Thursday, August 15, 2013


Ayelet Shaked, who is a member of the Israeli government, has penned an open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry about him forcing Israel to release terrorists and murderers upon Israel.

Shaked voices the EXACT concerns I have had for the Israelis since I first noted that the release of these terrorists was part of the demands of President Obama to make the Israelis prove that they are serious about having talks with the Palestinians.

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Shaked Lashes out in Letter to Kerry Over Terrorist Release

In letter publicized to the press, Shaked attacks US pressure to release terrorists: "You are putting me and my children's lives at risk"

Bayit Yehudi MK Ayelet Shaked has released a scathing open letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, for pushing the Israeli government to release convicted terrorist murderers.

In the letter, Shaked - who recently called for the death penalty to be implemented for terrorists - wrote that:

"In light of the current situation that you have brought about, I feel that I cannot be bound by the restraints of 'politically correct' wording, and I therefore will allow myself to convey my following message to you in the most straightforward fashion."

She continued:

"By forcing Israel to capitulate to terrorism by releasing murdering terrorists with so much blood on their hands that the US would never dream of releasing if it was their own citizens murdered – you are not only being extremely hypocritical, but are actually dabbling in experimentation and gambling, by putting me and my children's lives at risk,"

Shaked also attacked the US administration for forcing Israel to release convicted murderers, whilst keeping former Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard in jail.

"You forcing us to release terrorists with blood on their hands is made all the more absurd, cynical and vicious by the fact that your country refuses to this day to release Jonathan Pollard from jail, despite the unprecedented term he has served thusfar," she wrote.

"Mr. Secretary: the price of releasing over a hundred convicted murderers will be borne by my family and my people, not by you." she continued, asking "How will you carry the burden of the terrible price toward which you are leading us?"

"You forced us into peace talks during a period of time that the entire Middle East is in chaos, without realizing that by doing so, you have foolishly put us in an impossible situation in which we cannot and will not make any concessions."

By "raising expectations to a dangerous level" in this way, Kerry is threatening "to cause the whole region to spin out of control," she claimed.

Shaked ended the letter with a word of "advice" for the US Secretary of State.

"The past four years in Israel have been as quiet and peaceful as ever. Therefore I suggest you perform your job in a much more effective and relevant fashion by focusing your attention on Syria and Egypt, where people are actually being slaughtered."

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What more can I say other than this woman's words are so sobering.

In a curious "coincidence," on the SAME DAY as the Obama administration is pushing the peace talks forward in Jerusalem, talks which involved a promise from Israel to release 104 murderers, there was an interesting article about prison, but not about RELEASING prisoners, but about IMPRISONING someone.

Muslim Brotherhood claim: We've got 'goods on Obama':
Son of jailed leader says evidence could put U.S. president in prison

If it were not Walid Shoebat translating the report out of Turkey about this claim, I wouldn't have even linked to it but rather would have bookmarked it as "something to watch." But Shoebat is often quoted by various news organizations because of his knowledge about Middle Eastern affairs. It just might be worth watching to see what this claim is, IF anything. I have difficulty believing that John McCain or Lindsey Graham would have traveled to Cairo on behalf of Obama because of some "damaging" information. Though both men are Republican senators who rarely oppose President Obama, it still doesn't seem plausible to me that they would conduct such a fool's errand. But . . . I could be wrong. The old saying is that politics makes for some strange bedfellows. Nevertheless -- Obama forces Israel to release prisoners, then a Muslim Brotherhood leader makes a claim that he has information that could land Obama in prison. Weird.

One other note about a story that took place yesterday, on the SAME DAY as the talks in Jerusalem:

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