Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Under pressure from President Obama, Israel should be releasing some 26 terrorists today as part of a “goodwill gesture” toward the peace process.

Israel, unfortunately, has been pressured to walk down this road before, under President George W. Bush, and in 2008.

Daniel at Prayers for the People has written a post today contrasting and comparing the KIND of terrorists that Israel is currently releasing as a concession to President Obama with the terrorists that were released in 2008, as a concession to then President Bush. The key difference this time? The terrorists being released this time were sentenced for various murders; in 2008, they were terrorists who had not killed anyone.

Chilling in implication.


As noted on this blog numerous times as well as at Bill Koenig’s site, John McTernan’s site, and Daniel’s site, there are ALWAYS repercussions of some kind when ANY U.S. president pushes the peace process.

Daniel notes that in 2008, when Israel was pressured to release prisoners, the stock market began hemorrhaging wealth from the Fall of 2008 until March 2009.

Then, the third costliest hurricane season on record (at that time; after Superstorm Sandy, it is now considered the fourth) occurred as hurricane season really ramped up thru September and October that Fall.

Because of Obama’s insistence of prisoners being released as part of the peace process, strangely enough we here in the U.S. find ourselves suddenly paralleling the SAME time period from 2008.

In the last few days there have been several reliable voices from the market place warning that they are seeing ominous signs of turbulent financial waters ahead. Marc Faber has even compared the shakiness on Wall Street to similar conditions seen just prior to the stock market crash of 1987.


Art Cashin of UBS is warning that there have been “multiple occurrences of the Hindenburg Omen in the last several weeks.”

Wikipedia describes a “Hindenburg Omen” this way:

The Hindenburg Omen is a technical analysis pattern that is said to portend a stock market crash. It is named after the Hindenburg disaster of May 6, 1937, in which the Zeppelin airship Hindenburg crashed and burned.


King World News is reporting an interview with John Embry who gave this dire warning:

"We will now see historic and catastrophic wealth destruction. It’s going to be something to behold . . . “


As the peace process is being pushed, prodded and propelled toward the final goal of sectioning off parts of Israel and the division of Jerusalem, we are seeing warnings of difficult market turbulence coming rapidly down the pike toward us.

As Obama has pushed Israel to release terrorists, ALL of whom have blood on their hands, we have seen at least three main prison breaks in the Mideast, all involving terrorists who were in for murder and heinous crimes, and ALL of them involved with terrorist groups known for avowed hatred against the U.S.

In addition, we saw California forced to accept a significant release of prisoners, ostensibly to relieve overcrowding in California’s burdened prison system, as well as the announcement yesterday from the nation’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, that he no longer wants states to enforce certain drug laws as he thinks they disproportionately hurt “persons of color,’ thus serve no relevant law enforcement purpose. Many state AGs reported that they were stunned to hear that since this administration, as in the instance of DOMA, doesn’t like certain drug laws states’ attorneys are to now ignore them.

Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey explains Holders statements this way:

Congress has already passed a law that says judges don't have to follow mandatory minimums if certain criteria are met, such as the defendant having no criminal history and if there was no violence involved, Mukasey explained.

But that law applies at the sentencing stage, he said. Holder is ordering prosecutors to apply it at the charging stage "when you know very little about a defendant, right after he's arrested, and many of those criteria may not be met."


Based on Mukasey’s explanation and Holder’s reasoning for his position, one must ask if Holder is hinting that skin color trumps some drug crimes, or at least be taken into consideration BEFORE charging the individual?

One would hope ‘surely not.’

As Obama pushes Israel to release prisoners, ALL of whom were sentenced for murders committed, we have found ourselves facing a barage of prisoners, and criminals, being released upon this nation, many of whom are known murderers and violent offenders.

With the Israeli prisoners being proven murderers, are we going to find ourselves facing more and more terror attacks, perhaps along the lines of the Boston Marathon bombing, perhaps even with higher body counts or even more grievous wounds?

I hope not, but would not be surprised.

I agree with Daniel -- Mr. Netanyahu really needs our prayers. He has been pressed, and I'm sure hard, by President Obama to release murderers upon the Israelis. One can only wonder if Netanyahu agreed to this out of fear that there might not be an Israel to release them upon if he didn't. As Amnon Lord noted in his article for Ma'ariv (referenced to in Daniel's post), the Americans want Israel to "cut some flesh from your body so that we will know you are serious." Obama wants to see Israel bleed a little bit, to prove they want his help with Iran by showing a little blood first. Obama has pushed the Israelis to release evil upon their own people, and it appears that Obama has held Iran as the knife in Israel's back to do so. If true, in no way will that work out well for Obama, or for us. . . . emotionally, mentally, physically or financially.