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APRIL 18, 1995 DREAM

I have shared the following dream with only my family. I now understand its relevance and have decided to share it here on my blog.

I am not prone to having prophetic dreams. I have only had two dreams that have ever stood out in my mind -- each unforgettable and a sense of having witnessed something that was not a product of an overactive imagination or too much pizza before going to sleep.

APRIL 18, 1995

That night, when I went to sleep I had a dream. Since I am not sure when the dream occurred during the night, it may have happened in the early hours of April 19.

I had a dream in which I was in the White House. No one could see me. I could see Hillary Clinton, and she was looking through a narrow gap in a doorway, as though she had opened the door slightly to a room and was peering in. She was extremely angry. There was a bed in the room and it was made up, as though no one had slept in there, but I sensed it was not her bedroom. Draped neatly on the bed was a green dress. She saw the dress and this was what made her furious.

Then the scene switched and I was in a different room in the White House, and I thought perhaps the Oval Office. It was very dark in the room, and I could see over a balcony onto a lawn. I heard hundreds of loud voices coming towards the White House and as I watched, a great many people were coming onto the lawn. They were dressed in clothes according to their profession. I could see farmers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, miners, and many, many others. There were too many people to even guess the number of them. They were carrying pitchforks and signs. I couldn't make out the words on the signs, but they were shouting and very angry.

I thought I had been alone in the dark room, and then I sensed that someone else, a man, was watching the growing crowd. He looked upon them coolly, watching them in the dark. I could sense he was indifferent to their plight but quietly seething anger at their presence. I didn't see him do this, but I sensed he had been smoking a cigarette, taking long draws, inhaling deeply, and exhaling very little smoke.

It was extremely dark behind the people, and it was not a natural darkness. I sensed a great spiritual darkness had come over the country, so dark that I know now what the darkness must have been like that fell upon the Egyptians during their time of judgment of the 10 plagues.

The man did nothing but watch.


Then I woke up. That morning, after taking my kids to school as they were still in public school at that time, I came home to pray. I knelt down to pray about my family and about the dream when a great intensity gripped my very soul and I began to pray deeply in the spirit. I knew then that this intercession was beyond my initial desire to pray about my family.

Then, an explosion shook the house! It was so startling that I stopped praying. At that time, I lived 7 miles from the Murrah Building here in OKC. It had been blown up. The rest of the day was spent watching local TV and their wall-to-wall coverage of that event.

Alfred P. Murrah building (wikipedia)


I say all of that about the dream to say this: at first, I never fully understood what it meant. When the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, I understood the dress part. Even though Lewinsky's dress was blue, the green in my dream was clearly envy on the part of Hillary. The neatly made bed, yet still a bedroom, indicated the sexual act that occurred between then President Bill Clinton and Lewinsky was not the actual bed kind, but it still occurred.

I thought Hillary was furious because Bill nearly wrecked his career, but after this last election, I realize now his scandal impacted her own presidential ambitions.

The part about the man in my dream, I wasn't sure about this until a very dear friend died in July. On the way home from the funeral (we had 18 hours in the car), my husband and I were talking about the dream when the understanding hit me! The tea party that is scheduled to take place in D.C. the weekend of 9-12, must be the event that I dreamed 14 years ago.


There have been protests and marches in Washington before, but none like this. This one is directed at the president and his fiscal and health care policies. This president claims to be all about the people but his administraton is completely insulting to what the people truly want as far as his spending policies and health care reform are concerned. Does this president really want to look out of some window on the White House and see all those people protesting this administration and this Congress?

People from all careers, occupations, and walks of life will be there, carrying signs and protesting.


It is quite dark spiritually in this country. Our watchmen (David Wilkerson, Nathan Leal, Michael Boldea, Pastor Vincent Xavier and Daniel Eggers) are all crying out that America has fallen in the depths of apostasy and have become morally repugnant to God and that judgment is advancing swiftly towards us.


This president has fallen victim to the same mad delusion that struck several of his predecessors: winning the golden prize of bringing peace to the Mid-East. William Koenig has laid out so well in his book Eye to Eye: the Consequences of Dividing Israel that whenever a president has reached out to touch the apple of God's eye, his hand is slapped hard!

We have prophetic words from the past (A. A. Allen, Dimitru Duduman) that beg us to turn to God or else fall hard as previous defiant and rebellious civilizations have and be shattered like Obama's teleprompter.


The part about Hillary in the dream was a marker -- a sign that she would once again reappear before this event. And she has. Not only did she run for the presidency, she is currently Secretary of State.

I was not given the outcome of the event in my dream, but here is the part that chills me:
God has timing for everything. This dream could have been given to me any night, so why this dream on the night of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil up until that time? Before 9/11, Tim McVeigh and the Murrah building bombing were THE standard. After 9/11, the man and the event became a footnote everywhere except in Oklahoma.

Twin Towers burning on 9/11 (wikipedia)

The dream of April 18, 1995, came hours before a major terrorist attack. And though I did not dream of a terrorist attack, I dreamed of a president who would one day face an angry American public. If it is true, that the event that I dreamed is the 9-12 tea party in D.C., will it be followed by a terrorist attack? Is the tea party in D.C. a marker? that when we see this event we will see a terrorist attack?

I truly solemnly pray to God that the dream I had years ago does not mean this, and that the dream has a different meaning.

As many gather there this weekend beginning Friday, 9/11, keep eyes watchful toward that place.

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and [for] all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. --I Timothy 2: 1-2

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