Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Whenever I see stories, or video clips, like the one I've embedded below, about The Titanic, I am reminded of a cartoon that David Wilkerson once commented on in a sermon and referenced on the back of his book America's Last Call, a book which I have on my bookshelf:

A cartoon appeared in a New York City newspaper picturing the Titanic leaving port. The ship was renamed The U.S. Economy. The caption above it read: "Not even God can sink this ship!"

In September 2008, our economy struck an iceberg. Hard.

Thousands have lost their homes. From time to time news stories have appeared about homeowners committing murder-suicide over losing their homes or the threat of foreclosure. Some homeowners have admitted to living in their cars when they have been unable to get help from their relatives.

It is estimated that most Americans have lost approximately 40% of their worth since that Fall.

Overall unemployment has hovered in the 8% to 9% range with subsets of individuals experiencing much higher unemployment, meaning -- unemployment for the black community is substantially higher, especially among black teens than overall unemployment . . . upwards of 39%! Hispanics are not faring much better.

Many women are unemployed, the latest figure being over 800,000. Many of these are women who are single parents, so there are youngsters involved, and daycare needs.

In 2008, 10% of the unemployed had been unemployed for 52 weeks or longer -- now, it is 30%.

Some people have given up looking for jobs altogether, and these people are no longer listed on the rolls of the unemployed, so the jobless rate is much higher than government reports are actually showing.

Many people are underemployed, meaning they cannot find a job that is at the pay level that could be expected for their degree or experience, or are being offered fewer hours than they would like.

Our economy is hurting, and we are limping toward port. We have not sunk, and many economists insist that we are not going to -- that the dollar will never die.

And that may be the case.

But the Titanic never made it home, and many souls perished.

Two men that I have listened to concerning the economy are David Wilkerson and Larry Burkett.

I have referenced Larry Burkett’s book, The Coming Economic Earthquake (1991) before, in December 2010.  At that time though I knew of his book I had not read it myself, but since then I have obtained a copy and finished it about six months ago. It is prescient in every conceivable way -- monetizing the debt, out-of-control spending, forcing the rich to pay “their fair share,” politicians afraid to tackle entitlement programs, but especially telling is Burkett’s warning that once a “national health care” law was passed, the economy would be doomed. He estimated that the deficits created by such a law would immediately exceed the government’s revenues by trillions within a short time, within the first year or two of enactment, and that would be a millstone about America’s neck. He explains why he thought so.  Curious as we have just hit $16 trillion in debt on the first day of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, an amount that exploded exponentially under President Obama.


Both men, Wilkerson and Burkett, have passed on, so we are left bereft of their wisdom and insight in our current condition, but their books are still worth obtaining and reading. Written years ago, they are today’s headlines.

Neither man claimed to be a prophet, and each stated so. These men would only say they were watchmen, who were watching the signs of the times from their places on the wall.

The Ark Haven website has provided some quotes from Wilkerson and Burkett about the conomy, as well as from other sources.

Those who follow endtimes prophecies know that the time for the man of sin, the Antichrist, to be revealed is drawing near. The Bible indicates that there will be a time of great upheaval the world over, and the world will clamor for a man to come forth to lead the way out of the crisis. It is unclear as to what will cause the crisis, and many scholars believe the crisis will be economic in nature. What is clear is the Antichrist and his False Prophet will institute a system in which no one can buy or sell without their permission (Rev. 13:17), meaning they will have a mark, which must be placed on the forehead or right hand (Rev. 13:16), and only those who have the mark can buy or sell.

Arguments have been made that this mark will be some sort of barcode branded onto the skin of the forehead or right hand, or it could be an RFID chip embedded in those areas. I personally believe whatever the mark is it will be very visible so that those who accept the system of the Antichrist will be proud to show they are part of the system.  It will be very hard for those who are trying to “fly under the radar” to be inconspicuous. One thing is clear -- those who don’t accept the Beast, die (Daniel 7:21).

Revelation tells us that there is an abyss in which centaur-like “locusts” are held. Revelation also tells us these creatures will be released for a time during the Tribulation. Rev. 9:11 tells us that the leader of these creatures is Apollyon, a name for the “god of light,” a epithet of the Greek god Apollo and his counterpart (or quite possibly Apollo in another form) of Helios, a sun god of ancient Greece who predates Apollo. Homer called Helios simply Titan -- thus, Titanic means “pertaining to Titan,” or “pertaining to Apollo.”

The New York newspaper that published the cartoon was bold indeed to boast that not even God could sink this economy. Considering that God has already sunk Apollo, I would say that He can sink this economy. Perhaps that we have not sunk yet is a testimony to His graciousness -- allowing as many as possible to learn of the lifeboats -- His grace (John 3:16).