Saturday, November 28, 2020


At least I think they are important. There is so much going on out there that I decided to have a rare Saturday post. Friday's "WEEKEND READING" links are below this post. Thanks!

1. This YouTube is embedded in a link I posted a few days ago. I watched it last night, and it is quite interesting.

PS: Don't you like how YouTube keeps wanting to help us accept that the election has been already called by the AP for Biden by posting a disclaimer by certain videos that dispute the election results? Puh-leez. The AP is no where mentioned in the Constitution as the final authority on Presidential elections (or any elections for that matter).

2. Andrea Widburg wrote the above article. But she also wrote the next article I am linking to. Quite interesting if it turns out she is on the mark.

Does Trump’s shuffling of the Defense Policy Board mean something?

3. This looks promising, but I still feel like we are in the woods.

It’s Happening: Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution — DISPUTES STATEWIDE 2020 ELECTION RESULTS

Second Judge Upholds Halt To Pennsylvania Certification . . .

4. I am very happy to see the pardon for General Flynn!

The Obamas, the Bidens and all the totalitarian leftists out there were already in tears over conservatives and normal Americans enjoying their Thanksgiving with family and a nice meal (except some Californians, where Gavin Newsom turned off their power), so this pardon made their tofu-furkey and yogurt even harder to swallow behind their Biden-Harris face masks! You KNOW this pardon just made OBAMA sick.

Jack Flynn fires up the base

The dozen belated disclosures that turned the tide in Michael Flynn’s case

And Andrea Widburg also has something to say about Flynn. My, my, my she has been a busy little bee writing this week!

Thanks to President Trump, General Flynn is finally free

5. Go after this guy with the Logan Act!

We learned with General Flynn, it doesn't matter if the Act is Constitutional or not, it can be used to absolutely ruin a perfectly good life, a perfectly good man and a perfectly good career. You realize the nuance here, don't you? Trump had been certified the WINNER of the 2016 election when Flynn spoke with Russia's Kislyak and asked him to not take action against Obama's expelling of several Russia diplomats for "interference" in the 2016 election. Strzok had handwritten notes that seemed to indicate that at a White House Oval meeting, WITH OBAMA PRESENT, Joe Biden suggested targeting Flynn with the Logan Act for speaking to the Russian. In this situation, Biden HAS NOT BEEN CERTIFIED the winner of the 2020 election, but Brennan is publicly advising the Iranians to not retaliate as Biden will soon be in charge. The gall!

6. I wish Carter Page EVERY success!

Carter Page sues DOJ, FBI, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strozk and Lisa Page for $75 million

Brennan advises Iranians to not retaliate for death of their nuke scientist when he has not official capacity from which to advise

Did You Notice Anything Ironic About That Tweet From John Brennan on Iran?

7. It might have started earlier than we think. In this next article, you will see some pretty early dates in Obama's first term (2009, 2010). It appears Obama begin to make some changes then that might help him in 2012. See what you think.

Whistleblowers indicate Joe Biden implicated in Dominion voting scam connected to Serbia

8. With any luck, NY Times will cancel themselves in a fit of fury over the irony in this article:

HUGE! Sidney Powell Witness Whom NY Times Described as “Always the Smartest Person in the Room” Concludes Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Transferred from Trump to Biden IN ALL BATTLEGROUND STATES

9. Kudos to Gateway Pundit! They have been all over the shenanigans in this election.

The Dominion algorithm used to steal the election

10. "Drop and Roll" -- I've heard the phrase, but didn't know what it meant. Gateway Pundit has a short 3 minute video embedded in this next article that explains. Perfect!

Did Democrats Recommend Pre-Printed Ballots and Provisional Envelopes for Up to 40% of Registered Voters to Be On Hand So They Could Steal Election for Biden?

11. Biden told us he was going to do this.

Joe Biden Accidently CONFESSES to Organizing Voter FRAUD ??

Joe Biden Says He Doesn't Need Voters To Get Elected

12. So a bunch of us will be watching AZ on Monday:

#StopTheSteal: Patriots Needed in Arizona for Public Hearing With President Trump’s Legal Team — Rudy and Jenna Ellis in AZ Monday

Friday, November 27, 2020


Car Theft Hits Record High In Los Angeles

Carbon Causes Continents to Crack Up, and Accelerates Rift Formation

Cardinal Burke: No Catholic is Bound by Pope Francis' Call for Gay Civil Unions or Gay Families

Carl Bernstein: Reporters Should Out Anti-Trump GOP Senators Who Spoke ‘on Background’

Carpe Donktum’s Latest: “Is This the Future of America?”

Cartoon Network Teaches Kids About "Intersex, Non-Binary" Gender Identities

Catholic League Decries Nancy Pelosi’s ‘War on Catholic Schools’

CBS Stole A Photo Of A Latinos For Trump Rally And Claimed It Was A Latinos For Biden Rally

CDC Admits “At No Time Has CDC Guidance Suggested that Masks Were Intended to Protect the Wearers” (VIDEO)

CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths

CDC Doesn't Want You Singing Any Thanksgiving Carols, Seriously

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

CEO of Dominion Admits In Testimony: Machines Rely On Chinese Parts From ‘Screen Interface Down To Chip Level’

Cernovich: FBI ‘Completely Ignored’ Epstein’s Victims’ Requests for Help

Chamber of Commerce: ‘Crucial’ to Import Foreign Workers While 30M Americans Unemployed

Charities “Have Lost Billions” And 1 Out Of Every 5 Churches In America “May Not Survive”

Chicago Is Now The Murder Capitol Of America

Children are ‘status symbol’ for homosexual men: Israeli film director

Chris Cuomo Blurts Out Quiet Part About CNN's Election Coverage, Even Anderson Cooper Appears Unamused

Chris Cuomo: Get In The Closet, Serious Christians, Your Kind Aren’t Welcome In Public Life

Chris Hayes of MSNBC Targets ‘Thousands’ of ‘Normal Republican Staffers’

Christian Ministries forced to Adopt 'Government Ideology' in Virginia or Pay $100K

Christians Have Very Good Reasons To Fear An Increasingly Hostile American Regime

Christianity Is Harmful, Must Be Criminalized, Suggests Amnesty International

Chuck Schumer Reaps What He Sowed

Church (GG: Their word, not mine) Installs Artwork of Jesus in Drag

Chutzpah Cities: Bailouts, beggings, and food deserts, starting with Minneapolis

Citizen Free Press

‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry Owns $12 Million Beachfront Home

'Climate Czar' John Kerry says Paris Climate Accord does not go far enough for Biden Climate Plan

Cloward-Piven Strategy To Destroy America Resurgent Amid BLM/Antifa-Led Riots

CMP video shows Planned Parenthood lied to Congress about baby parts sales

CNN’s Lemon Compares Trump Supporters to Drug Addicts — Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Facing ‘Truth

CNN's Lemon Rages At “Rich” Trump Supporters Who Don’t Want To Pay More Taxes Under Biden

College Director: "Every White Person In This Country Is Racist"

‘Come Back So We Can Tax You,’ New York City Begs Departed Residents

Computer Expert Analysis: Internet Sub Domains of Dominion Voting Systems Lead To Data Center in CHINA

Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden's Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding

Concede or else! Pittsburgh Area Antifa Leader Tweets Warning To Trump: “We are armed…If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas”

Concentration Campus

Concern After European ‘Anti-Hate’ Group Boss Discussed ‘Necessity’ of Killing White People

Congress Needs to Slay Big-Tech's 3-Headed Monster

Congressional report proves that the institutions of marriage and family are being systematically destroyed in America

Connecticut Man Charged With Decapitating His Landlord With A Samurai Sword

Connecticut transgender sports policy discriminated against biological girls, feds conclude

Conservatives’ Crushing Counterattack In the Culture War

Constitution Is “Specific Enough To Protect Rights, But General Enough To Be Lasting” -- Judge ACB

Continuing Along Our Path: 90-Year-Old Statue of Jesus Is Destroyed Because It Was Too White

Convert Me If You Can

Coons: ‘Hundreds’ of Trump’s Lower Court Judges Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed to Sit Peaceably’

Corporate Media Doubles Down On Hatred For Everyone Who Voted Trump

CORRUPT Chicago Dominion: Dem-Socialist David Orr Illegally Gave DOMINION $32 Million Contract Breaking State Rules

Corsi SPECIAL BROADCAST 11-24-20: 2020 Election and Voter Fraud Exposed

Costco CEO: ‘Racism and Injustice’ Caused ‘Violence,’ ‘Demonstrations,’ ‘Unrest’

Cotton Delivers Speech Ahead of 400th Anniversary of Pilgrims
(Ilhan Omar insults Tom Cotton and Pilgrims)

Coulter: Gee, Why Can’t Trump Accept Defeat Like the Democrats?

COVID-19 Shows America Is Vulnerable To Biological Terror, And Weaponized Viruses Are Surprisingly Easy To Make

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Cuban Immigrant Warns Americans About ‘Communists’ Trying To Take Over U.S.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


California DNC Member Thinks It's Time to 'Deprogram' 75 Million Trump Supporters, The Backlash Is Swift

California, There It Goes

California's Real Wildfire

Newsom Bans ALL In-Home Bible Fellowship, Church Services, Meetings, Singing, and Church Gatherings

Newsom Says Congress Has a 'Moral' and 'Ethical' Obligation to Bail Out States

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

11/25 - WATCHING . . . KRAKEN?

May you have a peaceful Thanksgiving with those you love! See you Friday.

Listen closely to Sidney Powell ...

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020

Brilliant! America’s Online Minutemen and Women Just Uncovered the Dominion Plot Transferring Vote Ratios between Pennsylvania Precincts (VIDEO)

Dominion’s Trump-Hating Executive Eric Coomer Performed a Suspicious Update in Georgia a Week Before Early Voting Started

A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election

The Fraud Is Right There In Front of Your Face

Gingrich: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy

Help is on the way for understanding voter fraud in 2020

Just a reminder: Obama won his very first election by charging his opponents with election fraud. Oh, you didn't know?

Larwyn’s Linx: Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Evidence

LOOK Who Owns Dominion Voting Systems: Politically Motivated PRIVATE Equity NY Hedge Fund (GG: Very fascinating follow-the-rabbit-trail.)

Matt Braynard’s data analytics have paid off

Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories 'Stole This Election' for Joe Biden

Mittens' Buddy Declares U.S. Election ‘Over’ in Euro Banking Conference Talk

Poll: 1 In 6 Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media

Roger Stone: Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Election Software Used by Dominion

Sorry, Tucker, your outrage is too little, too late (GG: and ignores the most serious allegation in this election that needs to be either proven or not proven -- that voting machines were rigged to switch votes, perhaps on a massive scale in some instances)

Special Counsel Edition, 20 Bad Blue tweets

Texas County Goes Blue for the First Time Since 1964 After Hiring former Executive with Smartmatic as Elections Administrator

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

11/24 - THE NEWS

The Chicago Election Board Approved Providing Remote Access to Dominion for the 2020 Election in March 2020

The Conservative Effort To Reshape The Supreme Court Has Completely And Utterly Failed

The Conventions Proved Only The GOP Will Stand Up Against Civil Unrest

The Coronavirus Experts Were Wrong, Now They Need Scapegoats

The Corporate Media Is Now Controlled By The Radical Left

The Crowd That Booed Jacob Frey Is On The Cusp Of Controlling The Democratic Party

The deadly art of lying by omission

The Democratic Plan To Destroy The Supreme Court Of The United States

The Deplatformers' Latest Target: Dan Bongino

The Depraved Sexual Exploitation of Children in Netflix's 'Cuties' Is Coming to a School Near You—if It Hasn't Already

The Devastation Of The Middle Class: It Now Takes 53 Weeks Of Median Wages Every Year To Pay For Basic Needs

The Disturbing Intersection Between Antifa, BLM, & Public-School Teachers

The DNC "Hack," Part 4: Hack, Inside Job, and Why Blame Russia?

The Election Was Rigged Deeply – They Used the “Drop and Roll” Technique

The Enemy is Within

The Episcopal Church's Fruits of Heresy

The Fed's COVID Cure Is Making The Economy Sicker

The Flourishing Life of a Privileged Undocumented Immigrant; Hating America while it hands you the American Dream

The French Laundry Aristocrat

The Global Elite Have Far More Control Over Us Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Working Families Screwed Over By The Left

The Government's Reckless Student Lending is Creating a Budget Hole Akin to the 2008 Crisis, New Analysis Shows

The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming

The ‘Great Reset’ is a radical attack on freedom and Christian values

The Green Agenda IS the Great Reset

The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History

“The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”

The Gruesome Battle of Sagrajas: Muslims Worship Allah Atop 2,400 Decapitated Christian Heads

The Hatred Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

The Inter-Election Period: A Breakdown Of This Strange Moment In US History

The Latest 'Racists': White Rape Victims of Muslims

The Law Is There’s No Presidential Transition Until Congress Certifies the Election

The Left's Moral Compass Isn't Broken

'The Machines Did The Killing': Obama Awkwardly Defends Drone Kill List In New Memoir

The Marxist Roots of Abortion

The media are complicit in the fraud we see today

The Media’s Protection of Joe Biden Damages the Institution For Years To Come

The New Dark Age beckons

The New Puritans Are On The Prowl

The New York Times' Pennsylvania Voting Data Seems to Confirm Massive and Obvious Vote Count Manipulation for Biden

The News as We Once Knew It Is Dead

The Next Rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Will Spell the Worst Natural Disaster in the History of North America

The parallels between today's leftist mob and China's Red Guard are uncanny

The People v. American Justice

The Persecution Of Christians Is Escalating Dramatically All Over The World

The Rioters are Obama's Army

The Second Richest Person In The World

The secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting (GG: Very interesting read.)

The Street Violence And Gunplay Started With The Left, Not The Right

The Ultra Wealthy Are Selling Billions Of Dollars In Stock

The U.S. Dollar Is Being Systematically Destroyed, And We Are On A Path That Inevitably Leads To Hyperinflation

The United States of Zuckerberg

The Vilification of Conservative Women

The War on Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23, 2020

11/23 - CENSORED!

Amazon Removes COVID Skeptic's Book For Violating Content Guidelines

Amazon's Attempt To Muzzle Shelby Steele Speaks Volumes About Race In America: Wirepoints

Attorney Sidney Powell Suspended by Twitter

Burning an Anti-Transgenderism Book Gets Cheered by a College Professor - at the Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement

Censoring Scott Atlas Should Be The Last Straw For Big Tech’s Censorship

City Boots Church Because Pastor 'Liked' a Tweet About Obama's Coronavirus Hypocrisy

College Democrats, Satanists and Witches Team Up to Shut Down Young Conservatives of Texas Chapter

Conservative Reporter Questions a Key Piece of the Hunter Biden Email Story. And Twitter Responds.

D.C. Committee Recommends Removing The Names Of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin And Francis Scott Key From Government Buildings

Democrat Senator Wants to Tear Down All Likenesses of George Washington

‘Digital civil war’: Facebook, Twitter censor article detailing Biden corruption

Doctor’s speech destroys the left and their hideous and dangerous worldview (GG: Censored! Twitter suspended.)

Driving Conservatives Underground

Facebook bans LifeSite petition against ‘mandatory mask mandates,’ then apologizes for ‘mistake’

Facebook Moves To Censor Internal Debate As More Employees Quit In Protest

Former Air Force Academy professor canceled from leading Marine Corps training cource because of his Christian beliefs

Goodyear Bans ‘Blue Lives Matter’ and MAGA Slogans, Allows Black Lives Matter

If You Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, You’re Fired

LifeSite’s channel was suspended by YouTube. Here’s how you can still watch our videos

Petition circulating at Harvard to stop former Trump administration officials from attending, teaching or speaking at the university

'Purge': Facebook wipes out page devoted to helping overcome same-sex attraction

Rising Star Cyclist Suspended By US Team For One Word 'Pro-Trump' Tweet

SPLC Demands Big Tech Silence Conservatives in the Name of Fighting White Supremacist Terror

Syracuse professor put on leave, under investigation for using term ‘Wuhan Flu’

Teacher Tells Student She Doesn’t Have the Right to an Opinion Because She’s “White” and “Blonde”

Twitter Locks The NY Post Out Of Its Account For Sharing Story About Hunter Biden

Twitter Suspends Kayleigh McEnany’s Personal Account for Sharing Hunter Biden Emails

U. of Northern Iowa bans pro-life club, labels it a ‘hate group’

U. of Wisconsin-Madison Student Government Votes to Remove ‘Racist’ Abraham Lincoln Statue

White House Expert Scott Atlas Censored By Twitter

Friday, November 20, 2020

11/20 -- WATCHING . . .

Our DESPICABLE Left media. They are a grievous curse on this nation.

Jenna Ellis Looks Media In the Eyes and HAMMERS Them for Refusing to Cover Voter Fraud

The press conference the media mocked, derided, and refused to cover

And for some inexplicable reason, Tucker Carlson wants to join them:

“He Was Insulting, Demanding and Rude and I Told Him to Never Contact Me Again” – Sidney Powell Goes off on Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

Trump's lawyers were giving solid evidence of voter fraud, irregularities and significant problems with the Dominion voting machines. The press doesn't care. Some Republicans don't care. NO Democrat cares. They just want Trump out. They hate Trump and they hate his supporters. And the RAGE is eating them alive! They are no longer capable of decency:

Media Completely Lose Their Minds, Start Screaming at Pence After Briefing

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Election 2020 shenanigans:

Trump’s top lawyer Giuliani explains Dem’s ‘big mistake’ that exposed rigged vote-counting machines

Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump Was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen”

Trump Won 95% of Bellwether Counties, Making Biden Win Statistically Impossible

What a computer expert said about voting results in Michigan

Whoa: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some weekend reading:

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid

You Can Support Convicted Murderers and Terrorists on Facebook, But Not Kyle Rittenhouse

Yale Psychiatrist Who Called Trump Mentally Unfit For Office Refuses To Offer Diagnosis on Joe Biden

BTW, have you seen this YouTube?

Does Joe Biden have Parkinson's?

Isn't the irony great on this one?

YouTube's Chief Product Officer Insults His Own Users As Basement-Dwelling Idiots

Ilhan and others are saying this gem:

You can't be a Christian and serve in the military

While the above is not true, the following is true:

You Can Be A Christian, You Can Be A Marxist, But You Can’t Be Both

And in light of all the censorship and blocking on Twitter and Facebook, this JUNE 2019 post fits right in:

You're blocked from your electronic wallet

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Speaking of being blocked (censored):

Meet the man who "fact checks" President Trump for Twitter

Ben Shapiro - They Want You To Shut Up

Yahoo Mail reads all outgoing mail, blocks messages that contain “misleading” info

Facebook Suspends User Jamie Allman’s Account After He Posts Video of Hundreds of Black Trump Supporters Chanting “We Love Trump!” in Washington DC (VIDEO)

Thursday, November 19, 2020

11/19 - WATCHING . . .


Larwyn’s Linx: Wayne County, MI Election Board Rescind Certification Vote Citing Threats to Family

Yuuuge U-turn in Michigan: GOP canvassers rescind their certification of vote

BOOM: Election Fraud Expert Russ Ramsland Files Affidavit Showing ‘PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY’ of Election Results in Michigan

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Wisconsin Recount Commission holds ’emergency meeting’ to change the rules

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Election 2020 crimes:

Stunning Interview – L Lin Wood on Howie Carr: “Joe Biden and the People Like Him Who Have Been Trying to Steal This Election – Will All Go to Jail”

“Drop and Roll” — How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Video)

What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won

Gimme a Break: 80 Million Biden Voters Can't Be...Real

Trump-team lawyer Sidney Powell explains why ballot counting suddenly stopped on election night


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chess moves?

FLASHBACK: SEPT 15, 2020, AZ: President Trump: "We're Not Going To Be Another Venezuela"

President Trump’s Executive Order from 2018 Covering Interference in US Elections By Foreign Entities Looks Relevant Today

Justice Amy Coney Barrett left an important clue concerning an electoral fraud ruling

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

GG Question:

If I can't trust the Democrats and their state election numbers, why should I trust their COVID numbers?

I don't.

Do I believe "they" (Dems) would lie to me?


Gavin Newsom lied. He didn't put on a mask. He knew lawmakers were flying to Hawaii.

Dianne Feinstein. She's approaching, what? 100 years old? Why didn't she put a mask on since her age group is the most vulnerable?

If a Democrat tells me I MUST do something, then I won't.

And I am not alone. This guy is LOADED with red pills!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, why?

Why Are These People Smiling? Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Posts Late Night Photo with Rudy Giuliani and Gen. Flynn

Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food?

Why Black Lives Matter Only Empowers Racist White Leftists

Why don't we all recognize this horror?

Why Jew Hatred Is Always A Hallmark Of The Totalitarian Left

Why The Left Needs Us All To Believe The United States Is Racist Forever

Why Schools Will Never Bring The Rotten Students Back From Online ‘Learning’

Why so many requested ABs in September and submitted them in October?

Why Some People Take Q-Anon's Pedophilia Allegations Seriously

Why Trump Must Never Stop Talking about the Russia Hoax

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Speaking of Russia hoax and Deep State:

House Dems Ask Supreme Court to Postpone Mueller Document Argument

Seriously? John Brennan Laments Biden Will Have to 'Repair the Damage' Trump Did in the Middle East

Americans Voted To End War In Syria, But This Unelected Bureaucrat Lied To Overrule Them

The Deep State From Inside Out

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion [Infographic]

The FBI, Militias, Truth, And Comey's Legacy

That Was Me