Friday, January 18, 2019


March For Life, Today

A massive "Atmospheric River" is set to dump nearly 10 feet, 3 metres of snow and nearly 2 months rain in 2 days on California

Major winter storm to impact the Central and Eastern U.S. through this weekend

The Yellowstone Supervolcano Threat, Tornillos Recorded, Magma Rises

Ditrianum: Seismic Update 17 Jan 2019, Unrest North America


A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election [Updated]

America's 2nd Oldest Women's College Starts Accepting Transgender Students

Allah Over America

African Swine Fever Outbreak in China

Average Adult In The U.S. “Logs 6 Hours, 43 Minutes Of Total Screen Time Daily”

As Germany And France Come Apart, So Too Will The EU

American Apartheid: Resurrecting Communism's South African Playbook In The Land Of The Free

And the 4th branch of Vermont's gov't is ...

Americans' Economic Hope Has Collapsed

Actor James Woods: ‘I Have Never Traveled Unarmed Since That Day’

Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car Accident Deaths for the First Time

Abortion activist to release ‘children’s book about abortion’

American society on its head

Arkansas Swamp Part II: Focus on the Clinton Foundation

As Overdose Deaths Soar To Record Highs, FDA Approves New Painkiller That's 1,000X More Powerful Than Morphine

Afghan Hostage Grabs Gun, Shoots 7 Taliban Captors While They Were Praying, Wounds 18 Others

Austin Residents Saw America's Largest Credit Card Balance Jump In Past Year

AIDS Explodes as Venezuela Collapses Under Socialism

AIDS, TB among migrants in caravan

'Always Listening' - Amazon's Alexa Stores Everything You Say To It; Here's How To Delete

Anthem among health insurers refusing to pay ER bills, doctors say

Authorities Are Using A “Mysterious New Tool” That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone

Ancient ring belonging to Pontius Pilate, man who ordered Jesus’ crucifixion, found near Bethlehem

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Flaky Future of the Democratic Party

Andrew McCabe Authorized Media Leaks, Misled Investigators claims report

Anthem Kneelers and Wife Beaters

Another Week, Another Black Man Taken Down by White Liberals

A spectacularly failed strategy from Justice Ginsburg

Agency that Made Gillette’s Woke, Anti-Man Ad Filled with Radical Feminists, Anti-Trumpers

Artificial intelligence thinks your face is full of data. Could it actually unmask you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On January 20th, the 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Abbas denies Jewish history, again

#AbolishICE “Abolished” Mollie Tibbetts; The greatest monument to Mollie is not a tombstone, but a wall

Anti-Police Propaganda In Our Schools; The War on Cops enters America's classrooms

Abortion advocate and aggressive supporter of same-sex marriage appointed to top UN human rights post

Amazon makes a killing on electricity rates paid for by the rural poor

Anatoli Samochornov, translator at Trump Tower Meeting, Personally Served Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, President Obama

Angel Mom wants to know how many more murders will it take to secure the border

Astronaut Scott Kelly apologizes for praising Winston Churchill

Astronaut Scott Kelly Now Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother After One Year In Space

Antidepressants cause suicidal thoughts in young people; why is it such a stretch to believe they can also cause murderous tendencies?

Alabama top court judge urges Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Ann Coulter: The True History of Millstone Babies

Asia Bibi and 1400 Years of Muhammad 'Blasphemers'

Abortion and assisted suicide are human rights, according to UN panel

ACTA 2.0 - The End Of Freedom On The Internet

Anti-Trump Riots are a Smoke Screen The Real Goal – Eliminate the Electoral College

American Psychological Association Issues New Guidelines That Say “Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys”

Afghanistan: The Taxpayer Money Pit

Assessing The Nonverbal Messaging between President Trump and the response from Schumer and Pelosi

America’s Health Care System Has Become One Of The World’s Largest Money Making Scams

Alkhateeb Talks About Using Public Schools to Convert America to Islam

Monday, January 14, 2019


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976


The auto industry is going to be hurt badly. --The Vision, 1973

GM to fire 15% of salaried workers, close 7 plants

Global Auto Industry Collapse Continues As October EU Data Shows No Relief


The Pope will be considered more of a political than a spiritual leader . . . --The Vision, 1973

Popelitical: Francis, a throwback to the days when the pope was a primarily a political leader


There is coming an attempt to tax churches and church-related organizations. Atheistic forces, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, will push this matter all the way to the Supreme Court. --The Vision, 1973

Denominations Join Forces to Battle New Tax on Churches


Appliance inventories will pile up, and sales will fall off dramatically. --The Vision, 1973

Overflowing With Excess Inventory, US Companies Turn To Truck Trailers


I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation's major and most popular corporations. --The Vision, 1973

America's Largest Bridal-Chain Prepares For Bankruptcy After Skipped Debt Payment

With 90,000 Jobs At Stake, Bankrupt Sears May Shut As Many As 400 Stores

Victoria's Secret: Sex Isn’t Selling, The Lingerie Empire Risks Collapse


The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. . . . Pensioners will suffer the most. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1973

Lawmakers Leak Plan For $3 Billion Pension-Fund Bailout

Illinois' Other Debt Disaster: $73 Billion Unfunded State Retiree Health Benefits


An inevitable sign of judgment is the loss of national will and an unwillingness to defend against oncoming tides. Security systems are the first to fail . . . We will soon be unable to detect the enemy forces at our gates. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

"No Wall In Any Form" claims Schumer

Trump Vows To Send Millitary, Close Southern Border To Block Migrants; Dems demand open borders


Prepare for the coming persecution. Prepare to face these ‘hate Christ’ clubs in school. In many places, Christian young people who take an open stand for Christ will be verbally stoned by those their own age. --The Vision, 1973

John McTernan: “Christian student senator at UC Berkeley harassed for abstaining from pro-LGBTQ vote” Very soon Christians will not be able to speak on campuses. In fact, they will be in physical danger. This is almost the condition right now. (scroll down)


God is going to judge America for its . . . child molestations . . . --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, 1985

Unmitigated Child Porn Results In Apple Pulling Tumblr From App St

Report: Priest pedophilia is on the rise again, linked to homosexuality


It is not really a depression I see coming -- but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. --The Vision, 1973

IMF Warns World "Dangerously Unprepared" For Upcoming Global Recession


According to biblical prophets, one of the most significant flash points of judgment is “when your men become as women.” It seems we now have multitudes who say, “Don’t call me male or female, call me person.” Tragically, this emphasis on personhood has created a generation of neurotics with no respect for God-ordained roles. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Celine Dion launches clothing line that ‘liberates children from traditional roles of boy/girl’


TV comedy shows will become bolder and bolder in poking fun at Christ and true Christians. Comedy writers will mete out blow after blow through comedy shows designed to put down sacred traditions. Eventually these shows will be punctuated with four-letter words, and anything will go. Television programming will become absolutely blasphemous and millions of unbelievers will be able to sit in front of their TV sets laughing and mocking as subjects once considered sacred are undermined. . . . The worst is yet to come! --The Vision, 1973

New CBS Sitcom ‘Living Biblically’ Decried as ‘Hollywood Mockery of Christians’

Friday, January 11, 2019


Health Officials Fear Setbacks in Effort to Contain Ebola Outbreak

Millions of locusts black out the sun in parts of Mexico devastating crops and agriculture

North America Is Rattling: There Have Been 81 Significant Earthquakes In Alaska So Far In 2019

Yellowstone update - Mary Greeley


Sadiq Khan Warns Silicon Valley on ‘Hate Speech’ and Fake News, Blames Donald Trump

Sarah Jeong compared to Roseanne Barr

Satanism Is Experiencing Explosive Growth In America

Satan-Worshipping Girls Arrested, Allegedly Planned to Kill Classmates, Drink their Blood

Scandinavian Women Murdered in Morocco Were Victims of the Left

Scary ‘New’ Tick Has US Officials Worried

Scientists Develop Molecule That Can Finally Help Stop Arthritis From Wearing Down Joints

Scientists have finally discovered why wombat poop is cubed

Scott Wallace has given millions to prevent human life

SCOTUS set to limit states’ power to seize property used by criminals when committing crimes — led by Neil Gorsuch

Seattle News Editor Allegedly Doctored Video of Trump's Speech to Make Him Look Orange and Crazy

Sharyl Attkisson wonders why other news sites don’t trigger a ‘warning’ from Facebook

She’s Going To the Supreme Court to Stop Biological Males From Going Into the Girl’s Room

Sierra Nevada Snowpack On Track To Collapse 79%, New Study Warns

Signs Of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation and Illegal Aliens

Social Media Linked To Loneliness And Depression, New Study Finds

Soledad O’Brien calls Robert Spencer “white supremacist,” discovers he isn’t, quietly deletes tweet without apology

Steele-ing an Election

Students Hate Obama, Schumer, Clinton Immigration And Border Wall Quotes When Told They’re From Trump

Study: More Pregnant Mothers in California Are Using Pot

Sugary Drinks a Big Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Suicide Rates Soar Among American Workers

Suicides, Overdoses And Diabetes: US Life Expectancy Falls For 3rd Straight Year

‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On January 20th, the 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Swiss sex assault victim is charged with assault after slapping Muslim migrant who attacked her

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


1,000 children abused by Catholic priests in Pennsylvania

1,375 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.

2,000 planes have vanished near Area 51 in the past 60 years

5,500 women came to Illinois to have an abortion last year amid growing restrictions in the Midwest

6,000 to 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year”

8,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Released Into U.S. in 2017

19,000 tweets erased by . . . (scroll down)

25,000 Chinese spies in U.S.

47,238 Gun Incidents In The U.S In 2018

72,410 children separated from their illegal immigrant parents by . . . Obama

106,000 ideas from public to Trump to cut waste

700,000 Americans dead from drug overdoses from 1999 to 2017


1000s of Gaza Hamas Thugs Attack Israel for $100 a Day

1000s show up to Trump rally in Indiana in largest Ford Center crowd ever

1000s of Iranians granted citizenship by Obama during his terrible nuclear deal negotiations

1000s of criminals given DACA protection by Obama

1000s Express Outrage At Hit Piece Over Heisman Winner’s Tweets From When He Was 15

1000s Of People In Sweden Are Willingly Microchipping Their Own Hands, And It Is Part Of The “Transhuman” Movement That Is Sweeping The Globe

1000s of fish sea turtles, manatees and other marine life died from massive algae bloom in Florida

1000s Flee Chicago For Safer Areas Of The Country As America’s Third Largest City Becomes A Gang-Infested Wasteland

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Pope Calls Plastics Littering Oceans An ‘Emergency’

Pope changes Catechism to contradict natural law and the deposit of Faith

Pope claims the Death Penalty Is ‘Inhuman’, ‘Contrary to the Gospel’

Pope Compares Vatican Whistleblower to Satan

Pope Decries Governments Turning Earth Into Vast Pile Of "Rubble, Deserts, and Refuse"

Pope has broken with previous popes, causing ‘heresies, schisms,' claims Vatican theologian

Pope is protecting cadre of gay seminarians in Honduras, claims Cardinal

Pope knowingly gave Vatican apartment to gay priest later caught in cocaine-fuelled orgy

Pope Likens Child Abuse Victims to a 'Pack of Wild Dogs'

Pope Likens Himself to Suffering Christ, Who Responded to Satan with Silence

Pope quips "I am the devil" next to John Paul

Pope Refers To Victims Of Catholic Priest Sexual Assault As ‘Accusers’ And Calls On Bishops To ‘Protect Our Mother’ Church

Pope Reins in U.S. Bishops’ Measures Against Sex Abuse

Pope Francis reportedly told gay man that “God made you that way and loves you as you are,” indicating acceptance of homosexuality to a new level

Pope Rewrites Catholicism ... and the Bible

Pope Says Accusations Against Him Are an Attack on the Church

Pope Says Christians Murdered By Muslims Are ‘Testament’ To God’s Plan For ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ Between Christians And Muslims

Pope says he received a ‘sign from God’ through Chinese bishops after Viganò testimony

Pope Says Virgin Mary Stands by the ‘Deported’

Pope Says Western World "Has Moral Responsibility" To Let In More Migrants

Pope suggests the archbishop who blew the whistle on priest child rapists is worse than the rapists