Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Wasn’t it nice to hear that the IRS “accidentally” published hundreds of social security numbers on the Internet a few days ago? Oh, my bad! It was THOUSANDS of numbers. Oh, wait! It was TENS OF THOUSANDS.

Gets better all the time, doesn’t it!


Another day, another slipup by the Internal Revenue Service.

The incident involves the unwitting exposure of "tens of thousands" of Social Security numbers, according to a recent audit by the independent transparency and public-domain group The identifying numbers were on the Internet for less than 24 hours after being discovered, but the damage was done. And unfortunately, the data-breach concerns some of the most sensitive types of transactions: Those made by nonprofit political groups known as 527s.

This article from the National Journal notes that the exposure revealed some of the “most sensitive types of transactions.” And to think, because of President Obama, the IRS is about to have their hands on even more sensitive data -- your healthcare information.

What happens if that is “accidentally” exposed? . . . on the web . . . for millions to see . . . for about 24 hours.

The “oops, we’re sorry, move along” response will be about all the IRS will be held accountable, don’t you think?

Right after Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court ruled that hatred must be the ONLY reason to oppose same-sex marriage, President Obama came out and assured Americans that he won’t be forcing any churches to conduct same-same marriage. Several commentators were quick to note that his denial probably means that he WILL force churches, in one way or another.

With an ominous title to his piece, Daren Jonescu writes in OBAMA’S COURT MARKS CHURCHES FOR DEATH:

The American Catholic Church, along with any other religious institution that resists granting "equal status" to homosexuality, is about to be killed. If you doubt this, just wait and see. The death sentence has been issued and the U.S. Supreme Court, cheered on by Barack Obama, has just denied the final appeal. . . . Barack Obama has already reassured his enemies, i.e., people of traditional Judeo-Christian religious views, that this decision will not affect their church practices. Anyone who has seen a mafia film knows what the boss's reassurance means in this context: the reassured man is about to be driven to the docks, where someone is waiting with an ice pick.

Worth the two minutes it takes to read his post.

David Wilkerson in his book The Vision (1974) actually addresses this issue.

An antichrist spirit will enter the hearts of certain men in high places, in government, and in the judicial system, causing these officials to harass independent churches, missionaries, and ministers. There is already much evidence that this harassment has now started. I see a time coming when nearly all evangelical missionary projects, all religious radio and TV programming, and all incorporated missionary societies will be so closely monitored, questioned, and badgered that they will be cautious of expanding in any area. (pg 75)

Wilkerson may have foreseen in this particular word the IRS harassment of conservative, Patriot, Tea Party and pro-Israel groups that we have seen come to light since May of this year. Since Wilkerson specifically mentions missionary and evangelical groups in particular, we may either (a) learn that the IRS has been also targeting certain church groups, OR (b) there is more to come, that the IRS harassment and badgering won’t abate despite its discovery of such actions already.

I tend to believe the latter -- the IRS will step up its efforts to harass religious groups, and I believe it will be because of the Supreme Court’s rulings over Prop 8 and striking down DOMA.

Wilkerson continued.

There is coming an attempt to tax churches and church-related organizations. Atheistic forces, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, will push this matter all the way to the Supreme Court. . . . we will eventually have taxation of churches. It will begin as an insignificant kind of nuisance tax, but will soon burgeon into a monster-size tax that will push some independent churches and missionary societies near bankruptcy. . . .

Church-related businesses will be taxed first. That will soon be followed by taxation of all church-owned properties, including parsonages. Church buildings will be exempt. . . .

The IRS may, one day, become one of the most powerful weapons against the church. It would then be possible for government agencies to maintain a stranglehold on churches. Government agencies are soon going to be delving into the private books of almost every nonprofit religious organization. Those who do not comply with stringent guidelines will be forced to shut down -- and there will be no recourse. (emphasis mine, pg 88)

Surely, the Supreme Court’s rulings are the handwriting on the wall.

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