Friday, November 16, 2018


Wall Street Seems To Believe That Endless Gridlock And Political Turmoil Will Be Good For America

Walmart Plans To Seize Further Control Of Your Community

Watch the hard-hitting political ad BANNED by NBC, Facebook and even Fox News

Waves Of Caravan Migrants Arrive In Tijuana, Begin Climbing San Diego Border Fence

We Are Witnessing The Most Destructive Fire In The History Of California, And “Devil Winds” Threaten To Make Things Even Worse

Welfare Generation: Over Half Of America's Kids Live In Households Getting Govt Assistance

West Virginia's Decision to Allow Smartphone Voting for Midterms Raises Serious Security Concerns

What a hybrid cloud is in the 'multi-cloud era,' and why you may already have one

What a quantum computer is, and why it needs to be more

What happens when galaxies collide

What the Left really wants is to control the future of society

What's Really Behind the Jim Acosta 'Controversy'

BONUS: Obama banned journalists much more than Trump ever did

What's Wrong With Government-Run Healthcare - Prager U

When Laws Are Not Enforced, Anarchy Follows

Where Veteran Homelessness Is Rising And Falling

Whistleblower Says He Was Targeted By Brennan, Mueller, Strzok

Who knew a thread about building a snowman and identity politics could be SO funny (language alert!)

Why Democrats Would Dare to Steal Elections in Plain Sight

Why the Left Must Stop the NPC Meme – The Ultimate Insult is Just Too Accurate

Wider net: 5G and the connection between the wireless connections

Wikileaks Assange facing US indictment

Wildfire in California destroys 1000s of buildings, kills 63, and more than 600 missing in state's worst wildfire on record

Will Witt Debates a "Progressive" Muslim - Prager U

Winter Storm Avery Leaves 5 Dead as Snow Blankets Northeast

Wisconsin Company Gives Guns To Employees For Christmas

‘Within 30 days’: Federal judge wants to hear more from Hillary about her email server and the emails on it

Women to Crazed Feminists: We Will Fight You to Defend Our Men

Woodward Rips CNN Lawsuit: Media ‘Emotionally Unhinged’ over Trump

WSJ Calls It: Hillary Will Run Again In 2020

BONUS: Hillary Clinton isn’t running for President to WIN, she’s running as COVER to claim political persecution when she’s charged with criminal indictments


Ebola and Yellowstone:

Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is of "grave concern" as death toll soars to 209

Steamboat Geyser Erupts for the 27th time! Researchers at Old Faithful Taking Gas Reading

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Rumors of war:


Brink Of War: Troops And Tanks Head To The Gaza Border After Hundreds Of Missiles Rain Down On Israel

Ben Shapiro: Media Will Ignore Rocket Attacks on Israel ‘Until Israel Fights Back’

Caroline Glick: Iran Opens a War Against Israel from Gaza

Winds of War Brewing In Gaza

Jordan Cancels Part of Peace Agreement with Israel

Middle East Braces For Apocalyptic Conflict Between Israel And Hamas As Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Declares “War Is Inevitable”

Israel Warns It Could Attack Iranian Military Assets In Iraq


Iran Unveils New Domestic-Made Fighter Jet Amid Rising Military Tensions

Iran Preparing Massive Military Exercise To "Demonstrate Ability" To Block Persian Gulf claims Report

Iran increases missile threat to Israel, linking Syria and Iraq

Iranian Ayatollah: ‘We Will Turn Tel Aviv And Haifa To Rubble’

Iran Claims Its Ballistic Missiles Capable of Striking ‘Any Vessel’ from 435 Miles

IRGC Commander Says Netanyahu Will "Flee Into Sea," Should "Practice Swimming"


Rumors of economic turmoil:

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Slow Down Dramatically

World's Largest Shipper Warns Of Early 2019 Slowdown

Major Markets Are All Flashing Warning Signs

“Red October”: We Just Witnessed The Worst Month For The S andP 500 In 7 Years

Only Twice In History Have Markets Been This Ugly: The 1970s Stagflation And The Global Financial Crisis

Jim Rickards: The United States Is Going Broke

"Things Are Getting Worse": Mall Owners Hand Over The Keys To Lenders Before They Even Default

Global Stocks Plunge Again And A Former Reagan Administration Official Is Warning Of A “40% Crash

Beware Fireworks As Italy's Budget Resubmission Deadline Looms

Russia oil exporters pressuring for crude to be paid for in Euros rather than dollars


Argentina Signs $8.7 Billion Swap Agreement With Beijing To Shore Up Sagging Peso

China's Debt Bomb Is Ready To Explode

Asia Development Bank Warns US-China Trade War Could Trigger 2019 Asia Slowdown

Bank Run In Southwestern Chinese City Could Signal "Impending Financial Crisis"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018



Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media"

Facebook BANS Right-Leaning Group ‘Britain First’

Facebook Excludes Israel As A ‘Country’ Option, Includes ‘Palestine’

Facebook Has Been Storing Logs Of Phone Calls, Text Messages For Years claims Report

Facebook Survey: ‘Should We Allow Men to Ask Children for Sexual Photos’

Facebook suspends blogger over three-year-old post mocking Palestinian terrorists

Facebook may have paid out over $100 million to be rid of just ONE Trump supporter

Facebook Threatens Satire Site Babylon Bee over CNN Story That Snopes Rated 'False'

Facebook’s Digital Reign of Terror; Social media website rejiggers the rules to rob Trump of almost half of his online traffic

Facebook's Zuckerberg: 50M Users Affected by Data Breach 'Conservative'

Flashback 2009: Mark Zuckerberg – We Would Never Share Or Sell User Data

It's Time To Protect Yourself (And Your Friends) From Facebook

Mass Facebook Deletions After Cambridge Analytica Report

50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach (no link)
The Guardian, March 17, 2018, Carole Cadwalladr and Emma Graham-Harrison

Zuck Made Him A Billionaire, Now WhatsApp Founder Urges Users To Delete Facebook

Group Threatening to Burn 'Activist Mommy' Alive Doesn't Violate Standards, Facebook Says

Facebook Bans “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston As The Purge Of Conservatives Accelerates

Creepy Patents Show Facebook's Relentless Drive to Track Every Detail of Users' Lives

Facebook, Amazon, Google And Twitter All Work With Left-Wing SPLC

Facebook casts pro-Trump Diamond and Silk as 'unsafe' to the community

Facebook Asking Major US Banks To Share Users' Financial Data

It’s against Facebook’s “community standards” to try to stop Jihadist attacks on Americans

Facebook Algorithm Blocks the Declaration of Independence as 'Hate Speech'

Facebook Censors Articles from Conservative Outlets About Manafort, Cohen

Facebook Censors PragerU Video Defending ‘Masculinity’

Facebook ‘Employee Error’ Responsible for PragerU 99.9999% Drop in Reach

Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers just prior to midterm elections; Prominent Conservatives Vanish

Facebook Will Harass You Mercilessly if You Try to Break Up

Facebook bans LifeSite, claims abortion topics fall under 'political advertising'

Facebook-Google-Twitter 1984; How to fight for freedom in the Left’s social media gulag

How Facebook Is Fact-Checking Conservative Sites into Oblivion

Two-Facebook; Claiming neutrality while punishing the Right

Facebook censoring law-abiding citizens for reporting illegal alien crimes



America Has Stage Four Cancer and It Is Called “Google”

BLATANT OMISSION: Google Home Knows Allah, Muhammad, Buddha, And Satan, But Not JESUS

Google Has Become a Major Threat to Democracy in America

Google isn’t merely EVIL; it has become a DANGER to freedom, liberty and democracy… Steve Cioccolanti issues urgent warning

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites

How Google is 'SPYING' on you: Firm's voice assistant records and keeps conversations you're having around your phone when you least expect it
Daily Mail, November 14, 2017, Tim Collins

Hey Google! Who Should The US Government Kill Today?

Internal emails reveal Google’s toxic culture, January 11, 2018, Frank Chung

Tucker Carlson: Google Is The 'Greatest Threat' To Free Speech In America, Tech Barons 'Our New Commissars'
Information Liberation, January 10, 2018, Chris Menahan

Leaked emails prove Google colluded to throw 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton… “election meddling” by tech giants now an irrefutable fact

Google's War on Free Speech; The internet giant is eliminating conservative voices from the online sphere

It’s Google’s World: We Just Live In It

What Does Google Know About You: An (Auto)Complete Guide

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Adam Schiff blames CA wildfires on climate change and Trump

Alyssa Milano Blames Russians For Ohio Loss

Bette Midler blames climate deniers for . . . summer

Chuck Todd Blames Fox News For Press Distrust

Colin Kaepernick blames President Trump for his lack of work

Education Week magazine blames Trump for hate in schools

Hillary Clinton blames Breitbart News for Democrats' 'disadvantage' with media

Hillary Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for her 2016 loss

Hillary Clinton blames the media for her 2016 loss

Hillary blames everybody and everything except herself for her 2016 loss -- here's the complete list
(gg: Except it's never a complete list. Just when you think she can't possibly find anyone else to blame, well . . . she does.)

Jerry Brown blames climate-deniers for California wildfires

Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ for Red State Midterm Losses

NYT blames Speaker Paul Ryan for Democrats’ House Win

NYT’s Columnist Blames Trump for Non-Existent Cholera Outbreak in Puerto Rico

Reuters Editor Blames Trump for Annapolis Newsroom Shooting: ‘Blood on Your Hands’

Stevie Wonder Blames Global Warming for Aretha Franklin’s Cancer

Vogue blames 'unsisterly' white, Conservative women for Democrat losses

Washington Post's obituary blames Charles Krauthammer for Iraq War

White woman Chelsea Handler blames white, Conservative women for voting for Conservative Cuban Cruz instead of white Democrat Beto

Yale Study Blames Global Warming, Not Cell Phones, For Spike In Car Accident Deaths

Friday, November 9, 2018


Odd intertwining of news here:

THOUSANDS flee rapidly growing Camp Fire in VENTURA COUNTY; hundreds of homes destroyed; fire sparked early Thursday morning

ex-MARINE kills 13 at BORDERLINE bar in THOUSAND Oaks, VENTURA COUNTY, California, late Wednesday night.

More than a THOUSAND MARINES from CALIFORNIA are being sent to US-Mexico BORDER in anticipation of THOUSANDS of illegal migrants


Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot includes orgies, Satanism

Sacrifice has been downsized

Sadiq Khan travels to Austin Texas to promote thought control

Salton Buttes lava domes: Mud volcano threatens railroad track and state highway, California

Same Sex Couple Married By Justice Ginsburg Accused Of Drugging, Raping Student

Samantha Power and the importance of being very, very afraid of ex-CIA chief John Brennan

Samuel Alito, Conservative Supreme Court Justice

San Francisco Is Now 'Doo-Doo Capital' Of USA

Scientists manipulate a natural enzyme to eat plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down in just days

SCOTUS Majority on Sotomayor – The wise Latina is a partisan hack

Sears May Shut As Many As 400 Stores

Senate Judiciary Committee’s final Kavanaugh report finds “no evidence” of sexual assault but plenty of evidence his accusers may have LIED

Senator Schumer’s Daughter to Marry Lesbian Partner

Sessions Out -- and CNN’s Acosta Locked Out

Sex is 'male' and 'female' claims Trump

Sharia Law in the Church of Leftism

Sharyl Attkisson Accuses Obama DOJ of Secretly Swapping Out Her Computer Hard Drive

Sharyl Attkisson connects the dots behind Deep State’s ‘Trump insurance policy’ and it’s CHILLING

Sharyl Attkisson: CIA Under John Brennan Spied on Intel Whistleblowers, Congress

Sharyl Attkisson Reminds Everyone Of What Actually Happened To Media Under Obama

Sherwin-Williams Looted over 114-Year-Old Ads

Shocking Video Footage Shows Florida Ballots Transported By Private Vehicles Being Transferred Into A Rental Truck On Election Night

Silent Obama sends a message

Sinema's war on housewives

Small Businesses Are On The Brink

So, You Think You're Tolerant? --Prager U

South Africa in Recession After Land Threat: ‘Shocking Drop in Agriculture’

South Africa To Amend Constitution To Allow Land Expropriation From White Farmers

South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons as Land Confiscations Loom

Stoned Driving On The Rise As Marijuana Overtakes Alcohol As Most Commonly Detected Intoxicant

Store Michael Brown Robbed Gets Mau-Maued

Storm exposes 70-year-old copy of Israel's independence declaration

Switzerland votes overwhelmingly to jail citizens for ‘homophobia,’ ‘transphobia’

Star Parker: Democrats Are 'The Party of Anti-Christ'



26th Steam Boat Geyser Eruption for 2018, Sinkholes and Steam Flashes, Implosion

Forget The 'Supervolcano', This Is Yellowstone's Greatest Geological Threat

USGS: Yellowstone Super Volcano Threat Set To "High"