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Did Holiday Inn predict Ebola ineptitude in . . . 2001?

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. . . or so proclaimed our President on October 20th. The only thing he didn't add to his remarks was, '. . . C'mon people, get real!'

Obama Now Claims Ebola Crisis a Myth?!?

I find it interesting that he made his Ebola remarks on the SAME DAY, October 20th, that he publicly stated that he now believes that the equality clause in the Constitution 'guarantees a right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states.'

Obama Broadens Support for Same-Sex Marriage

With that in mind, I think it may be ominous what John McTernan noted on OCTOBER 19 about same-sex marriage.

Excerpt from McTernan's Oct. 19th post (emphases mine):

If you followed this blog for a while, with your own eyes you could see the pattern of God’s judgments on America. The two main issues with the LORD are dividing Israel and the homosexual agenda.

After reporting the correlation between national sin and God’s judgment since October 1987, I have come to the conclusion that homosexual “marriage” will bring God’s final judgment on America. The judgment will be so severe that America never recovers and might disappear altogether.

What is happening is the Hard Left reprobates are using the federal courts to advance the homosexual agenda. The courts are overturning state laws and even Constitutional amendments. I believe when homosexual marriage is recognized in all states the end will come. The warnings are out there for all to see.

McTernan's October 19th post

With President Obama's remarks on October 20th, he has moved us one step closer to ALL 50 states accepting homosexual marriage.

Here is Extinction Protocol Radio's latest Ebola updates and analysis.

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Friday’s post started off with various ‘things’ being watched. Let’s start off today’s post with updates.

The Weather Channel was watching Bermuda take a direct hit from Hurricane Gonzalo. Reports of the aftermath indicate a lot of damage, but NO, amazingly and thankfully, deaths from this strong storm.

Hawaii was watching Ana. Strong winds and rain, but, like Gonzalo, the islands survived.

NASA was watching the close approach of Comet Sliding Spring to Mars. Suspicious Observers brings us up to date on that event.


End Times Forecaster was watching the crescent moon Friday. Here is his update. (And a 'thank you' for a mention of RFB in his post.)


The U.N. as well as quite a few of us in the world are watching Ebola and the impacts it’s having on different areas of our lives.

Bill Whittle put up a YouTube on FEAR OF EBOLA that’s worth taking a few minutes to watch.


Lyn Leahz put up a YouTube noting the connections between Thomas Duncan and the first day of the Shemitah year as well as the blood moon of October 8.


Breitbart is noting that the Presbyterian hospital in Dallas that treated Duncan has become a ghost town and if things don’t change, the hospital could face financial ruin.


Newxmax has an article that is giving us an updated timeline concerning Ebola as well as more warnings from doctors on the front lines in West Africa.


A leading scientist is warning that Ebola is undergoing mutations that is causing it to become even more contagious.


Another scientist is telling us that this strain of Ebola is very different than others seen in Africa in the past.


And here’s an entry for the “WEIRD ‘COINCIDENCE’ CATEGORY”:

This past weekend Hillary Clinton went to Los Angeles to work on her campaign even though she has been really coy about not actually admitting that she has a campaign. In preparation for her arrival, an ‘artist’ hung an unknown number of posters of the ‘flying monkeys’ from the Wizard of Oz. This, of course, being a reference to Hillary being the “Wicked Witch of the West.”


But here’s the “WEIRD ‘COINCIDENCE’” part:

Bruce Willis did a movie in 1995 titled 12 Monkeys. In this movie, all people in America live underground because a deadly plague wiped out a great many of them. Engineers create an ‘imprecise’ form of time travel so that Willis can travel back in time and try to get a sample of blood so that a cure can be developed. The engineers suspect that a group that called themselves ‘the Army of the 12 Monkeys’ are the ones who created and released the deadly plague. This group would draw monkeys as graffiti on walls in Philadelphia. Turns out (spoiler alert) that this ‘Army’ had, in fact, nothing to do with the creation and release of the plague -- they just happened, as ‘coincidence’ be marking city streets with monkeys at the same time the plague was beginning its outbreak.

Now, in Los Angeles, we just ‘happen’ to have monkeys being depicted on city streets at the same time a plague is beginning in America. Like the movie, the monkeys don’t have anything to do with the creation or the release of the plague -- they just happen to be occurring at the same time.

One other thing to note about the movie 12 Monkeys and a ‘coincidence’:

In 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt is a mental patient whose father, Christopher Plummer, is a scientist. Turns out, Plummer’s assistant is David Morse, and Morse is revealed at the end of the movie as the one who gets on an airplane with canisters of biosamples to visit several cities, and shortly thereafter, those cities are the ones in which the plague begins to break out.

Brad Pitt also appeared in World War Z, an apocalyptic thriller about a deadly plague spreading around the world that causes humans to become rabid zombies. In WWZ, David Morse ALSO makes an appearance -- this time as a CIA agent in a South Korean prison who witnessed the beginning of the outbreak there and tells Brad Pitt that Pitt should go to Jerusalem because scientists there understood the plague first.

Perhaps Pitt and Morse just like making end-of-the-world plague movies.

In the meantime, as for Ebola, we have this official photo showing us President Obama is gearing up for any potential crisis.


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The Weather Channel is watching a cam that oversees a causeway leading to the airport in Bermuda to watch the approaching ‘monster storm’ Gonzalo. Bermuda is expected to take a direct hit.

Hawaii is watching the approaching tropical storm Ana. Storm season has been busy for the state of Obama's youth this year.

NASA is watching Mars as comet Sliding Springs makes a super close ‘once in a million years’ approach on Sunday. Not sure how the comet will interact with Mars, but the expectation is high that something will be notable as Sliding Springs will be about 87,000 miles away -- close in astronomical terms. But how their claim that the comet's approach is 'once in a million years' seems a tad bit difficult to actually verify.

End Times Forecaster is watching both the skies and the news to see if the ‘Friday crescent moon’ pattern holds true. Mass shootings have taken place on certain Fridays that have a crescent moon and are like 147 days apart from each other. You can read about it here.

The next possible Friday Crescent Moon Death Day: 10/17/2014

The U.N. is watching Ebola beginning to impact world food supplies and is sounding the alarm.

Escalation of Ebola epidemic could trigger major food crisis

The Weekly Standard is watching the CDC and our government as they stumble and keep fumbling the ball with the first Ebola cases here in the U.S. Drudge has linked to the Standard’s report that gives us reasons to watch with questions and concerns.

Six reasons to panic

As the disheartening news of a second healthcare worker contracting the deadly Ebola virus broke this week, I thought back to June when I first started paying attention to the news of this outbreak. What caught my attention back then was how many healthcare workers were contracting Ebola. If those on the front lines were collapsing and dying, those who had training, not to mention respect for how deadly this virus can be, were still falling victim, then what about those who lack those same skills, and, in deed, whose own knowledge and training are found wanting?

Earlier this week, I read a report about Ebola that caused me to recall a prophetic word from several years ago. That prophetic word caused me to remember what the girlfriend of Thomas Duncan (the Liberian man who brought Ebola here to the U.S.) said a day or two into her quarantine.

The report was this one:

Drexel Study claims 21 day quarantine for Ebola might not be long enough

Why do they claim that?

It appears that in 12% of the individuals who came in contact with an Ebola patient, the incubation time was slightly longer than the 21 days. In other words, they became sick after the 21 days. It might be one of the mutations of this virus as we have been warned in a prior report that this strain of Ebola might have already gone under as many as 300 mutations.

In addition, WHO released a report even more alarming stating that the Ebola virus might last as long as three weeks on surfaces and double the incubation time -- not 21 days, but 42 days!.

Yes . . . 42 days.


As for Thomas Duncan’s girlfriend, it was this piece of information from an Oct. 3rd Daily Mail article that caught my eye.


She (Duncan’s girlfriend) said that two CDC workers who visited the home on Wednesday brought sandwiches but they had no other food. At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Judge Jenkins was quick to respond to those claims, saying that several days supply of food was being delivered to the quarantined group and contaminated material would be removed by biohazard experts.

Daily Mail’s Oct 3rd article: Hazmat team finally arrive at Ebola victim’s apartment after 5 DAYS

When Thomas Duncan fell ill and Texas health officials came to his apartment and ordered a quarantine, Duncan’s girlfriend had NO FOOD in her home. She had to be there for at least 21 days or face criminal charges if she left. In a separate article she reportedly asked, “Who is going to bring me some food?”

Her experience along with health authorities saying 21 days might need to be extended has me wondering if perhaps this is what David Wilkerson saw coming when he gave his URGENT MESSAGE of March 2009.


It's interesting that Wilkerson's message was given in MARCH 2009. FIVE YEARS LATER TO THE MONTH, MARCH 18, 2014, health officials realized that the fast-moving, fast-killing disease striking Western Africa was a new strain of Ebola.

2014 Ebola virus disease epidemic timeline

Wilkerson stated in his URGENT MESSAGE that the FIRST thing he was going to do was lay in a 30-day supply of ‘food, toiletries and other essentials’ because in major cities, ‘grocery stores are going to be emptied in an hour.’

The Red Cross brought (presumably) 21-days worth of food to Duncan’s apartment, but keep in mind, Duncan’s girlfriend wasn’t the only one quarantined in the apartment; there were at least four other adults with her.

Do the math.

Then ask the question: Can the Red Cross do that for EVERY individual quarantined for 21 days?

Then ask: Who picks up the tab?

The second confirmed case, another nurse, Amber Vinson, flew from Dallas to Ohio. When she was ready to come home, she noted a fever. Reports thus far state that she notified the CDC who, reports claim, gave her permission to board a flight to go back to Dallas. Now that flight crew has been quarantined for 21 days.

Do those now quarantined flight attendants have enough food on hand?

If not, who is going to bring it to them?

Who pays for it?

We often hear disaster preparedness officials tell the public to have ‘3 days of food and water’ on hand because that’s how long it would take for help to arrive.

Ummmmm . . . . . that’s not going to cut it for an Ebola quarantine, is it?

It is interesting that David Wilkerson noted that the ‘impending calamity’ would be a ‘righteous judgment -- just as in the judgments of Sodom and in Noah’s generation,’ interesting because Ebola is being compared to AIDS, only more devastating.

Wilkerson noted that this ‘impending calamity’ would be ‘earth-shattering,’ meaning it would be very shaking to not just a region of the world, but to the WHOLE earth.

Ebola has come upon America and Europe as the Shemitah year has begun. The Shemitah year is about ‘shaking,’ and Ebola is beginning to do just that.

I will be the first to admit that I’ve long believed that David Wilkerson might have been speaking of a comet or an asteroid, and that may still be a possibility. Comets have long been signs in the skies of doom and gloom. Historically, they’ve been associated with wars, deaths, and even plagues. As noted above, NASA is watching a ‘once in a million years’ comet this weekend.

Here is an interesting article on comets and some connections to different disasters.


But is it possible that David Wilkerson saw this plague and tried to warn us five years ago to prepare -- it would be really bad? Is it why he steadfastly maintained for years (since 1972) that ‘shotgun riders’ would bring FOOD into New York City? Is it why he insisted that there was coming a day when major cities all over the planet would be on fire?

In an article dated 9/21 (note the day AFTER Thomas Duncan arrived here from Liberia) Rabbi Cahn who wrote The Harbinger explained the Biblical “Shemitah” year.

He makes the observation that the Shemitah year is associated with ‘shaking.’ Since September 21st, we’ve seen shaking in the world with Ebola, with ISIS advancing on Baghdad and with the roiling in the stock market.

Get Ready: Biblical “Shemitah” begins this week; Bestselling rabbi warns America of God’s 7-year judgments

Speaking of the stock market . . .

If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?

Because of a video by Mark Blitz that a reader (H/T “J”) sent to me several weeks ago, I’ve read more by (and about) Mark Blitz because he noted a ‘bombshell’ connection between the Shemitah year and the Tribulation.

Excerpt from a Prophecy Watch article (linked below):

In a recent exclusive article published in the WND, Pastor Blitz delivers what he calls a “bombshell” concerning the significance of the Shemitah and the Blood Moon Tetrad. In referring to the Biblical Tribulation, a seven year period of unprecedented peril and suffering on earth, he goes on to state, “what I am proposing is that it (the Tribulation) is simply a continuation of the Shemitah cycle that has been ticking along for ages. The Tribulation will not be any random sequence of seven years, but the first year of the Tribulation will begin with the first year of the seven-year cycle. This has huge prophetic implications when we realize this Rosh Hashanah is the seventh year of a seven-year cycle, and the fall of 2015 begins a new seven-year cycle.”

He continues, “In plain English, the seven-year tribulation could begin next fall. If it does not, then that means it will not start for another seven years since it is just a continuation of God’s orderly time clock. I am not saying the Lord will return next fall. I am not saying the Rapture will take place next fall. I am just saying regardless of where you want to put us on God’s time line, the seven-year tribulation is part of that timeline and will happen as part of the Shemitah cycle.”

Pastor Blitz reminds us that his theory is not based on a pagan calendar, like the Mayan’s but on the calendar given by the Creator of the Universe, the One who put the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, in part, to mark His “appointed times.” (Genesis 1:14-15)

The Shemitah, Blood Moons, God’s Seven-Year Cycles

In the Book of the Revelation, when the Antichrist rides out onto the world stage on a white horse, it is alongside three other horses: red horse of war, black horse of famine and pale horse of death, though some scholars believe the pale horse is actually described with a word that indicates more of a green color, perhaps indicating pestilence or disease. The rise of the Antichrist is accompanied by war, famine and pestilence all of which will cause a lot of death. His answers for such dire circumstances will be why he is hailed the Savior of the World.

Could Ebola be a harbinger that the Tribulation will soon be here?

The U.N. is sounding the alarm that Ebola could trigger famine.

Scientists and doctors are sounding the alarm that Ebola could become a worldwide pandemic. They are saying that a lot of people could die from this -- a lot.

We are hearing from multiple sources that this going to get worse before it gets better. Our world and these troubles are intertwined -- knock down one domino and many systems that we depend upon every day will collapse, probably quickly and for some time. I don't know how or when, or how dire -- I'm just passing along what others, others who watch from higher elevations and better vantage points than mine, are seeing and saying.

Perhaps at this point it no longer matters what David Wilkerson said five years ago. It might not even matter what Rabbi Cahn or Pastor Blitz said five days ago. What might matter is are you prepared to be unexpectedly quarantined for 21 days? (Like Duncan's girlfriend.  Like those flight attendants.)   And if not, who are you expecting to bring you your food?

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Now we know . . . Kerry's talks with counterparts on Oct. 15 concerning Iran's nuclear program didn't produce much. In fact, Times of Israel is reporting that Iran wanted more time past the Nov. 24 deadline, but the U.S. is resisting.

US resists extension of Iran nuclear talks beyond Nov. 24

As Kerry was meeting with Israel's mortal enemy, other 'nuclear' news was reported at ENE News. Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear facility took a direct hit from Typhoon Vongfong, a major storm. The outcome was not good, not good at all.

Typhoon Vongfong exited Japan over Fukushima

Fukushima workers urgently trying “to prevent groundwater from leaking into ocean” — Levels of nuclear waste surge next to sea — Strontium-90 shatters previous record by over 5 Billion Bq/m3 — Now 25 million times EPA limit

You might want to read that again -- 25 MILLION TIMES EPA LIMIT.

Record Radiation at Fukushima after Vongfong: First tests since Tuesday’s typhoon show radioactive material continues rising near ocean — Officials: We can’t do anything more to stop this, ‘depth and scope’ of contamination flowing out are unknown

And you might want to read that again -- WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING MORE TO STOP THIS.

Considering that ENE News is the ONLY site thoroughly covering the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I seriously doubt that we here in the U.S. will ever truly know the impacts upon our own continent from this disaster. Scientists suspect that whatever is wiping out the starfish population along the West Coast might be related, in some manner, to the radiation coming out of Fukushima.

Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species . . . Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been


As Vongfong was bearing down on Fukushima, a storm in the Atlantic has been bearing down on Bermuda, Hurricane Gonzalo. Koenig has noted that the storm began its approach to Bermuda (a British territory) as the UK was voting Oct. 13 about recognizing the Palestinians as a state. The measure passed 274 to 12. That was Monday.

British parliament votes in favor of recognizing ‘Palestine'; Hurricane Gonzalo heads toward Bermuda

The following Daily Mail article has this interesting note:

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that 'the storm rapidly intensified between Sunday and Monday.

Monster storm that stretches from the coast of Spain to Canada threatens to wreak havoc on both sides of the Atlantic

Hmmm . . . .

As the UK was voting, this storm rapidly intensified. Now it's a Category 4, and forecasters believe that the eye of Gonzalo will past just to the west of Bermuda. That may sound like good news until the Weather Channel reminds us that the fiercest winds and strongest storm surge will be in the upper right-hand quadrant. Yes, Bermuda will take a brutal beating from both winds and waves of this major hurricane.

Forecasters have this 'monster storm' eventually bearing down on the UK.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


As noted yesterday, the UK was voting whether to recognize the Palestinians as a state.

The vote passed, 274 to 12.

In case you are interested in their latest radio program on Ebola, here it is.

Fears of a global Ebola pandemic, Extinction Protocol Radio

And this from ZeroHedge:

The fight against Ebola: 'Boots on the Ground' in West Africa