Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It would have been nice to post YOSEMITE WILDFIRE yesterday as it was ready to go, but not possible if there is no Internet access.


First though, Syria. Many Americans, whether interested in prophecy or not, are watching Syria. The recent ramp-up of tensions concerning Syria in the last two years has many more people aware of Isaiah’s prophecy that Damascus will become a “ruinous heap.”

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. -- Isaiah 17:1

When this prophecy does come to pass, it has the potential to set off a chain of events that will lead to other prophecies being fulfilled.

Russia and China are warning Obama, "Don't do it."

I've written before about what Dimitru Duduman has said about a future alliance between Russia and China and how that will turn out badly . . . for the U.S.



The Yosemite fire, officially called the “Rim” fire, is really gaining national attention, mainly because it is threatening 2,000-year-old giant sequoias and has created a state of emergency for the city of San Francisco. Both power lines and water supplies into the city are threatened.

The wildfire began from unknown causes on August 17. Peace talks were held in Jerusalem on August 14 and again on August 20. This fire broke out in between. It shows little sign of abating.

On August 16, Christopher Lane was murdered in Duncan, Oklahoma. Since his murder there have been two more murders of white people by black teens-- that of “Shorty” Belton, an 88-year-old WW2 veteran who was beaten to death by two black teens, and 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger, who was beaten to death by a 20-year-old black thug (sorry, can’t bring myself to call him a “man”).

Ms. Fannie Gumbinger was 99 years old . . .

We have come to think of Yosemite as one of the most beautiful and iconic places inside America. Her scenery is stunning and has been immortalized in countless photographs and prints, particularly by Ansel Adams. The name “Yosemite” is a Native American name. The Miwoks lived outside of Yosemite, and the name “Yosemite” was the name they gave to the Native Americans who lived inside the region we now call Yosemite. The name means “they are killers.”

Interesting that a tremendous wildfire would erupt just outside of Yosemite and then spread into it, a place with the name meaning “they are killers” on the heels of peace talks in Jerusalem in which President Obama forced the Israelis to release murderers, “killers,” onto their streets as part of the “deal.” Yosemite is literally on the “west bank” of America. The Obama-pushed peace talks are negotiating the fate of the “West Bank” of Israel. It has been reported that President Obama pushed the European Union to boycott goods from Israel’s West Bank as a means of economic punishment. Now, $1 billion has been spent fighting 51 fires in our western states, not to mention the tourist dollars that have gone up in flames as well, particularly in Yosemite.


And the Internet is abuzz about Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV awards. Many were (are) outraged by her blatant and vulgar gyrations imitating sex acts. Several sources noted that Cyrus stripped down to flesh-toned underwear, and, as she is wont to do, let her tongue protrude frequently during her “routine.” Even the "teddie" she was wearing briefly before she ripped it off bore a teddy bear with its tongue protruding.

Quite interesting that tongue protrusion thing. In Hindu mythology the Hindus worship Kali, a very vile and demonic goddess. Some claim that she is the consort of Shiva, other’s claimed that she is the female energy of Shiva, or, in other words, Shiva as an enraged female.

Kali is well known for stripping off her clothes and dancing horrifically on the battle field with her tongue constantly protruding. She is the goddess of burial grounds, and more specifically, of the cremation grounds. Kali means “black night,” which is another way of saying “dark night” thus “dark knight” or Batman. During her debauched performance, Cyrus wore her hair as two “horns” on top of her head -- similar to the “ears” of Batman.

In the YouTube video “I, PET GOAT II,” Kali is shown during the dance sequence that features her transforming into various gods, including Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of South American mythology.

Kali, as depicted in I, PET GOAT II:

Kali transformed into Quetzalcoatl in I, PET GOAT II:




You get the idea.

It has been suggested that “I, PET GOAT, II” is a symbolic video suggesting the destiny of President Obama -- that he will be transformed into a saviour of the world. President Obama’s campaign theme in 2008 was “Hope.” Curious, as Miley Cyrus’ birth name is Destiny Hope.