Thursday, February 7, 2013


Several of us who watch Israel (Koenig, McTernan, Daniel, etc.) have noted that when we push the peace process, something tends to happen here in the U.S. We sound like broken records. So once more, here it comes again.

Our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, will be going to Israel mid-February to meet with Israeli counterparts about restarting the stalled peace talks with the Palestinians.

New secretary of state Kerry to visit Israel, Daniel Clinton

Kerry stated during his confirmation hearings that "I will implement President Obama's vision for the world." That means Israel. And Obama's vision to be implemented there is that they will stop being "occupiers" and will give up land to the Palestinians. Usually on the day of or within 48 hours of such pushes, there is some sort of repercussion.

Again, to sound like a broken record: those repercussions can include earthquakes, severe weather, wildfires, strong winter storms, tornado outbreaks, 100-year or 500-year floods, noteworthy swings in the Dow, or some scandal.

In mid-March, perhaps around the 20th (according to the news source Israel Hayom), news coming from the White House is that President Obama himself will journey to Israel. Noteworthy is that he will not be bringing a "new" peace initiative. That sounds good until you recognize the arrogance -- there is no need for a "new" initiative because the "old" initiative is good enough. Which means, Obama isn't going to change course. Why should he? His plans for Israel are the "right" plans. In his Cairo speech of June 2009, he divided Jerusalem verbally into a city of three equal religions. No reason not to divide it physically and give half to the Palestinians. Can you imagine if another nation were to come to the U.S. and demand we divide Washington, D.C., in half and give half to the Canadians. Or the Russians. We would think them insane. Yet, Jerusalem is apparently ruled by Obama and he can dispense with it as he wishes.

Multiple headlines are covering this.

Jerusalem expects Obama will bring new peace plan, demand breakthrough, Israel Hayom

Obama to bring an 'urgent' peace agenda on Israel visit, ambassador says, AP

No new peace proposals in Obama visit to Israel – only Iran, Syria, Debka

Obama to visit Israel for first time as president, Washington Post

I usually check out George Ure's Urban Survival website daily, except Weds. (He doesn't do updates on Weds.) In today's report he noted that March 12, March 20, and March 28, MIGHT (emphasize MIGHT) be dates to watch for significant quakes.

Ure is onboard with Clif High and his webbot reports. Many consider the bots controversial -- I do. The bots use spiders to comb the web looking for what is being talked about and where topics are trending. To me, the bots are very similar to scanning data for weather forecasting, but many consider the bots to be more occultic in nature and perhaps tapping into the "dark side" for info. I will leave it to you to decide which it is. (Fair notice -- I don't respond to ANY emails about the bots.)

I don't order the webbot reports so cannot offer first-hand experience, but Ure and High have been following something called GLOBAL COASTAL EVENT, and both are wondering if it might have to do with a massive earthquake triggering a tsunami that would cause massive devastation. Ure has wondered out loud for a couple of years now if California might be in the crosshairs for such an event. In today's report, he linked to a dream by Jim Brandt from 1937, which is about a tremendous earthquake casting California into the sea, and Ure wonders if it might be prophetic. (Discernment.) I have no way of knowing one way or another if the dream is or isn't prophetic, and I have no idea if California will ever be struck by a massive earthquake and/or tsunami. It's always possible because of the faultlines running underneath the state, and many, besides Brandt, believe that God has shown them a massive earthquake coming to the state. Again, it's possible.

What I find intriguing about the GLOBAL COASTAL EVENT, besides the date of MARCH 20, the date that rumor has it so far as the date when Obama will be going to Israel, is that the movie THE IMPOSSIBLE is now in theaters.

I went to see The Impossible starring Naomi Watts and Ewen McGregor and have to admit it was eye-opening. If you don't know, it is about the tsunami that hit Banda Aceh December 2004. It is the story of this family's ordeal and what they went through in order to survive. It is very tough to watch because the producers tried to accurately portray the devastation and the dire circumstances the family found themselves in afterwards. The producers even incorporated some of the actual footage from that day as well as used some of the survivors as extras in the movie.  Considering this movie was released 12 years after the event, it seems to be a reminder that major cataclysms with catastrophic loss of life can happen in our time.

Here is the trailer. (Not in the trailer but in the movie is 4 scenes of brief nudity that I can remember, and I don't remember any strong language.)

Before I get a bunch of emails that I won't bother to answer, I am NOT predicting a California earthquake on March 20. I am NOT predicting a tsunami on March 20. I am NOT saying that the coincidence of March 20, which MIGHT be the date Obama goes to Israel on the peace process, and Ure noting that March 20 MIGHT be a significant quake date is proof that disaster will occur. This is a blog with me noting coincidences that primarily relate to Israel and the peace process. It is not canon and should not be held to the level of scripture or prophecy. I don't understand people who can't tell the difference. Noting coincidences or perceiving something occultic in a movie, or TV show, or even in the Super Bowl and writing about it is NOT the same as prophesying. Some people have a hard time telling the two apart. And no, this is not a rant. I am trying to emphasize that when I, or fellow bloggers, write about curious themes or what seems to be hidden messages or strange coincidences, it should be considered the same as two people sitting down over pie and coffee and talking about the latest interesting news. If it is not preceded by "thus sayeth the Lord" then it is not prophetic.

Good, got that out of my system. I guess it was a mini-rant.

I watch Suspicious Observers' YouTubes everyday, and I like how he closes EACH one -- "Eyes open, no fear." That is EXACTLY how I feel about the topics I write on. It is not to frighten anyone or to prophesy. I live in Oklahoma and there are times that we have to be "weather aware." Which means go about doing what needs to be done, but pay attention to the weather. Strong thunderstorms can start rotating and set down a strong tornado, or other times they just simply blow on through and nothing happens. So that is the point in pointing out what may happen -- stay "weather aware" but "eyes open, no fear."