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John McTernan notes that strongest quake to hit California in 25 years comes less than 48 hours after a 'major pro abortion' decision in the state: all medical insurance companies must provide abortion coverage, no exceptions

NAPA quake could cost insurers $2 billion

Planned Parenthood in OHIO holds day of prayer (Aug 28) for MORE ABORTIONS

Curious timing: OHIO school put on lockdown after man angry at Israeli conflict threatens to murder school children with AK-47


What has happened to the Pacific Northwest's sockeye salmon population?

Major science meeting on Fukushima’s link to wildlife problems on West Coast


Persistent drought causing land to rise in US West


Death toll passes 1,550; outbreak accelerates

More Ebola cases in past week than any other

Ebola is rapidly mutating as it spreads across West Africa

Ebola outbreak evolving in alarming ways; up to 20,000 may be eventually affected

Genomic sequencing reveals more than 300 mutations in 2014 Ebola virus

Canada pulls Ebola lab team from Sierra Leone; WHO pulls team after 2nd worker contracts virus

WHO pulls Ebola team, probes site of staffer's infection

WHO worker Ebola infections mount; Sierra Leone lab shut; Senegal doctor flown to Hamburg

Different Ebola strain kills 13 in the Congo – second outbreak adds to fears virus may be unstoppable

Mystery: infected epidemiologist had no contact with patients, as 3rd doctor dies from Ebola in Sierra Leone

Uncontainable? Nigeria confirms two more cases; victim had contact with Patrick Sawyer, traveled out of Lagos, became ill, consulted a doctor, doctor has since died

Ebola virus endangering banks, investments

Horror! Dogs eating dead Ebola victims


"Hey, ISIS, I ain't got no plans to interfere with you folks."--Obama

Krauthammer stunned that Obama would publicly admit to 'no strategy' to stopping ISIS

C'mon people! Obama never has a plan

Perhaps there's 'no plan' because Obama has his head 'buried in hole on first green'

White House press secretary said the administration isn't concerned about Obama's 'no strategy' comment, but about the 'way it was being reported'

ISIS beheads Kurd as warning against US-Kurd alliance

Obama's Escape from Planet Reality
GG Note: A 'spot-on' YouTube)

Islam and Obama’s Escape from Planet Reality

The 'real JV' player is Obama

Report: Hundreds of Americans may be fighting for ISIS

Jihadi High! Minnesota school has produced two dead American ISIS terrorists

Unliked President Obama, captured ISIS' laptop reveals they DO have a strategy -- to weaponize bubonic plague

Cancer, treatment, . . . (cartoon)

Oh, dear! cartoon showing 'the real threat'

'No boots on the ground' cartoon


Obama not letting Supreme Court ruling stop his attack on Hobby Lobby; forces heavy fines on NUNS who don't pay for abortions


New concern -- 50 million cubic meters of magma under Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano moving towards very large Askja volcanic system

Iceland prepares for 'volcano from hell'

Yellowstone supereruption would send ash across North America


Russia and the start of WW3, John McTernan

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". . . no faith teaches people to massacre innocents*." -- Barack Obama
(Important footnote: Let me be clear -- 'innocents,' in this context, is not meant to include the unborn in the womb.)



BILLIONS of jelly-fish like creatures wash up on West Coast beaches



Is the Dollar and Equities Ready to Crash?

30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed

"The Financial System Is Vulnerable," NYFed Asks "Could The Dollar Lose Its Reserve Status?"



Lake Oroville in Calif after 3 years of drought



Oklahoma hit with record-setting 20 earthquakes in one day, on Aug 19
(GG Note: House creaked and moved slightly with the 4.3)

Bardarbunga -- is globally-super-dangerous volcano getting ready to go off?

1,000 earthquakes near Bardarbunga, adding to fears of potential explosion



CDC: 30 States Plus D.C. Have Requested Help with Possible Ebola Cases

Fears ebola has 'spread to Congo after 10 people die' with ebola-like symptoms; the first outbreak of the virus was reported here (then Zaire) on August 26, 1976 – almost exactly 38 years to the day

Nigerian doctor, released and said recovered from Ebola drops dead – virus may have mysterious latent triggers

Aug 16 TEP radio: “There is no end in sight to this virus” – No end in sight to Ebola outbreak, WHO official says – USA Today

Liberia's Ebola Clampdown Turns Violent as Asia Fears New Cases

Mob Attacks Liberian Police in Response to Quarantine of Tens of Thousands in Capital

Cameroon Blocks All Nigeria Borders As Ebola Cases Rise, 17 Liberian Escapees Recovered



Eric Holder and Ferguson, Torah Code, Barry Roffman

Obama and Ferguson, juxtaposed headlines

Ferguson cop gets more donations in financial support than Mike Brown



A Calculated Threat

Hillary takes the ice bucket challenge



From The Independent, UK:

Obama claims victims of ISIS are 'overwhelmingly' Muslim

STATE DEPT: Beheading of Jim Foley 'not about the United States'

STATE DEPT: 'War with America Is Not What ISIS Represents'

FLASHBACK: Mike Morrell (ex-CIA)about the beheading, 'Mark this day down, it is the first act of terrorism against the United States by ISIS,' in interview with CBS News, August 20

FLASHBACK: 'God willing, we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House

FLASHBACK: 'We will drown all of you in blood'

EX-CIA AGENT: 'Silly, Juvenile' to Reveal Foley Rescue Attempt

RALPH PETERS: "You do not compromise a vital, above top secret national security information for five minutes of political gain. It's un-American."

Obama claims ISIL speaks for no religion. Then what’s the “I” in “ISIL” stand for…?

This beheading would get Obama's attention

Do you mind?! (cartoon)

'We will be vigilant, and we will be relentless."

MIKE LUPICA: "When the going gets tough, the tough really do go golfing. [Obama] reacts about as well to the hideous death of Foley as his administration has to the growing threat of ISIS."

Black flag of ISIS coming over White House? John McTernan

SENATOR INHOFE OF OKLAHOMA: ISIS 'Rapidly Developing a Method of Blowing up a Major US City'

What is wrong with ISIS is What is wrong with Islam, Sultan Knish

ISIS IS True Islam, Walid Shoebat

Explaining Iraq and Isis:
(GG Note: brief language, but great explanation)



What message is Obama sending to Israel?

Obama must be told Israel is not a vassal state

AUG 10: Thousands march in CHILE calling to sever ties with Israel

AUG 13: New report claims CHILE may be on brink of mega earthquake



Sailing into Oblivion: So how's that gay marriage working out for your denomination?

California bill would let birth certificates reflect same-sex parents

New York fines farm $13,000 for not hosting lesbian wedding

'I'm here from the government, and I'm here to rewrite your sermon'



BERGDAHL: Obama broke the law trading for Bergdahl

FLASHBACK: Obama and Bergdahl trade, Torah Code, Barry Roffman

ENEMY: Obama 'greatest enemy of freedom of the press in a generation'

GEN GREENE'S FUNERAL: Neither Obama nor Biden attended murdered general's funeral; Obama on golf course

IRS: Federal Judge Takes Extraordinary Steps in IRS Lawsuit

MOCKING: North Korea mocks Obama's Secretary of State

ON FIRE: Another reference to Obama being 'on fire.'

PHOTO OPS: Obama 'not interested' (cartoon)


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Yesterday was August 19. A ‘bot’ report out of Boston several days ago indicated that there might be a ‘level 6’ of martial law here in the U.S. because of ebola. That, thankfully, has not happened. Not because ebola is less of a threat; indeed, ebola is still raging in West Africa with WHO placing the death toll at 1229.



However the 'bot' recognized '75 hotspots.' As of today, there have been 68 'scares,' plus waiting on 3. That makes 71.

CDC: US Has Had 'at Least 68' Ebola Scares, Three Still Awaiting Results

So though martial law has not been declared because of ebola hotspots, the situation in Ferguson, MO, has become a hotspot and is escalating to the point where the police have resembled the military rather than local police, and the National Guard was deployed.

FLASHBACK: Across America, Police Departments are quietly preparing for war

There have also been some random protests and marches in support of Ferguson coming from New York City, Washington, D.C., Houston and Los Angeles.

Barry Roffman has run a Torah Code on Ferguson and among its implications are that perhaps it was his fear over his role in a convenience store robbery that may have been at the root of Michael Brown’s reaction to Office Darren Wilson.


Palestinians tweet support for Ferguson

Palestinian flag flies in Ferguson

ISIS encourages Ferguson via social media to turn protests into jihad against the U.S. government

Obama's Frightening Ferguson Fiasco

Obama takes break from golfing to address ISIS, Ferguson

Obama holding the weight of golf on his shoulders (cartoon)

Obama returns to golf course after proclaiming sorrow for the beheading of an American journalist and promising relentless pursuit of ISIS

Ferguson is Governor Nixon's Katrina

New Orleans Hurricane Exactly 9 Years After Katrina?

Incredible parallels between Katrina and Gaza Pullout of 2005

Wilson sustained fractured eye socket

Before investigation is done, Gov. Nixon is calling for Wilson to be 'vigorously' prosecuted (GG Note: One can't help but wonder if Nixon wants officers to suffer physical harm as proof that the assailant intended to cause physical harm.)

Obama's Rage

Ferguson's Old Grievances

The World comments on Ferguson

Because of how the protest had turned more intense on Weds, August 13, on August 14, Governor Nixon ordered crowd control out of the hands of the local police and put the Missouri Highway Patrol in charge of the situation. It was hoped that this change would assure protestors that they did have a voice and were being heard, and that the protestors would disperse. That did not happen.

But the connection to Gaza isn't over. Something happened also on Weds, August 13. On Wednesday, August 13, a phone call, described as ‘combative,’ is said to have occurred between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, a phone call that also is described as breaking down into ‘name-calling,’ though we don’t know what those ‘names’ were.

Apparently as the conflict raged between Israel and Hamas in the days that led up to the phone call, President Obama did not want some Hellfire missiles sent to Israel, so had the shipment halted.

Yes, as Israel was responding to attacks from Hamas, President Obama, the same President Obama who frequently boasts that he has Israel’s back, refused to send Israel a shipment of arms.

Excerpt from The Times of Israel:

A senior Israeli official confirmed to Israeli media that the US had suspended a shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel amid worsening ties over fighting in Gaza.

The decision to hold off on the transfer was most likely on grounds of increased diplomatic tension, the official said, corroborating a Wall Street Journal report earlier in the day that claimed the White House and State Department had been angered by a transfer of arms to Israel and had ordered greater oversight into future sales.

So, according to this excerpt from The Times of Israel, John Kerry wasn’t happy about the arms shipment either.

Towards the end of the article, it is noted that the John Kerry’s recent attempts to broker a ceasefire, without Israel’s input, has ‘put a strain on his ties with the Israeli administration.’ (emphasis mine)

‘. . . strain on ties.” We’ve seen this particular wording before.


Daniel at Prayers for the People wrote this February 5, 2009:

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point.

John Kerry is certainly part of this ‘Obama administration.”

It might be worth noting that Daniel also notes that as the ties are strained to the breaking point, civil unrest will be taking place here in the U.S.

The nation will see true figures of unemployment, lines that have yet to see true numbers, and cities turning people away for lack of staff to accommodate such mass turnouts. Those seeking employment will stand in rain and cold, day and night, days at a time. The anger of the people will begin to swell in the lines, the lines that seem to never move. The riots stem from the lines; the marches of angry unemployed storm the streets and demand help. The Obama administration will be criticized by those who expected a change.

Criticism of Obama for not delivering ‘change’ as he promised in his 2008 campaign has been shouted from the streets of Ferguson.

FERGUSON UNREST: Protesters Lash Out at Obama & Sharpton “You Haven’t Changed Nothin. F*ck Y’all!”

Why so much anger in Ferguson? 10 facts about the massive economic gap between white America and black America

Coming Race War won't be about Race, Time

And this cartoon noting the unemployment lines.

As Obama refuses to help Netanyahu against Hamas, Ferguson is becoming his own internal hotspot.

Interesting that when one takes I-70 west out of Ferguson, one goes thru Columbia (America, Columbia disaster, fireball), past Sedalia (Duduman, nuclear attack) straight into Kansas City (Obama mocking, nuclear attack).



I’ve written several times before about what Dimitru Duduman had to say -- that when some people from the middle of the U.S. began fighting the government, Russia makes a move against us. We saw some sporadic protests last month against illegal immigrants being bussed around the country; however, this situation in Ferguson seems to come a bit closer to Duduman’s warning.

First: there are protests, and there is anger against the government, including against Obama. However, there does not seem to be actual fighting against the government, fighting, I would think, that would include heavier weaponry than just molotov cocktails and bottles of urine being thrown at police officers and more than just police officers looking like the military.

However, second: Ferguson is in the middle in the country.

Third: as the Ferguson protests take place ISIS beheaded a journalist and titled the incident, “A Message to America.”

From Debka:

Titled “A Message to America,” the gruesome clip shows a masked militant saw away at the neck of James Wright Foley, a 40-year-old New Hampshire native captured in Binesh, Syria on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Curiously, the prophetic word that Duduman gave about the protests . . .

He said, "Remember this, Dumitru. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,,.." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!"

is similarly titled, “A Message for America.”

Fourth: The 1983 movie, THE DAY AFTER, is about the Russians bombing the missile silos (the nuclear storehouses) in Kansas and Missouri, including airbursts over KANSAS CITY and SEDALIA.

In the movie, Russia sends armored divisions to the border between West and East Germany. (In our current time, Russia is sending armored divisions to the border of Ukraine.) On SEPT 15, the U.S. issues an ultimatum to retreat from the border or Russia's actions will be considered an act of war. Russia refuses. Firing begins the next day, including the ICBMs over Kansas. Part of the movie takes place on I-70 on the west side of Kansas City as a doctor (Jason Robards) tries to survive in the aftermath. Interesting that wikipedia notes that the site of Lawrence, KS, for the basis of the movie was because Lawrence was "agreed upon as being the "geographic center" of the United States, . . . Lawrence was a perfect choice to play a representative of Middle America. The town boasted a "socio-cultural mix," sat near the exact geographic center of the continental U.S., and Hume and Meyer's research told them that Lawrence was a prime missile target, because 150 Minuteman missile silos stood nearby." And wikipedia notes that the people of Lawrence urged scriptwriters to keep the actual name of Lawrence rather than the proposed fictional name of "Hampton."

As THE DAY AFTER was being developed, the original director could not complete the project, so Nicholas Meyer, who had just completed STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN agreed to finish the film.

Interesting, as ISIS has been compared to GHENGHIS KHAN and his MONGOLS.


The same water tank used in WRATH OF KHAN to create visual effects was also used to create the nuclear mushroom clouds over Kansas City for THE DAY AFTER.

And interesting is the wikipedia note that in THE WRATH OF KHAN, Kirk embodies the "restless elements" of Ishmael.

KHAN reappears in the 2013 Star Trek movie, INTO DARKNESS. Wikipedia notes that this particular Star Trek is more about terrorism, and "this idea that our enemy might be walking among us, not necessarily on the other side of an ocean." Wikipedia goes on to note that of Captain Kirk, this movie is more about "his crisis of leadership."

For THE DAY AFTER, stock footage from de-classified Department of Defense videos of missile strikes was used as well as footage used in the 1979 movie METEOR, which showed the destruction of the WORLD TRADE CENTER. Footage was also used from 1976 football stadium-sniper movie TWO-MINUTE WARNING, and as well as from the 1977 nuclear war movie, DAMNATION ALLEY. Production on THE DAY AFTER began AUG 16, 1982. The Ferguson protests are taking place 32 years later.

Watching with you -- GardenGirl

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On August 14, a picture of President Obama "dancing the night away" at Martha's Vineyard was discovered Thursday morning posted on Twitter. By Thursday night, it was pulled.


Because the "optics" were "really, really bad."

As Obama was dancing, there was an ugly confrontation going on between protestors in Ferguson, MO, and police officers from the Ferguson police department. Tear gas and rubber bullets by SWAT teams were being used to break up the crowd.

This is the photo of Obama bustin' his moves:

I Own the World mocked that photo with this photoshop.


I have written at this blog before about the monkey god pocket charm that Obama showed the world in 2008, while on the campaign trail. Many Hindus claimed that the little charm was none other than their deeply revered monkey god, Hanuman.

Hanuman is sometimes shown with his skin and bones pulled aside to reveal who resides in his heart. The person is NOT Jesus Christ, but Lord Rama. Lord Rama, the "lord" many worshipers believe will appear, in a different form/avatar, to be savior of the world some day. The Beatles adored Rama with the song "My Sweet Lord." Hanuman worships Rama as Lord and Savior.

The day before Obama accepted the nomination of his party to be their candidate for the Presidency, Obama was presented with a "specially blessed" 2-foot, gold-plated idol of the same monkey god. An inscription identified the idol as a gift to "Shri Barack Obama," or "Lord Barack Obama."

Obama has not been shy about his fondness for Hanuman. He gives space in his book Dreams from my Father to his first encounter with Hanuman as a young boy in Jakarta. He writes with awe of this mighty "god," especially as a fighter of demons. Here is one picture of a Hanuman idol in Jakarta.

In October 2009, Obama was the first President to light the Diwali light in honor of Hanuman at the White House and then bow in reverence before it.

Obama allowed a "senior" priest from the Sri Shiva Vishu Temple temple in Lanham, Maryland to officiate at the service. At this particular temple, its Hanuman idol is the largest in the United States.

Obama even allowed the priest to wrap a red shawl about his shoulders.

Gifts of candy blessed by this priest and in Hanuman's honor were given to guests.

As noted in past posts but mentioned here yet once again, Hanuman is considered by many to have an alternate form, an avatar, and that is of Shiva the Destroyer.

Obama has been pictured as Shiva by Newsweek.

Shiva is considered to have a "female" form, though some say the female is a consort, and that is Kali.

Kali is pictured frequently with her tongue protruding.

A trait that is frequently expressed by Miley Cyrus.


In addition to a protruding tongue, Kali is known to dance upon the body of a dead man (some claim it is the body of Shiva, others claim it is the body of a conquered demon) and at the same time holding the severed head of a man, and in some instances she is shown wearing a necklace of severed heads.

Curious that such a viral photo (and subsequent mocking photoshop) would surface at the same time as when ISIS militants have been "beheading" Christians and any who will not convert to Islam, and desecrating their bodies, as they terrorize their way across a large swath of Iraq. Curious that such a personification of the pocket charm Obama carries would manifest itself and be attributed to Obama in such a way in these photos -- dancing upon dismembered dead as the world burns and is being destroyed.