Monday, June 26, 2017


Mary Greeley posted two Yellowstone updates over the weekend. The one from the 25th is really informative, and, I think, worth the 11 minutes to listen.

JUNE 24: Yellowstone Volcano Earthquake Swarm, 624 Earthquakes, Censored Quakes More Proof

JUNE 25: Should Yellowstone Volcano Alert Advisory Be Raised?


CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tells Trump Supporter Jeffrey Lord: If Trump Took A Dump On His Desk You’d Defend It
(gg note: Pretty sure this hypothetical situation would never happen, but when the REAL situation of Obama putting his feet on the desk in an insult to Benjamin Netanyahu while talking to him on the phone occurred, Cooper may not have defended it, but he certainly ignored it. What do 'they' say? Silence is consent?)

CNN’s Cooper Sent Autograph to NSA Leaker Thanking Her

CNN Executive Editor Demands To Review All Future Russia-Related Stories..."No Exceptions"

Destroying Donald Trump is all that matters in the newsrooms of the mainstream media

Keith Olbermann Pleads with Spy Agencies Around the World to Help Him Take Down Trump

Lying to us only matters if we dislike you

NBC Creates 2 Videos of Children Bashing Trump

NY Times Manages To Turn French Elections Into A Trump Defeat

Piers Morgan: 'You Have a War Between the Media and the White House...Pretty Dangerous All Around'

REMEMBERING EXTORTION 17: When the Media Ignored the Obama Leaks That Doomed SEAL Team Six

The Media’s Jihad Against the Trump White House Staff

The Ten Worst Cases Of 'Very Fake News'; A lying press is the enemy of the people

They are the enemy

This Insane Headline From NBC News Is Why Conservatives Hate The Media

Trump Didn't Ruin the Media. Obama Did

Tucker Carlson: Media "Degrading" Themselves Over Trump; "Stumbling Around In Sightless Rage, Screaming"

Two-thirds of voters say media 'tougher' on Trump than Obama

Washington Post’s Chief Correspondent Trolls Republicans to Turn On President Trump

Friday, June 23, 2017


Andrea Mitchell, poster woman of the propaganda mill

Boeing's Iconic 747 Vanishes in New View of Passenger Flight

Collision between USS Fitzgerald and merchant tanker kills 7 crewmen; distress call took almost an hour to arrive claims Japan

Dear Democrats / Media: ICYMI Last Night Was A Referendum On You, Not Trump

Eric Holder considering 2020 Presidential run

FOIA Request from Judicial Watch On Susan Rice's Unmaskings Rejected Because "Records Were Moved To Obama Library"

Gowdy: Maybe DNC Did Not Cooperate With DHS Because There Was Something Else On That Server

How Muslims take control of America

If a Trump Supporter Had Shot a Democratic Congressman

Johnny Depp 'jokes' about assassinating Trump, asks, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?"

Kerry reveals Obama Administration Rejected Arab Pleas to Bomb Iran

Loretta Lynch, Portrait Of Corruption

Moderates and Radicals in Islam and the Left

NY Times Op-Ed: Deport Americans, Invite Migrants

Obama Administration Created ‘Alternative Universe’ to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal to American Public

Pamela Geller warns that the Left intends to bring civil war to America

Qatar gets 13-point ultimatum from Arab states: cut ties sith Iran, close Al-Jazeera, shutter Turkish base, and do it within 10 days

Russia and the U.S. at the Brink in Syria

Stockman warns that Mueller is a card-carrying member of the Deep State, he will 'find' extensive Russian interference with the 2016 election . . . the clock is ticking . . .

Tick that gives people meat allergies is spreading

Ukraine President Compares President Trump to Ronald Reagan

Visualizing the Jeff Bezos empire in one giant chart

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting"

x-DHS Jeh Johnson just nuked Wasserman-Schultz and the MSM on the 2016 election

You Can’t be Pro-Palestinian and a Feminist

Zuckerberg's Facebook Won’t Say If It Will Use Your Brain Activity for Advertisements

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Kushner meets with Abbas in bid to renew peace process

Kushner and Greenblatt’s Embrace Will Encourage Israel to ‘Take Risks for Peace,’ Says Former ADL Chief

Back here at home:

Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall as it lashes Gulf Coast with life threatening flash flooding and tornadoes

Flooding, severe weather heads north through Louisiana and Arkansas following Tropical Storm Cindy's landfall

No new news on the earthquakes at Yellowstone, but this strange earthquake story popped up:

USGS high strangeness: A magnitude 6.8 Santa Barbara California reported by USGS for 29th of June 2025? And then deleted


7 ballistic missiles fired from North Korea between January and May

7 Big Takeaways From The Comey Hearing

7 Bizarre Factoids about Pizzagate Even the Most Skeptical Should Know

7 "Black Swans" SocGen Believes Could Shock Global Markets

7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star

7 Illinois universities downgraded by Moody's

7 Inconvenient Facts About Trump’s Refugee Actions

7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit

7 most despicable reactions to the shooting of Rep. Scalise

7 Obama Climate Scams Trump Just Nuked From Orbit

7 Police Officers Shot, Killed in Detroit Since September

7 Slobbering Feminist 'Wonder Woman' Movie Review Quotes

7 Subpoenas issued by Congress for Obama Illegal Unmasking Scandal

7 terrorist-supporting countries that Trump wants to restrict immigration from

7 Worst Mass Murderers in American History

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Israel update:

Oh, dear! We've seen this before. This is not the first time we've seen a tropical storm (or hurricane) form when the US has sent a team to Israel to push the peace process.

Netanyahu meets with senior Trump advisers in Jerusalem

JPost: Trump's son-in-law starts one-day visit in which he's due to try to bring Israel, Palestinians back to the negotiating table

Here are some interesting events happening back here at home.

Heat wave in California causes temperatures of 122 F (50 C) in death Valley as heat advisory is declared

Heat wave in Arizona grounds planes

Tropical Storm "Cindy" forms, heavy rain spreading across central Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Cindy to flood Texas to Florida coast

Tropical Storm Cindy's anticipated cone of impact

Yellowstone earthquake swarm continues, causing panic

Yellowstone Supervolcano is hit with a second cluster of quakes: Number jumps to more than 450 in the last 7 days biggest being mag 4.5

And then there's this:

Thousands of Witches Will Gather Tonight to Curse Trump


America -- Over the Edge

After 8 Years of Obama, HIV Rate for Gay, Bisexual Black Men in US Higher than Any Country in World

Army’s transgender policy includes guidelines on male pregnancies

Bat-wielding mob roaming Evergreen State College to ensure that whites stay off campus

Children's book author mocks President Trump's 12-year-old son Barron in bullying tweet

DOJ: Drug Overdose Now Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50

Female soldiers: Beware of transgender men in showers

Interactive map shows America's most sinful cities

Jason A: Transgenderism

Judges on 9th Circuit angry that immigration officers are forcing them to obey the law

'Mother' turns her 8-year-old son into a drag queen, then flaunts him on the Internet

'Mother' Stabs Her Newborn to Death Because She Thought a Baby Would “Harm” Her Career

No death panels, right? Insurance companies are refusing to pay for treatment… but offering to pay for suicide

Nuns set up ‘transgender’ school policy using disturbing role-play

Old Dominion students decide heterosexuality must be ended on campus

Oregon Senate votes to allow dementia patients to be starved to death

Principal Says Parents Will be Arrested if they Walk their Kids To or From School

Teacher in Oklahoma accused of bringing heroin and dozens of needles into her second-grade classroom

The Left's Obsession With Obscenity

Transgendered Track Star Proves We're All Insane

Woman Sues Planet Fitness For Allowing ‘Man’ In Bathroom…And LOSES!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017



Mary Greeley has this Yellowstone update that you might find of interest:

Yellowstone: Too close for comfort? Important New Data 6-18-2017



5 Authoritarian Regimes That Shape Facebook’s Censorship Policies

5 bombshells from Comey's testimony

5 charts that illustrate America's murky employment situation

5 Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse

5 costliest natural catastrophes of 2016 (short video)

5 drug companies face lawsuit from Ohio over opioid addiction

5 mind-boggling Moon mysteries that science cannot explain

5 Mistakes That Will Lead To The Fall of America

5 Out Of 7 Countries Obama bombed Trump Banned, but Media Didn't Care

5 Outrages Inside UNESCO Resolution Denying Israeli Ties to Jerusalem, Judaism’s Holiest Sites

5 Reasons Why America Is About To Become A Very Conservative Country

5 Reasons Trump Is Absolutely Right To Slash UN Funding

5 Recent Examples of Anti-Trump Violence

5 Things to Know About the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan

5 Trends That Are Destroying The Middle Class In America

5 Unanswered Questions About ABC’s Cancellation of ‘Last Man Standing’

5 universities in Illinois downgraded to 'junk' by Moody's

5 websites that document the stupid, insane and unexplained events in our twisted world

5 websites to bookmark for the coming collapse

5 years of drought come to an end in California