Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Why post news numbers? Two reasons.

First, when a nation is under judgment, its people struggle. I've noted before in the introductory paragraph to my NATION UNDER JUDGMENT posts that when a nation is under judgment its food sources are destroyed, its animals and livestock are stricken with illnesses and there are die-offs, homes and public buildings are destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do, they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. It is expensive to rebuild, repair and replace.

When a nation is under judgment, the curses of Deuteronomy 28 come upon that nation. The foreigner will be given special privileges, employment is hard to find as businesses struggle, the nation's military will struggle, homes and families fall apart.

Second, in ancient Egypt, the Hebrews struggled to make bricks for the Pharaoh's grandiose building projects. In America today, we are not asked to make bricks, but we are compelled to pay taxes and those taxes are used by President Obama to fund the projects he wants, and in some instances as part of what he wants to be remembered for, such as his Iran nuclear deal, his Paris climate treaty, his bringing thousands of Muslim refugees into this country, and for his social agenda, such as Planned Parenthood. And now our very tax agency, the IRS, is used to COMPEL people to pay for President Obama's 'signature' legacy, Obamacare, whether they want his Obamacare or not. In fact, people are FINED for not accepting it. And while every U.S. President has had his 'pet' projects, not only has President Obama been compared to more than one ancient Pharaoh, he is the President who has doubled our already enormous debt to fund his enormous ideologies.

Many of the numbers below are reflections of the reasons noted above.

1 million penguins threatened by erupting volcano in the South Georgia and South Sandwich territories

1 million prisoners is what the Left wants to release from incarceration in project Cut50

1 million refugees enrolled in schools per Obama goal

1 million refugees in employment per Obama commitment

1 million views of devastating #FlushTarget ad

1.6 million babies born in 2015 were born to unwed mothers

2 Million College Students Drink Alcohol, Smoke Pot on Average Day

4.5 MILLION pounds of cooked Pilgrim’s Pride chicken recalled – containing plastic, wood, rubber and METAL! May be in SCHOOLS nationwide

5 million immigrants may have overstayed their visas in 2015

6.5M Students 'Chronically Absent' from Public Schools; 20% Reduction in Suspensions

10 million Muslims have become followers of Christ since 1960

12.3 Blacks in Labor Force in April

13.8 Hispanics Not in Labor Force in April

18.7 Million Immigrants allowed to Opt Out of Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America

37 Million Bees Instantly Dropped Dead After Farms Started Spraying Neonicotinoids

46 million people trapped in modern slavery

65.3 million people have fled their homes and become migrants

66 million trees dead in California (Up from 3.3 million in 2014) causing even greater fire risk

76 million Americans are struggling financially or just getting by

94 million Americans no longer in labor force (April)

102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs (June)

110 million deaths in one century from atheists in power

411 million face recognition photos available to FBI

Millions of frozen food items in 50 states over listeria fears may be biggest ever

Millions of US Muslims justifying terrorism 'terrify' Franklin Graham

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Watched it. Floored.



Evil Incarnate: List of the dead associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton

FBI Proves Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury Before Benghazi Committee

Former Navy SEAL Tej Gill: ‘Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends’

From Monica to Loretta -- the Clintons Corrupt Absolutely

Hillary Clinton Talks About Inequality In Jacket That Cost More Than A New Car

Hillary lectures 'white Americans' about justice from her perch high above the law

Hillary marches in NYC's gay pride parade

If Benghazi doesn't matter, what does?

Is Bill Clinton A Sexual Predator Or Just A Sex Addict?

Is Hillary Clinton The Athaliah Of Our Generation? Just Check Out What One Eyewitness Is Saying

Judicial Watch: "FBI's Comey Is Complicit In Clinton Email Scandal"

Killed in 'barbell accident,' UN official set to testify against Hillary found dead

Liberals Praise Hillary Clinton’s New Ad With Same Sex Couples Kissing

Martin Armstrong Asks "Is Hillary The Most Devious Politician Of All Time?"

My presidential campaign ‘belongs to’ abortionists and Planned Parenthood

Obama mocks Hillary over email scandal (March 2015)

Seizure? Hillary appears to have epileptic fit

The Clinton Contamination

The False Comparison of Trump to Hillary

The most frightening political fix in history

Trump Lumps Hillary With Monica, Weiner, and Cosby in New Ad

x-Secret Service Officer: ‘People Need to Know The Real Hillary And How Dangerous She Is’… ‘An Angry Person Who Habitually Lies’

Yoo: 'Strange' That FBI Did Not Question Hillary Under Oath

FLASHBACK, BIBLE CODE FROM JAN 2009: Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Terrible Time of Distress

FLASHBACK JULY 2012: The Sign of Monica

. . . Monica is a sign, a sign of ruin. Monica is about secret sexual indiscretion and marital infidelity and lying and perjury and scandal and impeachment and disbarment . . .

Monday, July 25, 2016



Benghazi “Was Not My Responsibility" claims Hillary Clinton

China Is Buying Up US Suburbs

DNC erects 4-mile 8-foot tall fence around Philly convention site

Epileptic fit? NBC captures Hillary jerking uncontrollably on camera

Fetal education bill in Oklahoma is a model for the pro-life movement’s future

"Guacamole-thick" Utah water is killing wildlife and sickened 330 people

How POKEMON and Magic Cards Affect the Minds and Values of Children (and a Warning About Pokemon Go)

Islamic Republic of Iran: At War with the U.S., but the Obama administration hasn’t noticed

Jihadists target Israeli Olympians in Rio

Kerry: Air Conditioners as Big a Threat as ISIS

Locust from Revelation? What is this thing?

Munich 1972 and 2016; The long history of German incompetence in the face of Islamist terrorism

NBA pulls All-Star game from Charlotte over not letting men into women's restrooms

Obama Never Once Met With His Defense Intelligence Chief

Police Can 'Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer' by Admitting Their Failures claims Obama

Quantum computer breakthrough

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - the Enemy Within

Sand Fire: Major California wildfire explodes over the weekend; A wildfire that started on July 22 in the mountains of the Santa Clarita Valley, Angeles National Forest, north of Los Angeles, California exploded over the weekend, scorching more than 33,000 acres by early morning of July 25, 2016. Mandatory evacuations are in place as the blaze continues to threaten hundreds of homes. Authorities say the fire 'ripped through like a freight train.' (Timelapse of Sand Fire)

Tim Kaine supports abortion on demand (gg note: How fitting that Hillary, the most pro-abortion candidate running on the most pro-abortion platform of any DNC would pick as her VP a man whose name is the same as the first murderer named in the Bible)

US State Department briefing interrupted by reported playing Pokémon Go

Vintage Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sounds of Silence” is rewritten to bring it up to date for the current era of resurgent expansionist Islam (gg note: a lot of truth and headlines packed into this 3 mins)

WSJ Report Exposes America's Vulnerable Electric Grid

x-tra hot heatwave in Philly for DNC

Yellowstone, Los Angles and Ridgemark, California and Jamaica -- Signs of a coming earthquake?

Zuckerberg's Facebook in crosshairs of Verizon buying Yahoo

Friday, July 22, 2016


Not if, but when:

Series of 70 earthquakes rattles California: Is the ‘Big One’ coming?

An earthquake swarm has taken over Central California

GG Note: Interesting timing I think. The swarm began on July 17. The following article was published July 15 . . .

California Adds LGBT History To Curriculum, Starting In Second Grade

and this prophetic warning from Harvest Army on July 17.

"A major earthquake is determined upon the USA in short order."

I have to add this disclaimer -- I do not know if the 'major earthquake' that Harvest Army is predicting is San Andreas or not. It could be. A major quake is one that is 6.0 magnitude or greater, and no one would be surprised if one that strong were to strike California. In fact, no one would be surprised if one that strong struck the Cascadia fault or even the New Madrid. Instead, I am only pointing out the timing of Harvest Army's prediction beginning the same day as the quake swarm began, which was within 24-48 hours of the California announcement that legislation passed five years ago requiring LGBT education in 2nd grade would now be implemented for this upcoming school year.

More warnings from fiction peddlers:

Grant Williams Warns "The Clock Is Ticking On The Dollar"

Simon Black warns that the financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace

Tim Price warns The Entire Financial System Is Exposed To This 'Junk' Bond Market

FLASHBACK STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS JAN 2016: The President of the United States boldly accused everyone who doesn’t share his view as just making things up. In his words, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

When BLM meets up with ISIS:

Oct 2015: Milwaukee sheriff warns that it's only a matter of time before black lives matter and ISIS join forces

July 11: NFL Player Posts Instagram Photo Showing Police Officer’s Throat Getting Slit by ISIS butcher (ggnote: Post dated July 14, incident actually occurred July 11)

July 17: Baton Rouge Cop Killer Converted To Islam 3 Years Ago

July 17: ISIS Mouthpiece Urges 'Black Community' To Join Islam, Fight US Government

July 18: Is Black Lives Matter as dangerous as ISIS?

July 19: How the Media Covers Up Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorism; Every Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorist is just a “troubled loner.”

Thursday, July 21, 2016


As I watched this newest YouTube from Jason A showing multiple news clips in the first few minutes of increasing reports of robberies, shootings of civilians and police and increasing drug use I can't help but think of how many thousands of prisoners President Obama has been releasing in the past year or so, many of whom were incarcerated for robberies and drug possession or drug dealing. I wonder how many of these prisoners have now hooked up with black lives matter? Yeah . . . that's what I'm thinking, too.

FLASHBACK APRIL 2016: 46,000 criminals, drug traffickers approved for early release by President Obama

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


AGs subpoenaed over prosecuting climate change skeptics

Baton Rouge, Nice, Dallas, Orlando – A Dark And Distressing Time Has Descended Upon The Civilized World

Chubby women can now join the Marines

Dem Congressional Candidate: America Got What It “Deserved” On 9/11, “One Of The Greatest Events In Human History”

Erdogan taunts Obama over coup attempt in Turkey

Farmers under the gun in Obama “clean power plan”

Giant sinkholes near West Texas oil patch towns are growing—as new ones lurk

“Hope and Change” Becomes “Death and Destruction”

Iowa Church Lawsuit: State Transgender Guidelines Restrict Sermons

Judge Throws Out Cellphone 'Stingray' Evidence

K2 Turns Brooklyn Neighborhood Into Zombieland

Lake in Utah has worst algae bloom ever seen

Most Frightening Political Fix

Nickelodeon ‘makes history’ with its first ‘gay married’ couple in kids cartoon

Obama's Legacy: Dead Cops

Pokémon Go: Evil? Dangerous? Demonic?

Quadrillion Dollar Monster Is Now Totally Out Of Control

‘Radical Islam’: Obama Won’t Say the Words, and Has No Answer

Saudi Government Helped 9/11 Terrorists

Texas Tech Black Students Group tweets: “White Lives Don’t Matter… Black Lives Matter”

University Apologizes To Students For Housing “Racist” Cops On Campus During RNC, Offers Special Snowflakes “Safe Spaces” And Counseling

Vanderbilt Football Player (black) To White Rape Victim: “That’s For 400 Years Of Slavery You B—-”

Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate

x-Marine from Missouri kills 3 police officers in Baton Rouge, wounds 3 others

YMCAs in Chicago are now open to transgenders

Zika Virus Patient Who Died in Utah Infected 1 Other

Monday, July 18, 2016


France, in the aftermath of its June Israel-Palestinian 'peace summit':

Surging "Intercommunity Confrontations" In France Mean "Civil War Is Inevitable"

Fashion Legend Karl Lagerfeld: Paris ‘Is a Nightmare Now’

Is there trouble ahead for the economy of France?

French Government Forced To Admit It "Suppressed News Of Gruesome Torture" At Bataclan Massacre

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack In Nice that kills 84

Increased Terrorist Attacks Forces France To Call Up Reserves To Relieve Tired Security Forces

French PM Manuel Valls: “France Is Going To Have To Learn To Live With Terrorism”

France vs. ‘The Prettiest Sound on Earth’

Attack on Nice Deals Blow to France's Crucial Tourism Industry

FLASHBACK Video: Netanyahu 2014 To French Reporter, “If You Don’t Stop The Terrorists Now, It Will Come To You”

STILL PUSHING FOR PEACE: Abbas urges African Union to back French peace push on Mideast conflict

Global economic turmoil:

China Is Headed For A 1929-Style Depression

Euro on the Brink of Disaster

Italian Banking Crisis (In 1 Simple 'Death Cross' Chart)

Why Everyone Is Finally Panicking About Italian Banks

Why Citi Sees No Solution For The Italian Banking Crisis Any Time Soon

UK's Largest Property Fund Halts Redemptions, Fears "Vicious Circle"

FLASHBACK APRIL 2016: Obama Boasts In Britain: I Saved The World Economy As President

War warnings:

Tribunal Rejects China’s Expansive South China Sea Claims

Beijing to Hold South China Sea War Games After Ruling

South China Sea Tensions Surge After Taiwan Deploys Frigate, China Warns Of "Air Defense Zone"

Kim Jong-Un has closed diplomatic links with Washington after U.S. places sanctions on North Korea for human rights abuses

North Korea Threatens To Retaliate "Physically" If US Deploys THAAD On Peninsula

Russia Expels Two US Diplomats Following Similar "Unfriendly" Move By Washington

Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future?

Russia Delivers Missile Part of S-300 Defense System to Iran

War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think