Monday, July 1, 2013


Mark the day down -- June 27, 2013.

Within 24 hours of President Obama’s gloating tweet about the Supreme Court’s rulings, President Obama, the occupant of the White House, was photographed -- on a trash heap.

Many presidents of America have had a fine moment that they knew, and the nation knew, would define them as men and as presidents of America in the history books.

JFK will long be remembered for his successful stare-down of the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis.

Richard Nixon went to China.

Ronald Reagan demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down -- and it was.

Bill Clinton is probably most pleased with his Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat handshake over the Oslo Accords.

There have been 43 presidents before Barack Obama, so there are probably 43 fine moments -- you get the idea.

But with Barack Obama, what he believes is his “finest” moment is surrounded by stunning signs of utter disgrace and shame, and he is oblivious to it.

Barack Obama flew to South Africa to begin a 3-country tour within 24 hours after the Supreme Court handed him a stunning coup over traditional marriage. His first stop -- Goree Island, where it is claimed that slaves were deported from Africa to never return to their homeland. He and his family were taken to Goree on a boat christened La Signatora. He stood in a doorway, at first by himself, then joined by his wife. After the appropriate number of photographs, he made a comment to the press about how “powerful” this moment was, and how it deeply touched him to continue his commitment to human rights, i.e. homosexual rights, around the world.

For a man who basks often in the adulation of his adoring press who frequently claim he is the most deep-thinking man alive, he has missed the “deepness” of this particular moment.

Obama has pushed hard to advance the homosexual agenda in America. Many advisors and groupies around him claim it is the “civil rights” issue of America today.

It is not. It is an ages-old sin problem that has manifested itself over and over throughout history since the beginning of time. It was dealt with by a massive world-wide flood in Noah’s time, and with fire and brimstone in Lot’s time. In the early 1980s, AIDS came out of Africa and began running its deadly course through this subculture. Being HIV compromised has opened multiple doors to homosexuals contracting and succumbing to diseases and illnesses that normal immune systems could deal with. God called it an abomination through His prophet Moses, and that designation has never changed over the millenia. And five self-satisfied Supreme Court Justices won’t change that. Nor will one narcissistic president.

The homosexual lifestyle is a lifestyle of bondage, both spiritual and physical. Homosexuals often engage in physical bondage, dressing in leather and using whips and handcuffs. A brief perusal of any fetish sites (not to mention the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras) will quickly reveal even more devices and tools that pull its victims deep into the underworld.

President Obama went to Goree Island on a boat named La Signatora. The name is French and means “the Signature.”

At Goree he stood at the DOOR OF NO RETURN as it was a place where captured human beings were sold into slavery and sent to America, and elsewhere by the way.

And that is EXACTLY what Obama has done to the homosexuals and their supporters here in America. He has cursed them by sending them thru a door of no return. Many progressives and Democrats are saying “there is no going back now” now that the Supreme Court has made the rulings it has. They are saying “Forward,” and “things will never be the same.” America, once she grants civil liberties to a group, follows the principle that rights once given should not be denied.

Obama has sent homosexuals and their supporters to a place of no return. He has sold them, YES, sold them! into bondage. He wanted their support when he ran for president, he was glad to take their money to pay his way to the presidency, and now that he is there, he is glad to give them over to what they demand, which, ironically, is UNFETTERED abandon to pursue being “true to themselves” with PRIDE. Homosexuality is anything but unfettered. Literally.

In a place symbolic of BONDAGE and SLAVERY and NO HOPE and LOSS OF HOME and LOSS OF FAMIILY and FEAR and HEARTACHE, it is the FIRST place this President stands after “winning” a massive victory for homosexuals.

Goree is known as the location of the Maison des Enclaves, or House of Slaves. Nothing could be more apropos for what Obama has done to homosexuals and their supporters. He has taken them to a House of Slaves.

2 Peter 2 has much to say about the wicked but two verses in particular seem to speak to President Obama at this time:

For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. --2 Peter 2: 18, 19

Truly, Obama tweeted with great vanity and promising liberty but instead he brings to bondage in a deep, dark place.

However, several historians have voiced their opinions that the beliefs about Goree are mythical -- not based upon true historical facts. Instead, these historians are claiming that Goree is nothing more than a GARBAGE DUMP, a place to throw away refuse.

How fitting. Only Obama could stand upon a garbage dump and imagine it to be Mount Everest.

But, you argue, OTHER presidents have gone to Goree, too. Yes, but only Obama was photographed looking pensive and thoughtful in that place, as though he has brought a deep meaning to its tragic past.

Indeed, he has.

In God’s Holy Word, the term used for a “place of no return” is "incurable."

For thus saith the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous. --Jeremiah 30:12

In some patients there comes a point where their illness is incurable. It is true of some nations, too.

Obama believes the Supreme Court handed him his place in history, the defining civil rights ruling of his legacy, but instead it will be seen as garbage -- it will be his “signature,” his “la signatora.”

August 25, 2009, Daniel at Prayers for the People wrote in a post titled THE VISION: THE TRIGGER (emphasis mine):

Lately I have had the same vision playing over and over in my head. I had a vision of a person standing on the edge of a cliff. Before the feet of this person just a few inches away lay a huge abyss. This abyss was so large and deep that the opposite side and bottom could not be seen. Behind the man was an immeasurable mountain (it looked like it was made of mud, rotting flesh, and garbage found at the dump) representing the wages of gross iniquity. The volume and weight of this mountain could not be scaled, nor comprehended by the mind of man. This immeasurable mountain was the physical representation of every wage connected to a sin (debt) not washed away at the feet of Jesus Christ by a repentant heart.

Yes, a vision of a man standing on the edge of an abyss with a mountain of garbage behind him, a mountain of garbage like that which one would find at a dump! And the garbage represented the wages of gross iniquity! And a dump with rotting human flesh!

Now, President Obama has been photographed standing at a garbage dump, a place where human flesh was said to be sold into slavery.

Could this description not line up any more accurately?

What Daniel saw in his vision next should give us strong pause:

In the vision the Holy Spirit caused me to understand the mountain was the culmination of all the delinquent wages of sin perpetrated by every unrepentant transgressor, ultimately accurately reflecting the spiritual state of the nation as a whole. Simply put, this mountain is the stored up debt of sin's wages seeking payment. The payment is past due with millions rejecting the forgiveness of this debt found in the Blood of Jesus Christ spilt at the cross. Without the Blood of Jesus Christ to pay this debt, the inevitable retribution upon the nation and her unrepentant people is death. I couldn't see what was holding the Person from falling over the edge at first. I knew something was keeping the immeasurable mountain of sin's wages from pushing the Person over the edge and burying them deep in the abyss. Then I saw the word ISRAEL appear in front of the man.

At a time when the situations are as taut as they are in Syria (Isaiah told us that Damascus would become a ruinous heap) and Iran, we should be carefully watching Israel.

Daniel continues:

Then I saw Israel move slightly away from the Person on the edge of the cliff. With this the Person was pushed forward and began teetering on the edge. Flailing both arms around violently, the Person tried to regain balance. This seemed to last for a moment until the Person surprisingly regained a more stable posture.

Then it hit. Just when the Person regained a sense of stability the word Israel vanished. As soon as Israel vanished the Person didn't even have time to react, the wages of all the sin stored up against the nation pushed the Person over the edge. This mountain never stopped pouring over the edge it just kept coming. I knew the Person was completely covered under this avalanche of unpaid wages of sin.

The blessing had been removed. With the blessing removed, all the wages of sin stored against this nation of the United States of America came to a head. The result was catastrophic.

Please take what is read here before Yahweh and see what His Holy Spirit directs. Many have been blinded (by the church) to the significance of physical Israel and more specifically Jerusalem. Jerusalem affects everything we should be concerned with in the natural as believers in Jesus Christ. This blindness has caused many to miss one of the greatest signs of judgment rapidly escalating before the eyes of mankind.

Blessing removed! All the wages of unrepentant sin stored against this nation come to a head! The result is catastrophic!

How it will be catastrophic, I do not know. Meteor into the Atlantic causing a massive tsunami along the East Coast? California megaquake? Cascadia fault rips? An 8.3 New Madrid earthquake like 1811? Economic collapse, especially since arguments about money and federal benefits were the basis of the homosexual plaintiffs’ argument before the Supreme Court?  Something unforeseeable or unthought of?

I don’t know -- but I do know that there are many out there who have not bowed their knee to Baal, who are hidden away so that there does not seem to be many of us, and they speak to those family and friends who will listen, and occasionally email blogs like mine to share what they believe that the Holy God of Heaven has shown them in their quiet times -- that dire judgment is coming to the United States.

And though homosexuals mock and scorn those of us who desperately are trying to warn of where this will end, and this president is shutting down any sharing of the Gospel in the military or in his administration, and who is forcing companies to choose “this day whom you will serve” with the difficult mandates in his Obamacare legislation, God will not be mocked nor blocked.

Those who are rejoicing and partying it up in the streets now because the Supreme Court has spoken will be running terrified for cover when the Holy God of Heaven has His say.

The clearest sign of this has been the incredible heatwave scorching America’s desert southwest. An intense and brutal heat wave has settled over Arizona, Nevada and California, and Death Valley has become Ground Zero, so to speak.

With Death Valley being in the news at the same time as these two rulings, shouldn’t we consider another “Death Valley”?

Shouldn’t we consider the Jordan River Valley in which Sodom and Gomorrah and three other cities were destroyed . . . and the Bible tells us in Genesis 19, by incredible heat?

And in the news, at the same time and on the same day as the news of this fierce heat, scientists released a report noting that the shockwave from the Russian meteor swept around the planet at least TWO TIMES.

Archaeologists believe Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by an incoming meteor that exploded in the atmosphere and rained down fireballs (snares, coals of fire as Psalm 11 notes).

The ash heap of history (or often garbage heap of history or dustbin of history or landfill of history) is a figurative place to where objects such as persons, events, artifacts, ideologies, etc. are relegated when they are forgotten or marginalized in history. (wikipedia, emphasis mine)

President Obama thinks he did the country a great favor by refusing to enforce DOMA, and filing a brief before the Supreme Court on the behalf of homosexuals in their two rulings. Obama promised to be a “champion” for homosexuals in June 2009, and he has now delivered.