Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I have a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton and her smug statement about her 'stamina' during Monday night's debate.

No, Hillary Clinton, stamina is NOT the ability to sit on your . . . derriere for 11 hours to explain (and fail miserably) about your most epic failure as Secretary of State. No, the true definition of stamina is why you were compelled to appear before Congress in the first.

The true definition of stamina is that FOR 13 HOURS on September 11, 2012, many men and women were under vicious attack in Benghazi, Libya, and in a life and death battle. Those men and women had to cope with knowing that you would not take their 3 a.m. phone call, that you would go on to bed and catch some shut-eye, and that President Obama, when he was thru with his miffed phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu would not take their call either, that he would go on to bed as well to rest up for the next morning's round of golf followed by yet another fundraiser. Those brave men and women would lose four of their own and many would suffer serious injuries, yet they couldn't quit fighting because if they did, it was most likely ALL of them would have died.

No, Hillary Clinton. Sitting for 11 hours dodging and ducking, bobbing and weaving to avoid giving direct answers from Congressional questions with a bottle of water within reach is not stamina. But many of us pity you that what you smugly offer as the strongest proof of your strength is actually the most damning proof of your weakness.


North Korea:

U.S. flies nuclear strategic bombers over South Korea in stark warning to North Korea

U.S. and S. Korea start more massive military drills despite N. Korea missile launch

North Korea warns UN of nuclear war with South Korea & U.S. – G7 to stiffen sanctions

North Korea Threatens To Turn America Into A “Heap Of Ashes”

North Korea claims it’s now able to nuke U.S. mainland (USA Today)


New Chinese Cruise Missiles to Have ‘High Level of Artificial Intelligence’

Electronic warfare comes to the South China Sea and why it matters (Asia Times)

China launches joint military exercises with Russia – sends long-range strategic nuclear-capable bombers near Taiwan


Ukraine joining NATO would be trigger for war with Russia

Turkey PM hints that America might have to share strategic airbase with Russia

Russia Plans To Deploy Thermonuclear ICBMs To Border

Nuclear Paranoia: Russia’s new weapons of mass destruction and the short fuse to doomsday


The Syrian Powder Keg: No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general

US backed Turkey invades Russian backed Syria

Turkey invades Syria with tanks: Syrian Foreign Ministry condemns breach of sovereignty

30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo


Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy spy planes in the Persian Gulf (FOX News)

Four Iran Ships "Harassed" US Destroyer, Carried Out "High Speed Intercept" In Strait Of Hormuz

In Latest Provocation, Iranian Vessel "Harasses" Another US Ship In Persian Gulf

Iran Says Thy Are Left With No Choice But To Confront The US

Iran used Obama's ransom payments to purchase missiles with 'Death to Tel Aviv' on them

U.S. unprepared?

US Military's Worst Nightmare: A War with Russia and China (at the Same Time)

U.S. top military brass warns: the U.S. isn’t ready for a war with Russia or China

Cyber attacks on satellites could spark global catastrophe, experts warn

Not everyone will survive if the American power grid fails

New alliances forming? Strengthening?

Power shift: Philippines turn to Russia and China for new military alliance – tells America to leave its country

Pakistan announces first-ever war games with Russia; Pakistan, China, Russia axis looms

For The First Time, Russian Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS From Iran’s Hamadan Air Base

China and Russia creating non-NATO coalition

Wilkerson Warning about Russia:

America is going to be destroyed by fire! Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape. Unexpectedly, and in one hour, a hydrogen holocaust will engulf America -- and this nation will be no more. --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth (1985)

David Wilkerson warned in 1985 that there is coming a day when Russia attacks the U.S. From the way he writes in Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, it looks like Russia will do a first strike without us expecting it, that we will try to return fire, but our missiles will simply fall back to earth. Henry Gruver saw something very similar in a vision he claims he was given in the late 1970s. There has long been tension between the U.S. and Russia, but it seems to have become more openly hostile under President Obama. There have been more and more reports of threatening behaviors and strained interactions. Dimitru Duduman prophesied that there is coming a day when Russia convinces China to form an alliance to challenge the U.S. I believe the pieces are being more into place where that day is approaching.

SEPT 27: 'Something Very Serious Transpired' Between Russia and US Over Syria (Sputnik News)

SEPT 27: Russian Foreign Ministry Responds To US Accusations: "The Real Barbarism Is What You Did In Libya and Iraq"

SEPT 27: President Hillary blacks out
(gg note: I am including this hypothetical scenario here because of how it eerily sets up a situation in which David Wilkerson's, and others, prophetic word about Russia attacking the U.S. could come to pass.)

SEPT 26: Putin's 'Blazing Sun' is a weapon of mass destruction

SEPT 7: Russian Jet Flies Within 10 Feet Of US Spy Plane

JUNE 29: Caught On Tape: US Destroyer Comes 'Dangerously Close' To Russian Patrol Boat In The Med

MAY 31: If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead

MAY 15: U.S., Poland officially break ground on new missile defense site (despite Russia's warning that this would be seen as a provocative act)

APRIL 19: Message From Putin to U.S. Navy: Buzz Off

APRIL 13: US European Command Releases Video Of Russian Jet Buzzing US Ship

DEC 2015: House Democrat Warns Obama's Actions Could Lead To "Devastating Nuclear War"

Monday, September 26, 2016


Two posts today: this one and NEWS UPDATES below.

For those of us who very much believe that the Bible speaks to future events, in particular the future of Jerusalem, then we need to read what Caroline Glick wrote on Friday.

Glick wrote an article for the Jerusalem Post about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The MoU is a military deal that will extend long past President Obama's departure from the Presidency, and at first seems like a mere budget agreement between the two states.

Glick has us look again. (emphasis in bold mine)

True, this MoU does cover a budget agreement, but Glick points out that Obama is using it for a stepping stone to the U.N. resolution that the French are prepared to present concerning not only the state of Israel, but also the division of Jerusalem.

This blog (and multiple others) have been watching for this very event for a long time perceiving that President Obama would not be content to leave office without having a two-state solution in place. For the entirety of his term this has been elusive, and it has appeared (administration officials have even said so) that Obama was resigned that there would not be two states 'living side by side in peace and security' before he left office.

Glick puts this to rest.

For Obama, the MoU isn’t about securing military financing for Israel. The aid is a means for him to achieve a different aim.

Administration and congressional sources warn that Obama wished to conclude the MoU in the final months of his presidency to burnish his pro-Israel credentials. He wants his pro-Israel bona fides intact as he enables the UN Security Council to adopt an anti-Israel resolution just after the US presidential election in November.

For the past year and a half, the French have been sitting on just such a resolution. If passed, the French draft Security Council resolution will require Israel to accept a deal with the Palestinians that would require it to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines with minor adjustments and partition Jerusalem within 18 months or face the prospect of the nations of the world recognizing a sovereign state of Palestine in a formal state of war with Israel.

You may have to read that last sentence again.


A formal state of war? Against Israel? All the nations?

Bill Koenig keeps two verses from Zechariah at the top of his website:

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. Zechariah 12:3

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. Zechariah 12:9

It appears that there is coming a day when all the nations will gather against Jerusalem to burden themselves with her (make Jerusalem their business).  Those nations that do so will be destroyed. If Caroline Glick is right, it appears that President Obama is ready to step aside and let the U.N. have their way with Israel.

Zechariah makes it plain, those nations who do this will be destroyed. He does not write how that will be accomplished but at Blue Letter Bible, Gesenius writes that the word 'destroy' means 'to lay waste cities . . . to destroy persons and peoples . . . to be annihilated.'

Here is the link to Glick's full article.

Obama’s Denouement, The devil in the details of Obama's military aid deal with Israel


Apprehended: another Muslim shooter guns down Americans in a “non-terrorist” act of slaughter

Bioethicists urge ban on doctors’ conscience rights: do abortions or quit

Charlotte Officials To Rioters – Anyone Caught Looting Will Have Welfare And Food Stamps Revoked For Life

Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

Emails Show Hillary Aide Sid Blumenthal Created Obama "Birther" Conspiracy

FULFILLED: East USA TERROR Explosions; Tri-State NY & NJ Train Explosions 29 Wounded

GOP mostly powerless in stopping Obama's ‘midnight’ regulations

Healthcare, rent costs are soaring

Internet as we know it won't be the same in ten years if Obama hands it off to the U.N.

Jimmy Carter: Originator of the Orwellian Term 'Undocumented Immigrant'

Koskinen Admits to Making False Statements About Email Destruction

Living In A Van Down By The River – Time To Face The True State Of The Middle Class In America

MA High Court rules Black People Have Special Right To Run From Police

New York Times Continues Trying to Quantify The Looming 2016 Election Possibility of The Monster Vote

Obama’s terrorist-release program is almost as frightfully dismal as his fight against ISIS

Powder Keg: No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general

QUICK QUESTION: Are you ready for the most anticipated presidential debate in decades? 26 Incredible Facts About The Economy That Every American Should Know For The Trump-Clinton Debate

Retirement Crisis Looms As Average U.S. Household Has Saved only $2,500 For Retirement

Spirit Of Violence Rises In America Following The Unveiling Of The ‘Harbinger Of Baal’ In New York

The terrifying signs of a looming housing crisis

Utah Congressmen Propose First Native American Land Grab In 100 Yrs

Voter opposition to globalization bothers Bill Gates

Watergate territory - Barack Obama used alias to email Hillary Clinton on her private email server

x-CIA Agent questions FBI Director Comey's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails

Yellen's "Footnote 8" - The Negative Rate 'Smoking Gun' That Everyone Missed

Zombies are voting in Colorado, and amazingly they are all voting . . . Democrat!

Friday, September 23, 2016


Day after 9/11, thousands of Muslims turn Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, into giant mosque to celebrate Islamic holiday of EID

Unsolved Homicides in Anchorage Alarm Residents and Baffle Police

HUGE food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore

Baltimore residents beg police to protect their neighborhoods

Buffalo, NY Deli Owner Ahmed Alshami Charged with Food Stamps Fraud, Wife Yells F*ck America

At Least 12 Charlotte, North Carolina Cops Injured During Riot After Fatal Police Shooting

String Of Deadly Arsons Strike Chicago Leaving 1 Dead And Dozens Homeless

Chicago Sees Huge Spike In Murders Over Labor Day As Cops Stay Home In "Disrespect Of Police" Protest

Chicago Records "Most Violent Month In 20 Years"

Chicago’s Murder Rate Spirals Out of Control

Recent Surge In Inner-City Heroin Overdoses in Cincinnati "Unlike Anything We've Seen Before"

Thousands of stray dogs are roaming streets of Dallas, Texas

Detroit Has Gone From Being The Greatest Manufacturing City In The World To A Global Joke

Decades of democrat rule has left Detroit resembling a third world nation

Explosion Rips Through Manhattan: 25 Injuries So Far

Mysterious illness continues to spread at Manhattan High School

The Arch Of Triumph to the Temple of Bel Is Going Up In New York City On September 19th

New York City Mayor Calls for More Immigration in Response to U.S. Terror Attacks

First abortion clinic in 40 years opens in Oklahoma City

Residents in Philadelphia are being robbed of their house numbers — but only zeroes and ones

Satanic Temple headquarters to open in Salem, Massachusetts

Pipe Bomb Explosion Cancels Marine Corp Charity Race In Seaside, New Jersey

Mass Stabbing At Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota leaves 8 Injured, Suspect who spoke of 'Allah' Killed

FSU student, possibly high on 'flakka,' attacks and kills Tequesta, Florida couple then tries to eat the man's face

Loud, rumbling noise rattles Whitehall, Montana during 4.0 earthquake