the earthquake.

Selvaraj said that the Lord showed him bombs falling on Jerusalem. He saw the Israelis fight back valiantly but with heavy losses. Selvaraj said that “a political trap” was going to be set for Israel, and it would be Israel’s best friend who would set the trap. He saw the Prime Minister and could see the Prime Minister was desperately hoping and trusting that their best friend will stand by their side to help them, but he was in a cornered position, not knowing what to do. In the midst of his helplessness, the best friend COMES with a political trap and the Israeli prime minister will trust their best friend and consent to the demand not knowing it was a trap.


In this instance Netanyahu does believe it to be a trap, but one can't help but wonder if President Obama will meet with Rhouhani of Iran (somehow) on the sidelines of the U.N. and walk away with some sort of demand for Israel. Something to watch.

Here are some thoughts on this year's U.N. meetings from Daniel at Prayers for the People.

Here is a short YouTube about the New Madrid.