Thursday, November 14, 2019


PRAYER: Jury begins deliberations in Planned Parenthood ‘blockbuster trial of the century’


Palestinian Kids Stage Mock Terrorist Raid on Israelis As Part of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Parents Continue Daily Protests Against California Vaccine Laws

Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun

Partnering in delusion is dangerous, says doctor

Paul Gosar (AZ-R) Drops Epic ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme During Impeachment Hearing
(gg: Love it! Obviously I am not a fan of Epstein, but seriously, he didn't kill himself.)

PayPal De-Platforms Conservative Street Artist Sabo, Holds His Funds for Six Months

Pelosi: Violation of Immigration Status Not Reason for Deportation

Pelosi: 'The Voters Are Not Going to Decide' Impeachment Issue

Pelosi-Schiff Democrats BLOCK ALL FUNDING for US Border Wall — Pass Funding for Border Security in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Assad’s Syria

Pentagon Declares War On 'Fake News', To Protect Us From "Polarizing Viral Disinformation"

Pentagon Expands Permanent Africa Presence With $110M Drone Base In Niger

Pento: "The Fed Is Panicking To Stop A Depression"

Peter Strzok: On Same Day FBI Agent Peter Strzok Removed from Mueller Gang for Bias He Completed a 302 on that Very Case He was Accused of Bias

Peter Strzok Met with the UK’s MI5 as Early as August 2016

Peter Strzok-Lisa Page Emails obtained by Judicial Watch Dispute Hillary Clinton’s Claim That She ‘Never Received nor Sent Any Material That Was Marked Classified’

PFAS Crisis Expands As Millions Of Americans In 43 States Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals

Physician-Assisted Suicide now Legal In Maine

Piers Morgan Rips BBC For Making Films That Teach Kids There Are 100 Genders

Police in UK allow male rapists to call themselves ‘female’ in criminal records

Popcorn: Donald Trump Jr. Rips 'The View's' Joy Behar for Blackface Antics

Popeye's Is Escalating Its "Beef" With Chick-Fil-A

Portly, Well-Paid Spy Who Infiltrated Trump Campaign Source Of WaPo Disinformation On Flynn: Report

Prager U Video: Kanye West Declares the Republican Party Freed the Slaves

Predator Vs. Pederast

Products From Israeli Settlements Must Be Labelled: EU Court In Landmark Ruling

Professor has helped guide 1,000 youths into transgender identities

Project 2019: How the New York Times Profits from Slavery Today

Project Nightingale: Google accused of gathering private health information on millions of people in secret project

Pro-lifer defies officer’s unlawful order to stop public ministry, wins in court

Pro-lifers hoping to stop 'Infanticide Act'

Pulse nightclub survivors host rally for people who’ve left LGBT for Jesus

Purpose of the Pelosi-Schiff Impeachment Cult is to Protect the Swamp

The Percentage Of Christians In America Has Hit An All-Time Low

The Pronoun Police Are Out to Destroy Children

The Purge of Conservatism from America

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


New York Post:

Clown Show: New York Post Illustrative Cover Perfectly Encapsulates Adam Schiff’s ‘Impeachment Circus’ Charade


New York and abortion:

An ominous 'record' set at NYC abortion clinic

Cuomo Bans Cat Declawing But Allows Abortion Up to Birth

New York becoming ‘haven’ for abortion tourism as other states pass pro-life laws

NYC To Be 'First City In The Nation To Directly Fund Abortion'


New York City:

More People Flee NYC Each Day Than Any Other US City

NYC public schools begin complete transgender insanity, blindsiding parents

NYC's $15 Minimum Wage Is Now Officially A Disaster

NYC to Drop 'Conversion Therapy' Ban after Jewish Therapist Mounts Legal Challenge

NYPD Sees Growing Number of Suicides and Officers Speak out Against de Blasio on the Anti-Cop Climate


New York Times:

NYT Writer Takes Swing At Dan Crenshaw To Defend Ilhan Omar, Crenshaw Levels Him

NYT Attack on Conservative Media

NYT Runs an “America Isn’t That Great” Video just in time for the 4th of July

NYT Op-Ed Calls for Doxxing of Border Agents

NYT: Airplane violence caused the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

The 1932 and 1939 Project: How the NYT Covered up Murder and Genocide


David Wilkerson's warning about New York
(Wilkerson haters look away):

The Fall of New York City

New York City faces economic and social disaster! The sword of judgment hanging over that city will fall suddenly. Overnight changes will happen -- changes never known to the American mind. Bankruptcy will happen! A temporary reprieve will falter. Short-range encouraging signs will be swallowed up in lightninglike events that will bring on bankruptcy. America's queen city will declare bankruptcy.

Trust in your money and down you go! Trust in God and flourish a tree! (Proverbs 11:28 LB)

All your greedy businessmen, all your loan sharks -- all will die. (Zephaniah 1:11 LB)

Shotgun Riders

Unpaid workers will take to the streets. Warehouses will be looted by angry mobs of workers. Trucks will be overturned in the streets. The produce markets will become places of violence and bloodshed. Food suppliers will ride into the city with shotgun riders. A wave of union strikes will add to the confusion. Newark, New Jersey, and surrounding metropolitan areas will follow into bankruptcy. Police protection will become almost nonexistent. Instead, unemployed members of police associations will join in acts of violence and looting.

. . . for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off. (Zephaniah 1:11 KJV)

Murder in Manhattan

There will be violence everywhere. Unheard-of-violence. Unbelievable violence. Unnecessary violence. Uncontrollable violence. The violence that has been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. Teen gangs will once again erupt with unparalleled waves of violence. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering and burning. God's judgment will not be recognized or accepted. Men will curse God, and a spirit of lust and greed will overtake millions. An Antichrist spirit will spread like terminal cancer.

And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as dung. (Zephaniah 1:17 KJV)

Racing Toward Judgment (1976), pgs 76,77 (emphasis Wilkerson)

Thursday, November 7, 2019


NBA Takes A Stand Against Freedom

Netanyahu: Iran’s decision to enrich uranium at Fordow endangers the world

New asylum policy a game-changer on immigration

New Survey Has Found The Upcoming Election Is A “Significant Source Of Stress” For 56% Of U.S. Adults

New Vaccines Are In Our Future That Will "Literally Change Your DNA"

Nihilism Is Driving Leftocratic Rage

Northern snakehead fish now found in Georgia

'Not One Drop Of Blood': Cattle Mysteriously Mutilated In Oregon

NPR Praises Terrorist Baghdadi: ‘He Was a Real Leader,’ ‘A Movement We’ve Never Seen Before

Nunes Files $9.9M RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS, Saying It Tried to Obstruct Justice and Derail Russia probe

Nunes: Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Payments From Clinton Campaign and DNC

The National Debt Is Now More Than Ten Times Annual Tax Receipts

The Net Worth Of Every 2020 Presidential Candidate

The New Masculinity: Turning Men Into Women

The Next Shoe In The Farm Crisis Drops: Bankruptcies Soar 24%

The Nuclear Option: Democrats Sacrificing Biden to Protect Obama

The Number of Democrats Showing Up at Trump Rallies Is Stunning


North Korea:

North Korea, NOV 2: North Korea Claims Test of ‘Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launchers’

North Korea, OCT 19: These ridiculous photos of Kim Jong Un riding a white horse mean everyone should actually be taking North Korea very seriously

Excerpt: While the photos may look absurd, they're intended to have a very serious message. . . . "This is a statement, symbolic of defiance," . . . Madden told Insider that the photo shoot most likely portends a military announcement of some kind, possibly that North Korea and China are announcing a long-term strategic aggreement. "A member of the Chinese Military Commission is in North Korea right now, and [talks are] going very, very, very well," he told Insider. Madden told Insider that "North Korea in 2020 is either going to launch a rocket, or announce that they have attained the ability to perform sub-critical nuclear tests," and the photos could be in advance of such an announcement. Whatever the announcement is, it's almost certainly not about making concessions to the US or any of its allies, Madden said. (gg note:  emphasis mine)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute

Male-Bodied Rapists Are Being Imprisoned With Women. Why Do so Few People Care?

Male-To-Female Professor Wins Women's Cycling Championship Again, Taunts Female Critics

Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And Bolivia

Mayor won’t apologize for condemning LGBT indoctrination as ‘affront to Almighty God’

Michigan Man Underpaid His Property Taxes By $8.41. The County Seized His Property, Sold It—and Kept the Profits

Mifsud's Cellphones Mean Barr Investigation Heating Up

Migrants Make America Great claim Democrats

Military Official Who Worked with Top Schiff Witness Alex Vindman Reprimanded Him for Inappropriate and Partisan Behavior in Military

Mish: Chicago Headed For Insolvency, Get The Hell Out Now

Missing the Bigger Picture in Kurdish Syria

Mom of 12-Year-Old Drag Queen Shocked To Find Pedophile Lusting After Him

Moms expose library’s shocking ‘Youth Pride’ event: homosexuality, transgenderism, drag queens

More Bad Economic Numbers Put A Huge Dent In The Case Of The Economic Optimists

Mormon Family Massacred In Mexico Cartel Attack

Most Americans Do Not Believe That This Chapter Of American History Is Going To End Well

Most Americans Have 'Little To No Trust' In Impeachment Process, Would Rather Let Voters Decide In 2020

Mortgage Market Reopens To Subprime Borrowers

MSNBC Cuts off Jim Jordan Just as He Goes Into the Whistleblower’s Relationship With Democrats

The media blackout on the Equality Act and girls’ sports

The Media Has A Problem Covering 9/11

The Media is a Threat to America And it’s destroying the country

The Media is Circling the Wagons around Liawatha

The Metamorphosis Of The Deep State

The Metaphysics of Clown World


Michael Flynn:

Michael Flynn Tells House Intel Democrats To Pound Sand Over Testimony And Documents

Michael Flynn’s Lawyers Claim Lisa Page Altered FBI Interview Record to Frame Him

Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn

Framing Flynn; The “Kill Shot” sets up a showdown at Deep State Corral

The Michael Flynn smoking gun: FBI headquarters altered interview summary