Friday, February 12, 2016


Some of these warnings are quite dire:

22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning - Michael Snyder

A 918 Point Stock Market Crash In Japan And Deutsche Bank Denies That It Is About To Collapse - Michael Snyder

America's economic freedom has declined rapidly under President Obama

"China Banks Seem To Be Doing Whatever They Can To Avoid Paying Anyone In Dollars"

Day Of Reckoning: The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here

Dear Barack... You Forgot To Mention A Few Things

Debt, defaults, and devaluations: why this market crash is like nothing we’ve seen before

Deutsche Bank Potentially On The Verge Of Triggering A Second Global Recession, The $600 Trillion Or So In Derivatives Will Take Down All The Major Banks Should The Dominoes Begin To Fall

Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 Is Bursting: Tech Stocks Are Already Down Half A Trillion Dollars Since Mid-2015

Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated - Michael Snyder

Fed Starts To Walk Back Its Rate Hike

Glencore's "Investment Grade" Bonds Just Took Out September Crash Lows: Downgrade To Junk Imminent

FLASHBACK OCT 2016: Glencore Explains What Would Happen If It Is Downgraded To Junk

Global Stocks Continue To Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold Skyrockets - Michael Snyder

Next crash worse than 1929 and 2008 combined

Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America - Michael Snyder

Ron Paul: Be Prepared for the Worst

The Federal Reserve just made another huge mistake - Michael Snyder

The US economic collapse, forecast 30 years ago, has begun

The Wheels Just Fell Off: US Trucking Has Not Been This Bad Since The Financial Crisis

They fall down, go boom! Obama economy killing businesses

This Jaw-Dropping Indicator Was Last Seen During The Great Depression

Time For Torches and Pitchforks——-The Little Guy Is About To Get Monkey-Hammered Again

US Economy: On A Knife's Edge

Wolf Richter: Declining Profits at Big Companies May Signal Recession

"Zombie Ships" - Why Global Shipping Is Even Worse Than The Baltic Dry Suggests

Watching South America . . . :

ARGENTINA: "It's a race against time!" Nearly 1 million hectares affected by worst locust infection since 1954 in Argentina!

BRAZIL: Zika Virus Threatens "Disaster In Rio" Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency

BRAZIL: Can the Rio Olympics 2016 survive the Zika virus outbreak?

VENEZUELA: This Is What The Death Of A Nation Looks Like: Venezuela Prepares For 720% Hyperinflation

VENEZUELA: Venezuela is on the brink of complete economic collapse

VENEZUELA: Colombia claims Venezuela is hiding hundreds of thousands of Zika virus cases

and Greece, again

Greece Slides Back Into Recession Amid Riots, Rewewed "Grexit" Calls

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


France to recognize Palestine if deadlock with Israel not broken

Abbas praises those who stab Jews as “heroes," Obama does not condemn

Obama's false claim of 'urgency' encourages Palestinian terror

Lawmaker: Obama Admin Fueling ‘Campaign To Destroy Israel’

NPR erases Israel off the map

Hillary e-mail exchange debated kick-starting Palestinian protests to pressure Israel

Terrorists Arrested for Attempting to Bomb Netanyahu Were Backed by Iran

Operation Anarchist: US and UK Spied on Israel for 20 Years Through Drone Feeds, Leaked Documents Reveal

Poll: 63% of Israelis rank President Obama 'Worst for Israel in the last 30 years'

Some California colleges' safe spaces won't allow Jews


Head of Iranian Militia: $1.7B US Payout Was Ransom for Jailed Americans

Iran Claims Access to Over $100 Billion in Assets ‘Fully Released’ Upon Implementation of Nuclear Deal

State Dept admits US gave Iran $100 billion, nearly double the previous amount

Welcome to the Banana Republic; with a wave of his hand Obama defies law

Iran stages large naval drill near the Strait of Hormuz

Is North Korea Testing Iran's Nuclear Device?

Could the North Korean Nuclear Test be a Game Changer for Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program?

The Farsi Awakens (cartoon)

Sweden, eye-to-eye:

Sweden's Foreign Minister has really been saying some ugly things about Israel in the past few months. Since then, some very disturbing incidents have been happening.

Take a look:

Sweden's PM:  Stabbing attacks on Israelis 'not terrorism'

Swedish FM Mocked on Social Media for ‘Hypocritical’ Holocaust Statement After ‘Justifying Palestinian Terror Against Israelis’

Massive Coverup Exposed In Sweden As Media, Cops Hid Migrant Sex Attacks

Report: Swedish Police And Media Helped Cover Up Sex Attacks Against Women By Muslim “Refugees” During Popular Music Festival

Sweden To Deport 80,000 Refugees Amid Security Fears

Powerful blast goes off at secondary school in Sweden, fire and smoke, but no damage

Russia's air force conducted a mock NUCLEAR attack against Sweden during war games

Sweden close to collapse

John McTernan: Sweden’s Sins and Muslims for Judgment

Monday, February 8, 2016


As we approach March 3rd, here are some interesting news headlines.


Is Iran blackmailing President Obama? Are they threatening to release footage of what really happened with the US sailors they captured the night of Obama's State of the Union Address?

As noted in last Friday's post, President Obama has joined the boycott against Israel. I noted concern that since this was a move against the economy of Israel, could something happen of significance against our economy? Lately, there has a been a lot of bad news about the economy, both ours and the global economy, but I do think this announcement over the weekend, from no less but Obama's Middle East BFF, is significant.

Iran Says No Thanks To Dollars; Demands Euro Payment For Oil Sales

And this can't be good . . .

Under Obama: U.S. Has Dropped from No. 6 in Economic Freedom to No. 11

Since our Watch began, we've seen earthquake warnings from our watchmen, both for the New Madrid and Cascadia. Those warnings are in my last Watch post. Well . . . the White House is also warning.

Obama administration convenes 1st ‘Earthquake Resiliency Summit,' warns to prepare for 'devastating' earthquakes

White House announces new 'ShakeAlert' system for earthquakes

Since I believe a significant event of some kind will happen to the dollar (to possibly make it worthless) as a warning that a New Madrid earthquake is imminent, I will continue to keep an eye on 'dollar' news reports and earthquake warning reports. It is interesting to me that in both weeks of our first two weeks of watching March 3rd, we've had significant news stories about the dollar and warnings about earthquakes, both in the NMSZ and Cascadia.

(And btw, several earthquakes rattled us here in Oklahoma this weekend.)

Let's keep it on President Obama for a few more topics.

About that mosque visit:

Since last Friday's watch post, Obama has visited a mosque. While I covered this extensively on Weds and Thurs, here are a few more follow-up articles.

Obama, in radical mosque, calls for other religions to be tolerant

Guess who went to a radical mosque and bashed America?

Obama visits mosque, claims 'Islam has always been of part of America'

Franklin Graham had the right response to President Obama's revision of history.

Franklin Graham, 'the foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam; Islam cannot save anyone from hell or open the gates of heaven."

Interesting that as Obama went to a radical mosque to commiserate with Muslims that there is not enough tolerance for them and that it's too bad they having to endure 'hateful' rhetoric, that this plot by, yes, a RADICAL ISLAMIC, was disrupted, and ON A MEGACHURCH.

ISIS Plot To Shoot Up A Detroit Megachurch Revealed As ‘Christianophobia’ Spreads Across America

Obama goes to radical mosque, radical Islamic attempts to kill at a Christian church . . . hmmmm.

Hillary's email scandal:

Obama may be Ensnared in the Clinton Email Scandal

The Russians:

Just days after a banner with Obama's picture and the word 'KILLER' was hung in Moscow, images of him as 'THE DEVIL' and A MURDERER were shown on the side of a building.

Russians depict President Obama as a murderous devil

Obama and abortion:

As noted at the very beginning of our watch, as winter storm Jonas was roaring into Washington, D.C., the March for Life was taking place. Unlike the ancient Assyrian ruler who repented at the warnings of the Hebrew prophet Jonah, President Obama doubled down on the taking of life, he doubled down on the murder of unborn babies. I'm not sure what will take place at the end of 40 days, on March 3rd, but so far, Obama has not repented of his pushing for abortion. In fact, there's this news report:

Obama administration ignores Federal law, allows California to force churches to fund abortions

As the above news was reported on Feb 2, the next news was reported on Feb 5. Keep in mind that the Aliso Canyon blowout has been going on since Oct 23, and is only getting worse.

"Fukushima Class Disaster" - L.A. Gas Leak Spewing Lethal Levels Of Breathable Nuclear Material

Abortion is not only being forced on churches in California, it is also being pushed as the 'answer' to the Zika crisis.

Zika: Leftists Pressure the Americas to Embrace Abortion as Solution to Pandemic

There may, however, be a legitimate question as to whether mosquitoes are really the cause of the large number of birth defects occurring right now in Brazil.

Zika Virus – What They Are Not Telling You

In our last watch post it was noted that the MESSENGERS, NOT PLANNED PARENTHOOD was indicted by a TEXAS grand jury for the undercover abortion videos. Since then, these two stories have emerged:

D.A. Who Indicted David Daleiden Received Over $25,000 From Attorney for Late-Term Abortionist

10 Zika Virus Cases Confirmed in Texas, For Now

Super Bowl 50:

Since the last post, the Super Bowl was played. Interesting that Daily Crow points out the Super Bowl performers and their connection to 'war' . . .

Hymn for the Weekend: Shiva's Super Bowl Halftime Show + Angels

and North Korea launched a satellite that some are viewing with suspicion.

What exactly did North Korea put up?

Since I mentioned the New Madrid earthquakes above, will note here that Super Bowl 50 was held on the same date in 1812 as the last strong earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

Earthquake – Feb. 7, 1812 at 3:45 a.m.

Large asteroid approaching:

As we watch March 3rd, it might be worth noting that NASA is watching a 'football-field sized' asteroid that will pass by earth on March 5th. It might come within the orbit of some satellites, or maybe not.

NASA Unsure How Close Enormous Asteroid Will Come to Earth in March

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


President Obama will be visiting a mosque in Maryland today to promote more tolerance, understanding and acceptance of Islam. He is the first sitting President to do so (see note below links).

Obama to Make First Visit of His Presidency to a US Mosque

One Muslim official, however, has something to say about the particular mosque Obama has chosen to visit.

Muslim official DESTROYS Obama with 1 sentence for visiting controversial mosque

As for my own opinion, I think the only 'dialogue' Obama's visit will promote is one that's circulated for YEARS, that he's really a secret Muslim, no matter what he claims about his 'Christian' faith.

One can't help but wonder if the idea of 'visiting' this mosque came out of this brainstorming session:

White House looks to curb anti-Muslim sentiment

While we are on the subject of mosques:

Interactive map of radical mosques in the US

Meanwhile, since ISIS does a pretty good job of promoting what Islam is all about, and since some European countries have been getting some up close and personal teachings about some of the particulars of Islam, and since President Obama is relocating a whole bunch of Muslims throughout America (in primarily Republican and conservative communities), and since I haven't put up ISIS/Islam links to all these topics in awhile, thought I would do so today.

Especially since it's almost like he thinks that going to a mosque is all that's needed to overcome all these news reports.

America's new ISIS strategy: "The Audacity of Hype!"

Bill Clinton's sexual sins used in ISIS' propaganda videos, stars as 'Fornicator'

CHILDREN: Beheaded for 'insulting' ISIS, ISIS decapitates two 10-year-olds

CHILDREN: Islamic State Fighters Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up after Killing the Child’s Father

CHILDREN: Boko Haram burns children alive, slays over 100 villagers in Nigeria

CHILDREN: ISIS gives tyke his very own sex slave

Did The Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes In Fight Against ISIS?

End game of Obama and ISIS, and the writing on the wall

Forensic profiler: Obama accepts ISIS attacks

Gitmo jihadists released to keep country safe

Huma Abedin, the truth that Media Matters doesn’t want America to see

Islamic Terrorists Are Not Coming To America ‘Someday’ – The Truth Is That They Are Already Here

In Iraq, ISIS Is Winning And The United States Is Losing

Islamization Of America In 2015 (Part 1)

Judge in Massachusetts sentences landlord to learn about Islam

Krauthammer: Obama Believes People Afraid of Terror Because They Aren’t As ‘Intelligent’ As He Is

Limited strikes on ISIS' training camps is part of Obama strategy

Muhammad: The Warrior Prophet and ISIS

Muhammad in Medina: from Refugee to Conqueror

Muslim Immigration is Exactly What ISIS Wants

Maher: The More You Know About Islam, The More Afraid Of It You Are, Intolerant Christians ‘Really Aren’t a Problem’

NYC: What They Won’t Tell You About The Rising Rape Rates Of Female Passengers By Taxi Drivers

Obama Scrambles To Create "New ISIS Narrative" After Putin Embarrasses Washington

Philly Shooter: I Did It For Allah. Philly Mayor: No, You Didn’t.

Qosi: released from Gitmo in 2012 by Obama, now al Qaeda leader in Yemen

Rape Epidemic In Europe: Why Won’t European Politicians Do Anything To Stop It?

"Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch, for we are with you, watching." -- Will next investigation be who let ISIS in?

Thousands Flood The Streets In Germany As Fury Over Refugee Sex Assaults Reaches Boiling Point

Trump Dares To Say That Turkey ‘Looks Like They’re On The Side Of ISIS’

US Special Forces agent believed to be mystery sniper taking out ISIS commanders in Libya

Vicious retaliation: Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours, then get “massacred” by angry Russians in reprisal

Whistleblower report exposes Obama's protection of Islamic terrorism

Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?

X-CIA Director: ISIS ‘Lethal Threat;’‘It’s Global Caliphate Would Extend to United States’

Yazidi women kept as sex slaves locked in tiny underground dungeons in Syrian desert

Zuckerberg-Backed Immigration Bill Would Allow Unlimited Muslim Immigration


Cartoons and graphics:

Breaking, this just in

Einstein's theory of insanity

How stupid is that?

If you see something, say something, unless it's about Muslims . . . then we will prosecute you

Islam explained

"Lalalalalala . . . I can't hear you!"


The horror of rising seas

War on coal vs. his war on ISIS



While President Obama is visiting this mosque near the end of his presidency, and the press is noting that he is the FIRST sitting President to do so, let's not forget that at the beginning of his presidency, he was the FIRST sitting President to celebrate Diwali at the White House, and did so with a Shiva priest . . . from a temple near BALTIMORE.

Lanham Siva Vishnu Temple

Much has been in the news about the Zika virus. The company that engineered the genetically-modified mosquitoes, Oxitec, is located in BALTIMORE County, Maryland.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Michael Snyder has a great post this morning explaining what happened in Iowa last night as far as the Republicans go, and where this might lead. He also explains how the electoral process works.

As Snyder points out, the 'average' Republican doesn't actually get to pick their nominee, so Republicans are a long way out from knowing who will be the actual nominee.

Disaster For Donald Trump In Iowa And The Probability Of A Brokered Convention Just Went Way Up

And this from Conservative Papers:

Things to know about delegates at stake in Iowa caucuses