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Sunday, November 29, 2015


$1 billion: Black Friday sales for 2015 $1 billion less than Black Friday 2014

$1 billion: TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed as Ineffective “Junk Science”

$1 billion: Amount Toyota invests in artificial intelligence in the US

$1.5 billion: Amount given in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood over the last 3 years

$1.9 billion: Amount IRS union wants in funding

$2 billion: Amount in taxpayer dollars used to prop up Obamacare co-ops

$2.32 billion: Amount added to national debt EVERYDAY

$3 billion: Amount Obama has pledged to the UN's 'Green Climate Fund'

$3 billion: Amount American taxpayers will give to UN for its regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined are paying

$3.5 billion: Amount federal workers owe in unpaid taxes

$3.9 billion: Amount debt up under John Boehner's spending deals

$4 billion: Minimum amount Obama has given to foreign companies in 'green energy' grants

$5 billion: Amount Post Office lost in FY2015

$5.6 billion: Amount IRS wasted on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits

$25 billion: Amount Fannie Mae could be insolvent

$50 billion: Amount given to Iranians JUST TO SIGN on the dotted line of Obama's nuclear deal

$66 billion: Amount Pentagon has spent rebuilding Afghanistan since 2002

$100 billion: Amount Pelosi-Boehner Medicare deal adds to deficit

$105 billion: Amount Chicago is underfunded for pensions

$125 billion: Oops, amount of improper payments dished out by federal agencies

$130 billion: Amount taxpayers will owe in the next ten years just for Medicare physician payments

$472 billion: Feds set record tax haul in April 2015

$578 billion: Amount national debt climbed in 22 days

$1223.7 billion: Amount of US debt China holds

$1224.4 billion: Amount of US debt Japan holds


$1.3 trillion: Amount taxpayers are on the hook for student loan defaults

$1.88 trillion: Cost of federal regulations in 2014

$2 trillion: Regulatory compliance costs per year

$3.5 trillion: Amount the EPA’s ozone regulations will eliminate in economic output by 2020

$8 trillion: Amount national debt has climbed during Obama's presidency

$10 trillion: the coming loss in paper wealth

$58.7 trillion: total US debt at end of 2014

$210 trillion: Fiscal gap, which is almost 12 times current GDP of $18 trillion; When the Great Recession began in 2007, the federal government's debt totaled about 40 percent of GDP. But that ratio surged to 78 percent of GDP in 2013.

$505 trillion: Amount in interest rate derivatives that could be in jeopardy - Michael Snyder

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


On Monday I linked to this post by Michael Snyder:

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil

Today, you really should read this companion story:

Is This What Drudge Was Alluding To in Vague Tweet?)

And here are two more perspectives:

NATO, Turkey And America Playing Russian Roulette - There's No Turning Back Now!


Isn't it interesting this 'same-time' frame warning for Obama's political home town?

Warning: If You Live Anywhere Near Chicago, Brace Yourself For Massive Rioting


While this administration pushes the American people to be envious of the "one percenters" and to covet what they have, the truth is the "one percenters" don't force you to hand over your money to them via taxes, the US government does.

Here is how they spend your tax dollars.

Whether you approve or not is irrelevant.

$1 Million: Dead people CAN get Social Security benefits

$2 Million: So Obama could give some late-night laughs

$5 Million: Pentagon paid NFL for events to honor troops

$6 Million: DNC's debt, and is running up a deficit each month

$8 Million: VA buys then destroys unused solar panels to make room for parking garage

$8 Million: IRS buys office furniture and toys

$8 Million: Yale student protesters claim money needed to reduce racism, or something

$15 Million: Muslim 'Clock Boy' sues Texas school for damages

$16 Million: Amount Bill Clinton has received in taxpayer-funded benefits since leaving WH

$20 Million: Feds teach Guatemalan mothers to know when their babies are hungry

$34 Million: Pentagon built facility in Afghanistan but never used it

$43 Million: Spent on gas station in Afghanistan

$44 Million: Michelle Obama's ‘vacation’ travel expenses
(gg note: Well! Bill Clinton's $16 million since 2000 doesn't look so bad now.)

$100 Million: To address "diversity and racism" at Brown University

$113 Million: Cost for marine terminal for failed offshore windfarm

$134 Million: Customs and Border Patrol estimated costs for 'future influx' of illegal alien children

$142 Million: VA awarded bonuses to troubled offices

$201 Million: HHS needs additional Obamacare navigators

$212 Million: STD group lobbies for federal funding to fight epidemic of syphilis among gay men that has dramatically increased since 2008

$214 Million: Despite Amtrak losses, employees still get bonuses

$348 Million: NRA has best financial year yet

$595 Million: EPA Admits New Biofuel Standard Will Be Costly

??? Millions: Fidel Castro doesn't know the EXACT amount but claims US owes Cuba, like, a lot


Millions of taxpayers seeking assistance from IRS were HUNG UP ON; IRS claims those funds were needed to implement Obamacare

Millions of new Obamacare enrollees needed to prevent program from collapsing

Millions of Americans have no choice but to line up at food banks

Millions of U.S. Children on Food Stamps in 2014

Millions of US jobs could be lost to robots in the next few decades

Millions of spiders are currently infesting a neighborhood in Memphis

Millions of dead fish found near the tiny Sanibel Island south west Florida

Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Thirty-Two Days to Economic Doom; the "Black Swan Event" everyone fears

We Mathematically Have The Largest Financial Hurricane Of All Time Coming And Will Be A Direct Hit Worldwide

DoubleLine's Gundlach Warns "These Markets Are Falling Apart"

Global Trade (Still) In Freefall: Imports Collapse At Largest Three US Ports

Four US Firms With $4.8 Billion In Debt Warned This Week They May Default Any Minute

If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Hedge Funds, Energy Companies And Large Retailers Imploding? - Michael Snyder

The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse - Michael Snyder

The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low - Michael Snyder

Here Is The Complete Scenario In Which The Fed Hikes Rates, Starts A Recession, And Launches QE4

Gov’t Officially Steals More Than Thieves: “Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014″

US govt. admits Social Security going bankrupt; warns public should be given 'adequate time to prepare' for the collapse

Congress proposes chilling resolution on Social Security

The Debt Is Infinity: By The Time There Is $60 Trillion In Existence, The Debt Will Be Some Multiple Of That Number

Mega Merger of Botox and Viagra Makers Sets Off Alarm in US Treasury

Sprott Unleashed: “Everything is a Lie… They’ve Got To Pretend There Is An Economic Recovery Happening”

Oil May Plunge to $20, Signalling Economic Disaster: “The Numbers Are Dreadful And Unprecedented”

Watching Greece, Puerto Rico, South America:

"Social Explosion" Begins In Greece As Massive Street Protests Bring Economy To A Fresh Halt

Puerto Rico Bond Yields Hit Record Highs, Jack Lew was wrong again (now 450bps 'riskier' than Greece)

Stagflation Ahead: Goldman Is "Unreservedly Disappointed" With Latin America

Microsoft Just Gave Brazilian Consumers A Stunning Inflationary Wake Up Call

Oil Slides On Venezuela Warning, Soaring Dollar

Monday, November 23, 2015


Since I couldn't get this posted on Friday, here you go:

After Paris, Obama’s Abandonment of Leadership

"Bunch of killers with good social media," Obama sniffs at suggestion that ISIS isn't JV

Cheney: Obama to Blame for Rise of ISIS

Discrimination: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, Only 53 Christians

Enemy is within the gates and he sits in the Oval Office

France's war against the Jews - Caroline Glick

GOP rhetoric 'potent recruiting tool' for ISIS claims Obama

How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks' - Bill Whittle

Incredible shrinking President

Just Hours After Obama Taunts GOP With ‘Widows’ Female Suicide Bomber Explodes In Paris

Kiss the Devil: Paris and the Devil's Song

Leaflets dropped to ISIS from US warning fuel truck drivers to scatter

M and M candies explain Syrian refugee crisis

No joke: Biden says ISIS does not pose 'an existential threat' to the US

Obama wants to defeat America, not ISIS

Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened And All Hell Is Breaking Loose - Michael Snyder

Question from CNN's Jim Acosta on ISIS really irritates Obama

Russia Explains To Clueless US Public Why Obama Can't Defeat ISIS

Sunnis are Obama's preferred Muslims to enter US, why he loves them and hates Christians

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil - Michael Snyder

US Centcom Accused Of Lying To President, Congress, Public About Airstrikes, Ground Fight

Vetting form for Obama administration

Why Hillary and Obama Prefer Islam to Christianity

X-CIA director Woolsey says Obama 'piddling around' with weak ISIS air strikes

Yes, that's how we feel

Zoo footage shows penguins in escape attempt
(gg note: Thought I would close with some humor.)